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05-19-24 02:54 PM

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Posted on 12-30-13 02:52 AM Link | #36908
On this thread, post about what do you do to make you feel a whole lot better in bad times.

What makes me feel better when I feel down is playing games on the Wii. Just to get started.

[i dont understand
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Posted on 12-30-13 06:17 PM Link | #36927
The notion that my intelligence will always be by my side, until I die.

Posted on 12-30-13 06:20 PM Link | #36928
Making custom levels for SMG2 :3

Posted on 01-02-14 11:44 AM Link | #37112


Posted on 02-18-14 04:47 AM Link | #38625
Anything that involves Minecraft.

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We are concerned about your 91 year old babysitter!
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Moral: NEVER have a party at your house.

Posted on 02-18-14 01:17 PM Link | #38643
The idea that even if biased educational methods leave me academically wrecked sometime in the future, I can always start a religion.
Status: It was really, really fun, guys - thanks for the ride!

Posted on 02-18-14 02:43 PM Link | #38649
The internet. This board. Seeing my projects succeed somewhat.

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Posted on 02-18-14 04:29 PM Link | #38655
Talking to the guys on the IRC, even though it sounds really weird >_>

Oh, and sleeping and trying to act like everything will be ok.


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[04/15/2018]gridatttack: and they are 14yrs old

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Posted on 02-18-14 04:40 PM Link | #38657
Masturbating! :D


Knowing the fact that there are many people in the world at the moment who are having an even worse time than me.

Former SMG2.5 Advertiser and one-time Level Designer/Artist

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Posted on 02-19-14 07:34 AM Link | #38707
Thinking about the release of Mario Kart 8 :D :D :D

Remember, every user has to start out somewhere,- Every time I look back at my old posts, I cringe.

Posted on 02-19-14 07:42 PM Link | #38721
knowing that the end of times comes(yes that actually makes me feel better)

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