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06-24-24 01:29 PM

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Posted on 06-04-16 05:53 PM Link | #71435
I download this SM64DS editor and I have all the files. However there is no application file for me to launch so how do I use it? I also downloaded another editor for New super mario bros ds and it worked just fine.

Posted on 06-05-16 12:12 AM Link | #71451
look in the subfolders for an exe

Posted on 06-05-16 12:51 AM Link | #71462
This is the SM64DS Hacks section, y'know, for SM64DS Hacks. Maybe you missed the general SM64DS hacking, but your questions are to be asked there (on the help thread).

And seriously, just browse through the folders for atleast 30 seconds, you will find the .exe in SM64DSe/Bin/Release

Also, Welcome to Kuribo64.

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move r0 r7
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Posted on 06-05-16 12:52 AM Link | #71463
good point sir, I missed it

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Posted on 06-05-16 02:21 AM Link | #71476
To be honest I really hate it when they don't put the exe file in the main folder. Makes it hard to find the exe file sometime's

Posted on 06-05-16 10:54 AM Link | #71494
The naming of the "bin" folder as being short for "binary" as in executable is a fairly well-used and understood convention. It would be a lot more annoying to mix the source and executable files especially when there are around 14 other files in the "bin" folder that SM64DSe needs in order to run.

Main - General SM64DS hacking - Problems with SM64DS editor Hide post layouts | New reply

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