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07-22-24 10:53 PM

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Posted on 05-28-16 09:26 PM Link | #71122
How do I get a Sign to Read the right Text?

I know the Text Id is in the Sign's first Param, but I don't get what I have to put in this Param to get a Sign to read the right Text?

A sign with a Param 1 saying (B26) directs it to Text ID (014E) but I don't understand how.

Posted on 05-28-16 09:27 PM Link | #71124
neither do I -- I never figured out how message IDs were mapped. Guess directly using a message ID was too simple for Nintendo, they had to run it through a few tables.

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Posted on 05-28-16 09:36 PM (rev. 4 of 05-28-16 11:06 PM) Link | #71126
The only info I have is this. but I don't know what it mean's?
0000, FFFF - 0000
000F - 000F
0071 - 0011
06D7 - 0059

EDIT: Here's some more info that may help us find this out:

The Toad that's in the room where the Painting for Jolly Rodger bay is has his Param 1 say AF1 that directs to Text ID 00F1 so the A in the Param may not matter.

I'm going to do a test with giving like 20 sign's random Param's I will write
down the Result after.

Posted on 05-28-16 11:31 PM (rev. 2 of 05-28-16 11:32 PM) Link | #71142
I Figured it out :D

3F0 = 0032
3F1 = 0033
3F3 = 0035
400 = 0042

Posted on 05-29-16 10:07 AM Link | #71175
The method responsible for mapping the parameter 1 value to the message ID is 0x0201FC10. To use:
ObjectMessageIDToActualMessageID = 0x0201FC10;
unsigned short int ObjectMessageIDToActualMessageID(
unsigned short int object_message_id

If you would like to be able to set parameter 1 to the actual message ID and skip the mapping you can use:
void nsub_0201FC10()

Main - General SM64DS hacking - Getting a Sign to read the right Text (Help) Hide post layouts | New reply

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