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05-25-22 07:10 PM

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Posted on 03-29-15 11:01 AM Link | #58573
Posted by Koopris
Hello, this my name is Koopris!
Welcome to kuribo64 Koopris!

Click this text to goto my website but you probably shouldn't...

Also join my IRC!

Green Toad
Posted on 04-21-15 04:05 PM Link | #59129
Hey, everyone! I'm Green Toad!

I've joined to hopefully get some help with SMG hacking, as it interests me. I have already hacked games before, including NSMBW and Mario Kart Wii, both of which I have added Green Toad to as playable.

My favourite character is Luigi, but Green Toad is the character I usually like adding to games (since Luigi is already in most of them).

Ice Mario/Luigi Ice Outfit - SMG1&2 Model Hack

Lite Dash
Posted on 04-22-15 04:27 AM (rev. 3 of 04-22-15 04:29 AM) Link | #59143
I guess I never did this... oh well.

I'm Lite Dash! My name originated as my gamer tag (Lite Speed Dash) in reference to the "Light Speed Dash" attack in the 3D Sonic games.


Really, the only experience I've had with modding is using NSMBe, and I'll bet that's nothing compared to the amazing work everybody else on this board does.

Currently, using Russmarrs2's "N64 Mario in Super Mario 64 DS" mod as a base, I'm working on a mod of SM64DS in which the game is as close to the original N64 version as possible. Also currently on hiatus, as I'm trying to figure out how to get the models and textures to work... and removing characters... and swapping powers around. Heck, I still need to figure out how to use Blender!

So that's it... hi.

3DS FC: "Lite Dash" (1478 - 6066 - 8456)

Playing: Super Mario 3D Land

Progress: Complete

Death toll: who's counting anymore... - Lives: crowncrowncrown

>idon'tknowwhypplsaysm3dlishard #stillgotsweg

Posted on 04-22-15 02:09 PM Link | #59150
Welcome to Kuribo64, Lite Dash! :) Glad you wanted to join us.

<Silvreus>I am a random person…
<Silvreus>With a random personality…
<Silvreus>With a random life…
<Silvreus>How fun. :P

Posted on 05-07-15 07:38 PM Link | #59566
I'm Troller0001,
I didn't even know that this thread existed :P
Anyways, I'm interested in SMG(2) hacking and seeing what people come up with in SMG hacking. At the moment, I have no experience in hacking or modelling at all. I'm here to learn stuff and giving people some ideas :D
I just started out on this forum.

I used to draw Mario and Yoshi a lot when I was little. Mostly from games such as Yoshi's Island, MK Wii and SMG. I can sketch quite well, if I say so myself :P

If anybody needs some help, I would be glad to try. (Sketching a galaxy/enemy/powerup you thought up of, for example). Just message me (is that possible?) or start a thread :D

Oh, and I'm not a real 'troll', Troller0001 just the name I use for most forums/games/what-else-you-can-think-of

P.s. Does anybody have a solution for my almost 7 year old Wii being unable to read discs?
Could it be that there is dust in the CD drive?

- Troller0001

Posted on 05-14-15 01:06 PM Link | #59800
Greetings, I am WhatTheHack. You may know me from New Super Mario Bros. Hacking Domain, or perhaps Super Mario World Central, as I am registered on both those sites by this same username. I joined because I enjoy playing ROM hacks of Mario games, and to extent creating them as well. I hope to enjoy my time here!

I got nothing. To put here, that is.

Posted on 05-14-15 08:04 PM Link | #59812
Welcome aboard, guys! :D

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 05-16-15 02:44 AM Link | #59847
Hi, I'm RoadrunnerWMC. You probably know me from this place. I haven't tried much Super Mario Galaxy (2) hacking, but SMG1 is my favorite 3D Mario game. I've been viewing this site for a few years as a guest. I don't know if I'll post much here or not, but at least I have an account now. I like this place.

So hi. :)

The Red Hat Café

Posted on 05-16-15 02:51 AM Link | #59848
Welcome aboard, man! :D

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 06-09-15 07:23 PM Link | #60805
I am the Kasami! I like Super Mario 64 and SMW Hacking. He created my hack. Thank you for your stay!

My hacks:
(New userbar will be soon!)
I can become more active in the extreme summer.

Posted on 06-09-15 07:27 PM Link | #60806
... what

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 06-09-15 07:36 PM Link | #60807
now you see why i said "bad grammar alert" on irc when he joined

Posted on 07-22-15 03:42 PM (rev. 3 of 08-29-15 03:39 PM) Link | #62499
Well, uh..... I guess I'm back. I'm making a new intro because most probably don't even remember me. :P I kinda left the forum for quite some time mostly because of school, me getting involved with more online communities, and waaaaaaaay too much Steam usage. I plan to be somewhat active here now at least in the non-hacking areas because honestly, I can't hack worth a crap. So, yeah I'm back. :)

EDIT: Yeah, forget all that. There isn't anything for me to post here anymore.

You can tell I'm testing new avatars.

Status: Totally didn't change this, nothing to see here.

Posted on 09-06-15 01:23 PM Link | #63949
Hello, I'm new here. I like Mario fangaming and hacking. I also like eating and using computers blablabla

: )

Posted on 09-06-15 03:08 PM Link | #63953
Welcome to Kuribo64, recent.


[04/15/2018]gridatttack: I still think the whole smg2.5 team are still in middle school lol
[04/15/2018]gridatttack: and they are 14yrs old

cosmological: There's no one in Russia who doesn't agree with Putin, probably because his ideas are that great

the best pokemon trainer
Posted on 09-07-15 07:14 AM Link | #63973
hi i'm new i came here from my browser on the 3ds

me:WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE... ace trainer: shiny pokemon. me: ohhh.

Posted on 09-20-15 01:49 PM (rev. 2 of 09-20-15 01:54 PM) Link | #64246
Hello, community of Kuribo64!

I'm new to the forums, as you can tell. I'm currently documenting Sprite Data for NSMB2, and hopefully plan to assist Staplebutter in testing things for CoinKiller. As you can tell, I'm very interested in NSMB2 and absolutely love creating custom levels for it. Right now, I too plan on making some sort of "hack" for that game like Hiccup is doing for testing purposes ( as far as I still know of ). I'm easy to get along with, and I am "derp" free so I can understand things clearly as they were intended to be. ;)


Posted on 09-20-15 01:52 PM Link | #64247
Well, welcome aboard :)

Documenting sprites is something we'll definitely need, glad there are people on this one :P

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 09-20-15 01:59 PM Link | #64248
Thank you, StapleButter. I hope to have some worth on this forum. :)


Ambiance 69
Posted on 11-01-15 10:13 AM Link | #65309
I am Ambiance 69. I am 14 years old and am a ROM Hacker. I'm the master of reestoring Alpha and Beta stuff.

You can't escape me.
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