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07-25-24 01:31 PM

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Posted on 12-08-14 09:02 PM (rev. 3 of 12-08-14 10:01 PM) Link | #52486
Toadario64: I am not talking about the whole forum honey, I talk about the sm64 section. It happened that when someone gave criticism about someones models that people became angry about it. This is what I have noticed, If you don't agree with that then its oke.

StapleButter: I am not bashing smwc, I gave a reason for my act which is the experience with criticism on smwc (the mario 64 section). Skelux does not want to create a war between you and smwc, Skelux is just trolling you and you are biting. honestly, not much staff on smwc care about the "war" between you and skelux. and nobody cares about skelux and www.kuribo64.com . I wouldn't care either if you didn't involve me into this. I have nothing to do with it, I am not skelux buddy and I do not want to drag the punishment of skelux because He does something wrong. I am not asking for a ban, I am asking to not get involved into this "war". that should be reasonable.

Toadario64, I got a qoute for you, from leod: "leod: you're criticisizing jesse and people on smwcentral will always argue with people who criticisize them, you just gotta post "good job" instead"

I just have to say good job good job good job, and don't say something else or bad stuff will happen

Posted on 12-09-14 12:18 AM (rev. 2 of 12-09-14 12:19 AM) Link | #52500
Posted by jjesss064
But this might come due to smwcentral. If you give critic there people will be upsad and will see you as a bad person and ask you for proof if you can do it better.

Wrong. That's absolutely universal and only comes from newbies who are too pretentious to admit that just maybe their hack just might be absolutely atrocious.

Not to mention the fact that I've never seen this happen once. Care to show an example?

EDIT: wait, never mind

Still, the SM64 section is pretty bad.

Posted on 12-09-14 12:21 AM Link | #52501
Not to jerk in like a backseat mod, but I think stuff about drama is probably the last thing cosmological would like...


Posted on 12-09-14 01:55 PM Link | #52518
Well, yeah. Back on topic.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 12-10-14 06:51 PM Link | #52547
I feel like this is missing part of the sentiment of those small comments. Those comments are people attempting to show their support for what you do, and I feel that if you look at it more along the lines of something like a Reddit upvote, it makes more sense. Not everyone is going to spend the time to make a meaningful comment; some people just want you to know that they look at what you do and appreciate it, even if they themselves may never ending up using it (for whatever reasons).

It's even more relevant when it comes to things that certain people don't know anything about. I didn't know anything about renaming stuff in SMG2, so if I say "Cool" it's cause I'm learning from you. Just like I can't critique K-Pop for having bad lyrics without sounding like I'm ignorant, I can't give good criticism for a programming tool or method because I'm crap at programming. Any 'meaningful' criticism would show ignorance on my side and sound like I'm arrogant. Meanwhile, a simple statement like "That's really cool" should be taken as me saying that I'm keeping track of your achievements and I appreciate them.

tl;dr: I understand your points, but I feel that you should think of "cool"s more as votes of appreciation and less as feedback.
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