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Posted on 12-16-13 04:35 PM Link | #36141
Hello there! I would like to modify the title screen in Super Mario 64 DS. I've lost two days to searching graphics from the main screen.
I can't find these (ncg) files into rom.
I just found most of the graphics (subtitles) from the mini-games like:


But I need to find exactly these subtitles:



for example:


P.S Is there someone who knows about these things and could help me to find this?
Currently I do translation for Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) for other language but I would like take care of this first.

Posted on 12-16-13 05:10 PM (rev. 3 of 12-16-13 05:12 PM) Link | #36144
In the main text file?
You can use the Super Mario 64 DS Editor to edit it.

Looking forward to see how you go about this. What language are you translating to?

You might want to edit the E version of the ROM, because it has more characters in the font.

Posted on 12-16-13 05:16 PM Link | #36145
I've been working on this on and off, so far I have discovered that the Nintendo logo is at 0x8D8C4 in the ARM9 file. The menu button graphics can be found in texBank_E.bmd. I believe title screen graphics are stored in overlay 7, the palette for the title can be found at 0x1552F8 in an EU ROM, though I am unsure of the compression.

Posted on 12-16-13 05:54 PM (rev. 6 of 12-16-13 06:03 PM) Link | #36146
Hiccup - you don't understand. I mean graphics.
Skelux - You are a genius! Many thanks for this!

P.S Yes. I use Super Mario 64 DS Editor for editing script, however is there a lot of bugs and freezes;]

Posted on 12-16-13 06:45 PM (rev. 3 of 02-11-14 07:14 PM) Link | #36148
...however is there a lot of bugs and freezes

Use the newest version posted in the Editor Development thread (R63), text editing shouldn't have any problems.


Found it!


The title screen image can be found at the following offsets within a decompressed Overlay 7 (EUR ROM):

Map (NSC):
Start offset 0x30090 in decompressed overlay 7, length 1536 bytes, uncompressed

Tile (NCG):
Start offset 0x3D0B0 in decompressed overlay 7, length 32640 bytes, uncompressed

Palette (NCL):
Start offset 0x2BF28 in decompressed overlay 7, length 480 bytes, uncompressed

I found the title screen files using the following method:
- Used an emulator (I used NO$GBA debug but DeSmuME would probably work too) to find the locations of the map, tile and palettes within memory
- Used the Map and Palette viewers to work out starting locations the sizes of the files
- Dump the raw data from memory (I've added a hex dump to binary option to the editor for the next revision), luckily this in the same format as stored in NSC, NCG and NCL files
- Decompressed all overlays within a SM64DS ROM and searched for the data from the above files, after decompressing the overlay no further compression had been applied to the files making it easy to find them

To edit it in the Minimap Editor as shown in the screenshot, use NSMBe to replace the minimap files for one of the levels and 'LZ Compress' the NSC and NCG files.

Posted on 12-19-13 04:12 AM (rev. 4 of 12-21-13 11:04 AM) Link | #36305
Good grief, and here I had been trying to find it all by tracing the DMA copy command. Nice work!

Edit: It all makes sense now - the reason I hadn't found it was because the entire overlay was compressed, not just the graphic. The offset I found is pointing to the palette's location within the compressed data.

Posted on 12-29-13 04:08 PM Link | #36877
I found the subtitles exactly from the Main Menu


However there is a problem. I do not know nothing about this compression. I tried to throw a ready graphics and game freezes.
Graphics are visible in the overlay file 9_0007. I've decompressed it using a CrystalTile2.
I do not know how to compress it. I tried all the codecs LZ77/BatchLZ77/LZ77 type 10, LZ77 Type 11 and still nothing (game freezes).

Posted on 12-29-13 04:23 PM Link | #36879
The graphics themselves aren't compressed, the overlay they are in is compressed using JAP77 compression, however the overlays do not need to be re-compressed.

The problem may be that you're overwriting data from another file. Make sure the size of the data you insert is the same size as the data you're replacing (you can just pad with zeroes if the new data is smaller).
Are you also replcing the palette and tilemap files as well?

What location are the graphics in?

Posted on 02-10-14 11:15 AM (rev. 3 of 02-10-14 11:57 AM) Link | #38425
USv1 Titlescreen:

NSC : 0x2FA10
NCG : 0x3CA30
NCL : 0x2B9C8

Sizes are the same as EUR.

There is a problem, though: you can't make a NCL that's 480b. The editor ALWAYS makes it 512.
EDIT: nm, just needed to remove padding zeroes.

Posted on 02-11-14 07:51 PM (rev. 2 of 02-11-14 07:53 PM) Link | #38456
Posted by skawo
USv1 Titlescreen:
NSC : 0x2FA10
NCG : 0x3CA30
NCL : 0x2B9C8
Sizes are the same as EUR.

I think the map (NSC) is actually 1536 bytes (I suspected 6135 wasn't right), the image is 256x192.

Below are the offsets at which the title image is found within a decompressed overlay 007 for the four main ROM versions:

/EUR (decomp. ovl. 007)USv1 (decomp. ovl. 007)USv2 (decomp. ovl. 007)JAP (decomp. ovl. 007)

Map (1536 bytes)0x300900x2FA100x2FBA80x2F68C
Tile (32640 bytes)0x3D0B00x3CA300x3CBC80x3C6AC
Palette (480 bytes)0x2BF280x2B9C80x2BA680x2B9E8

Sizes all the same across all versions, even the Japanese title.

Posted on 02-11-14 07:56 PM (rev. 4 of 03-29-14 10:53 AM) Link | #38457
By the way, it's incredibly fiddly. Just replacing the image won't work, you have to have certain colors at precise positions in the palette so that the bg looks right and stuff like that. My recommendation for an easy way out: make the entire bg use a single color. Then, set that color to be in the palette at the top-right, and then also to the last 56 colors in the palette. Result will look allright:

dead link

Else, unless done exactly right you'll get weird lines or just black bg.

Posted on 02-11-14 08:04 PM Link | #38458
The transparent colour will be the first colour in the palette. Have you tried selecting the colour you want to be transparent and clicking 'Set as background colour' - this will swap the positions of the selected and first colours.

Posted on 02-11-14 08:05 PM (rev. 3 of 02-11-14 10:23 PM) Link | #38459
Yep. Then the background ends up black.

EDIT: Same things seems to happen when you edit the bottom screen layout from DSMT/EU/tex_bankE.bmd... Plus, importing the original texture back crashes the game.

I wonder if that's a problem with the editor or something though, as one of the textures appears broken :/...Shouldn't be, though.

Posted on 03-29-14 04:33 PM Link | #39684
Okay, I apologize for my really nooby questions but could maybe anyone explain a little bit more in detail about how to go about replacing the title screen. I know nothing about all this decompression stuff and I have no idea what 'overlay 7' is. I understand if you don't want to or so but it would be nice if one of you could atleast try? :)

Posted on 03-29-14 05:12 PM Link | #39689
Many NDS games use overalys, they contain code or data that can be loaded into memory by the game when needed. Overlay 007 is the 8th overlay, marked Overlay 007. Overlays use a special Jap77 compression, which both SM64DSe and NSMBe can decompress.

- You can either use SM64DSe to extract all overlays (option in debug menu on main screen) or use NSMBe to 'Decompress overlay' and 'Extract' just overlay 007.
- You then import an image (256x92) into the game as usual over any existing image and extract the .NCG, .NCL and .NSC files using NSMBe.
- Use a hex editor to copy the contents of the extracted image into Overlay 007 at the locations listed above, making sure to overwrite the existing data.
- Your new data should be the same size or smaller.
- Finally, use NSMBe to replace Overlay 007 with your modified one, when asked whether it's a compressed overlay you're importing, select no.

Posted on 03-29-14 06:26 PM Link | #39690
Okay, I think I understand most of it now, thanks alot! I just have a question, I can't seem to find overlay 7 with NSMBe, where is it located?

Posted on 03-29-14 06:44 PM Link | #39692
"I can't seem to find overlay 7 with NSMBe, where is it located?" - You didn't look very hard. It's under "ARM9 Overlay Table" > "OV 7".

Posted on 03-29-14 06:50 PM Link | #39693
Posted by Fiachra
"I can't seem to find overlay 7 with NSMBe, where is it located?" - You didn't look very hard. It's under "ARM9 Overlay Table" > "OV 7".

I suppose that's the .bin file called 'arm9ovt.bin'? If so, how do I replace overlay 7 inside it?

Posted on 03-29-14 07:01 PM Link | #39694
No, the file called "OV 7" in the folder called "ARM9 Overlay Table".

(post deleted) #39695
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