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05-27-24 12:10 AM

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Posted on 12-15-15 01:36 AM Link | #66314
I've recently bought an old DS with R4 for me and my daughter to play together, mostly due to the Super Princess Peach game. After months playing it, she is finally bored and wants more. However, most games feature either Mario, Luigi or Yoshi. She loves Peach and wants to save Mario. I'm a programmer and i did some romhack in the past, mostly for NES and SNES, and i'm interested in modding New Super Mario Bros and Mario 64 DS for her.

I've seen this thread: https://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?id=2141

And, before i start rigging a Peach player model and try to put it into the game, i would like to know if there isn't a rom hack that did this already. Seems not like a very rare thing.

Posted on 12-17-15 08:44 PM Link | #66380
As far as I know there's no real hack to implement this. The game already has a mostly complete Peach model with wait, run and jump animations with which Mario's may be overwritten as shown in this video however there are a lot missing. Among the missing animations are grabbing, throwing, attacking and swimming.

You would need to finish Peach's model (easy enough) and create animations for these actions. The difficulty is that you would need to do the rigging in one of the following old 3D editors:
  • 3ds max v6

  • Maya v5.0, 6.0, 6.5 or 7.0

  • Softimage 3D v4.0

  • Softimage XSI v4.0 or 4.2

and use the official SDK plugins (can't provide link here) to export these to Nintendo's "Nitro Intermediate File Format" formats which can then be imported by SM64DSe. I tried to implement custom animation support for the DAE format but have not yet been successful.

Posted on 12-19-15 12:31 AM Link | #66400
Hmmm. Is there any documentation or reverse-engineering on this Nitro format? Maybe it's a good opportunity to write a Blender exporter. Might be much easier than having to deal with old Max versions and obscure SDK installations.

Posted on 12-19-15 08:42 PM Link | #66411
Nintendo's documentation of the formats is very good - I used to add support for the model and animation formats to SM64DSe. It's also an easy format to work with as it's XML-based and the plugins are straightforward enough to install and use.

I can't provide a link to the documentation and plugins contained in "3D hacking.zip" which "Dirbaio" has uploaded but I can provide you with sample models if you need them.

Posted on 12-20-15 05:28 PM Link | #66426
Thanks a lot for the help! :)

Posted on 12-20-15 05:31 PM Link | #66427
Posted by vmario
Thanks a lot for the help! :)

are you planning on making a blender addon? Because i've been waiting for a long time and i'm sure alot of other people on the site would really like it!

Main - General SM64DS hacking - Peach as a playable character? Hide post layouts | New reply

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