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06-27-22 02:51 PM

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Posted on 12-14-14 12:35 AM (rev. 2 of 12-14-14 12:35 AM) Link | #52680
How well do you think you know SMG hacking?
Take this short 15-question quiz and find out.

Post your results here, I would like to see how the community did. ;)

EDIT: Of course it would do this. #4 counts itself as the first answer, when it isn't. Oh well. And #8 isn't a function, it's a subroutine.


Posted on 12-14-14 12:43 AM Link | #52681
27%, fail.

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Posted on 12-14-14 07:16 AM Link | #52685
20%, but that's because I'm not an SMG Hacker.

But also:
"C++ w/ headers" is wrong, but "C++/C, headers" is right? Seriously...?

Isn't "OSPanic()" supposed to come up, as soon as the Game Crashes?
I mean, I did work with similar stuff before, but anything with "Panic", or "Assert" was meant to output Crashes, and Errors.

Posted on 12-14-14 01:00 PM Link | #52689

"what is the main format" what is that for kind of question

Posted on 12-14-14 02:48 PM Link | #52693

5: a hash can be a hash of anything really.
9: kinde meh; PPC, ARM and such are architectures; the compiled code is machine code
10: big/little endian isn't specific to SMG, it applies to the Wii
12: the first two would be valid; the game doesn't require archives to be compressed
14: 'C++ w/ headers'... wtf?

Apparently I'm at 47%. Not bad for the guy who made Whitehole, I guess.

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Posted on 12-14-14 03:06 PM Link | #52695
Your score was 53%!

You're a lot better than some hackers out there. You're very very familiar with the system, but you don't have a grip on how it works too much yet.

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Posted on 12-14-14 04:39 PM Link | #52703
67% wow I didn't know I was so good.

Posted on 12-14-14 04:44 PM Link | #52704
33%, not bad considering the last thing I did related to SMG(2) was over a year ago, I guess.


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Posted on 12-14-14 04:46 PM Link | #52705
I'm making another quiz soon, which bases itself more on SMG Level-type questions. This was mostly from the assembly shit.


Posted on 12-14-14 04:53 PM Link | #52706
I hardly know SMG hacking :P

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Posted on 12-14-14 04:59 PM Link | #52708

You have the hang of how SMG works, but it isn't...there. You still have a bit more work to do, but you're on your way!

Surprising, since I've never tried it. Yay, guessing!

Posted on 12-14-14 05:47 PM (rev. 2 of 12-14-14 05:52 PM) Link | #52710
Since the first one wasn't really that good....
This one is leaned a lot more towards level creation, and it's 100% accurate.
FFS, #16 is talking about SMG2.


Posted on 12-14-14 06:02 PM Link | #52711

Posted on 12-14-14 06:31 PM Link | #52713
What's true about SMG below?

It is compiled from Python code.

I just died :D

Posted on 12-14-14 06:31 PM Link | #52714
Never touching SMG hacking ever, I got 40% from guessing.

Posted on 12-14-14 06:59 PM Link | #52715
55%. I think I could do a little better though.

Posted on 12-14-14 07:42 PM Link | #52717
20%. I think that's pretty awesome for having never hacked SMG and has little programming experience.

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