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06-27-22 02:16 PM

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Posted on 04-26-15 03:25 PM Link | #59257
So yeah. What have you guys been doing on the internet before falling across Kuribo64?

My internet life was a mess. My first time joining something was in 2007, joining NGEmu's forums. I had some interest in emulation, namely of the PS2 (and later on, the DS). I eventually made shitty plugins for PCSX2 and iDeaS (the latter was a pain to deal with), then released some modified versions of DeSmuME, although it was still mostly crap as I lacked experience.

In 2008, by watching random NSMB videos showing ARDS cheats, I fell across videos of edited levels. I thought it was cool and looked into it. Searched for the NSMB editor, found Treeki's webpage, which directed me to Jul and Board2.

I first joined Jul using the same username as I had at NGEmu, but for some reason the account didn't work. Probably crapoed the password. What little common sense I had back then told me to just make a new account. You guessed, Mega-Mario. Eventually joined Board2 under that name, but it was kinda dead there.

Tried making a NSMB editor, but it sucked. Eventually got my ass banned from Jul and Board2 because I was an idiot. In the meantime, the people in the emulation communities didn't know about it, and I wanted to keep things this way to preserve my reputation there.

A few years later, I managed to get unbanned from Board2. Also joined Neritic Net, which was a general discussion board with fun and friendly people. For a good while, I had good times there, but eventually activity started declining and the owner turned into a postcount-obsessed asshole, precipitating it into a quick death.

I happened to be a part of Nikoboard, which was originally meant to be Nina's board but was run by Kawa. For a while, we worked on ABXD there. At the same time, I made the first incarnation of Kuribo64, which was mostly my blog about SM64DS hacking. Later on, a board was added to Kuribo64, but it didn't get very active.

I also joined GBAtemp, mostly to post about my projects and get feedback.

Oh, and NSMBHD, which Dirbaio set up to give NSMB hacking more breathing space. I wasn't really interested into NSMB hacking much, but occasionally worked on some things.

Later on, I found Kafuka, joined, and gave some coding help to the AB2.5 project.

Oh and also got into SMG hacking, oblivious to the insane entry barrier. After posting screenshots of Whitehole, I was approached by the SMG2.5 guys, and joined the old SMG2.5 forums at Proboards. I archived the old dead Kuribo64 and, well, started this board.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
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Posted on 04-26-15 03:39 PM Link | #59259
Just like StapleButter came across NSMB hacks, I came across custom NSMBW levels and became interested in making them myself. In 2010, I hadn't even installed homebrew on my Wii, but I was able to download a copy of the Stage folder and Reggie. I started making levels that were absolute crap, even though I had no way to play them. Around that same time, I joined RVLution and met other level creators that wanted to make a hack. Together, we founded New Super Mario Adventure (NSMA).

That did not go very well. Most of our levels weren't very good, but mine were especially bad. I also wanted to write ASM hacks for the game, but barely knew PowerPC ASM or reverse engineering. We started off motivated, but sometime in 2011, we all lost desire to continue and the project died. However, that wasn't the end of my time in the hacking community. One person in NSMA, igorseabra4, had introduced me to Anarchy and the SMG2.5 project that it spawned. That caught my attention all the way back in early 2011.

I didn't do much at first, posting one suggestion about how to use Riivolution back in February. But in August, well after NSMA had died, I saw people trying to do texture hacks on SMG objects. I began looking at documentation for the SMG model and texture formats, learned that it was pretty simple, and posted proof of me doing this. That got me into the SMG2.5 project.

Afterwards, mainly I focused on powerup and object hacks, namely getting the Red Star and Ice Flower back into the game. I also wrote some tools (BCSV editor) and helped a bit with blank's model and collision importers. My involvement in the SMG2.5 continued to the summer of 2012, when we started moving to Kuribo64. And I've been there a member here since.

Posted on 04-26-15 03:41 PM Link | #59260
I had a shit computer and finished smg2. I didnt have anything else to do, so all I did was play super mario flash and go on the proboards forum.

Then the forum got closed and moved to this one. Damn, my life is exciting!

Posted on 04-26-15 06:11 PM Link | #59266
I first discovered SMG2.5 in 2011 via two separate ways.

1: I searched "super mario galaxy level editor"
2: I searched "super mario galaxy 3"

These eventually led me to the Proboards forum. I made one terribly, horribly stupid post. (The kind of post where you think later "Was I three years old then?").

I later forgot all about it until 2013, when I looked up SMG2.5 to see if they had made any progress and discovered this place, where the account ts142001 came to be. People thought I was dumb so I made a new account for a fresh start, but then "skyderp" happened (November 2013 - March 2014).
But, eventually people forgot about it and that leads us to today.

Can you burn a Luigi board?

Posted on 04-26-15 08:28 PM Link | #59279
Before K64 there was nothing. In fact, K64 was the first MessageBoard I ever saw. Keep in mind that I stalked the board for half a year before joining.

Posted on 04-26-15 08:30 PM Link | #59280
I was trying to get into rom hacking before joining K64.

Posted on 04-26-15 08:34 PM Link | #59281
I mostly just searched random videos relating to Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1, New Super Mario Bros., etc and I went on MarioWiki since 2005 but I only lurked and never registered. Then, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was announced and it came out. So one day on MarioWiki, they had that Blue Grass Galaxy/Sky Island Galaxy thing and I searched "galaxy08_strm" and I came across Jul in Summer 2010. I also found Fantento. Also, I would listen to BowieZ's music and found out about RVlution through him back in late 2009.

In late October 2010, I registered at Fantendo. In early November 2010, I registered on MarioWiki, RVlution, and Jul. In early December 2010, I got banned from Jul for being an idiot and I found SMG2.5 through Glem3's thread on RVlution. I was known as one of the best SMG2.5 members at that time. Then, I became very busy with real life and left in late July 2011. In late January 2013, I found out that SMG2.5 that moved to Kuribo64 and registered on here. But I was an idiot back then. Then the project ended and after an argument on #smg2.5 in early January 2014, I left Kuribo64, intending to leave forever.

That's when I became active on Kafuka. There was also Rydia's various dead boards such as Rydia's Lair and SMB Xtreme. I even bothered to associate with Rydia because I was an idiot. Oh, and hamza's Mario Hacks Plus which eventually died like many other lolboards.

I came back here in early August 2014 after I improved my relations with the members here. Now, I work on AB2 and I've barely gotten into Super Mario Sunshine, 3DS, and Wii U hacking. Really, all that I've done so far is just get the tools and take a look at Super Mario 3D World's file format.

Super Mario LOLand

Thanks to kaj for helping to port my Acmlmboard 2.5 layout to Acmlmboard 2.064!

Posted on 04-26-15 08:56 PM Link | #59282
I don't quite remember how I got to this place.

All I know is that I was in the phase of my internet life where I'd join literally every board I stumbled across. talkhaus, SMBX Forums, RVLution, and some others included.

Before that, I just made crappy SMW hacks and vomited them on SMWC. Also, despite being on a forum dedicated to 3D Mario hacking I've never even touched Sketch-Up or Blender, let alone Whitehole or SM64DSe.

Posted on 04-26-15 09:00 PM Link | #59284
That's kinda like me. I never did anything for SMG2.5 other than providing Whitehole. And in the end this board is still here mostly because it's still active and has a nice community.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 04-27-15 04:16 AM Link | #59295
Outside of this area on the Internet most of everything else I've done is creating silly websites and using Minecraft. I've always had a liking for forums, explaining my constant posting here...

Around 2013 I heard of ROM hacking and emulators to which I played around with them way too much. Mainly Pokemon and NSMB since I didn't have that many games that I ever really played.

In early 2014 I was searching up some New Super Mario Bros. videos and eventually found something that led to the NSMB Hacking Domain, to which soon after I found and joined this place. About a year later we are here today.

That's really about it.

Posted on 04-28-15 12:17 AM Link | #59310
I basically just played Star Wars Battlefront 2 on my PC, modded that, and surfed the web for about everything Nintendo. My internet time and what I did on it spiked around the time I joined here.

You can tell I'm testing new avatars.

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Posted on 04-28-15 12:58 AM Link | #59311
Well, I started on SMWCentral, and it all went from there (maybe sidestepping a bit).

My Youtube Channel:
Some layout tips/code!


Posted on 04-28-15 02:40 AM Link | #59312
My history begins in 2010, being that one user who normally did nothing when registering at a board. I was usually known for being shy, timid, and reserved. In 2011, I took interest in technological disassembly. I learned a bit, but never quite enough to fully disassemble something, and put it back together with custom mods working correctly.

In 2012, I found NSMBHD in its early years. I didn't register until after six months of the website being created. Of course, back then, I didn't know what Acmlmboard was. It wasn't until a month later that I knew what it was, its purpose, and how it worked. I registered at Kafuka, and Board2 some time after that, but then left the places, seeing how I enjoyed NSMBHD more.

Some time passed, and Mega-Mario (A.K.A. Arisotura) announced the creation of Kuribo64. I remember that when I first registered it was powered by Kuriblog, a software Arisotura temporarily made before switching to Blargboard.

I remember registering, and looking at the Kuriblog powered board, searching for something that would catch my interest. Alas, I didn't, and temporarily left the board. A year later, I came back only to be greeted by the now Blargboard powered Kuribo64. I was amazed by how Arisotura made Blargboard, seeing how the design, and structure looked like. My first thought was : “Where's the old Kuribo64?” Then, I realized that it WAS the board I was looking for only with a different layout, and better User Interface.

Such a nice history, yet, it doesn't seem long enough. :S

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Posted on 04-28-15 07:56 PM Link | #59336
From RVLution.

So while SB was on RVLution, I saw he created a website. Then I joined and stayed inactive for half a year. Then activeness and then I actually had a good post layout.

still i remember that rainy september
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Posted on 04-29-15 09:22 AM Link | #59344
Long story short, in the span beginning in 2007 and today, I discovered emulation to play super mario kart.

Then I discovered the wonders of making my own tracks on it.

After I got a better PC, I started to play DS games in No$GBA

I discover that NSMB is possible to edit.

I made my first custom level and upload it to youtube.

I find Jul via Hiccup, in which I registered and was a part of the NSMB hacking forum until it died.

I then joined NSMBHD right when it was created.

And finally, I registered here, after I saw a link here in Arisotura layout at NSMBHD.

[image] [image]

Psycho Python Ω
Posted on 05-06-15 07:56 PM Link | #59517
My story is not nearly as interesting. I took interest in NSMBW hacking sometime 2011 (most definitely before August though, because that's when we moved and I only actually started NSMBW hacking after the move). Later, on RVLution, I found help regarding Riivolution, how to use it and could finally play my (back then) hideous creations. I began hanging around there more and more. And lastly, I fell through Kuribo64's rooftop through StapleButter's link in his signature. Although I'm less of a valuable member and more of a come-and-go chatter.
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Posted on 05-07-15 08:16 AM Link | #59546
I found this site via youtube. i was searching for smg2 secrets and tricks and found out hacking smg2 was possible. (a whole new world opened for me :O ) I then came across the smg2.5 project, which brought me here.
Oh, and i started out yesterday ;p


- Troller0001

Posted on 05-19-15 02:13 AM Link | #59925
I have always been a gamer, and recently, in the past half-year or so, found great interest in ROM hacking, mainly Super Mario World, for which I joined SMW Central. There's more, but I need to be going right about now, so I'll finish typing the rest in later.

I got nothing. To put here, that is.

Posted on 05-26-15 11:21 PM Link | #60246
I lurked around NSMBHD, and occasionally SMWC.

Searched "sm64 ds hacks".

Found "Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS".

Been lurking here since 2013, only to make an account 2 years later.

Kuribo64 / NSMBHD / MMM

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