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05-26-24 11:57 PM

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Posted on 03-05-16 10:35 PM (rev. 3 of 03-05-16 10:36 PM) Link | #68269
I'm wondering where I can learn DS ASM. Not specifically for sm64ds, I just wanna learn the format and how stuff works. Then I can start hacking SM64DS

Posted on 03-05-16 10:36 PM Link | #68270
the DS uses ARM processors, so you'll have to get familiar with ARM assembly to begin with

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Posted on 03-05-16 11:04 PM Link | #68272
I suggest you take a look at NSMBHD's ASM Hacking forum. Although a lot of it is geared towards NSMB, you can learn a lot about ARM ASM there.

If this is your first programming language, jumping right into assembly is, uh, fun.

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Posted on 03-06-16 04:51 AM Link | #68281
Look up some examples in ARM ASM, study the Code closely on what it does, and play around with that (make sure you have a way to test it).
That's how I learnt to Program at all.

Sidenote: ASM Code differs from Processor to Processor, so if you learn PowerPC ASM, your knowledge will be quite useless in an ARM ASM environment, same goes to vice versa.

Main - General SM64DS hacking - Where can I learn ASM? Hide post layouts | New reply

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