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05-11-21 01:16 AM

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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Load different stars for Test Map 1? New reply

Posted on 11-23-13 02:35 PM (rev. 4 of 11-23-13 02:46 PM) Link | #35284
You know the Main Test Map has a goomba with a silver star?

I just found out that it has a slightly different object setup for star 2 and 3. That includes more silver stars and other small things.

Is there a way to:

A. Replace the test level with a stage with a proper star select?

B. Use a code to change selected star?

C. Edit a level's star select?

Posted on 11-23-13 03:12 PM (rev. 2 of 11-23-13 03:13 PM) Link | #35285
The best way would be to try replacing another level with the test map.

You can edit the castle levels and modify one of the painting warps to lead to the test map. But it seems to lack star selector data, so you can't select a star.

I made a thread about star selector stuff on the archive board. Didn't go far though. Perhaps it'll be useful.

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Posted on 11-24-13 10:31 AM (rev. 2 of 11-24-13 02:30 PM) Link | #35301

I'm not sure what it is talking about though.

Posted on 11-24-13 11:33 AM Link | #35305
There is a fixed number of Act Selector screens in the game, each would be set up to point to the relevant strings etc. There is a table that maps each act selector to a level, eg. it probably look like 0-0, 1-6, 2-7, 3-8... You could use that to have Test Map A use Bob-Omb Battlefield's act selector for example.

What Mega-Mario is talking about though is to move Test Map A over another level, eg. replace Whomp's Fortress with Test Map A (BBB uses hard-coded objects and may crash if you need to change Object Bank 7). To do this, you would extract the overlay for Test Map A, overlay 103 and copy the contents of 0x94 onwards into WF's overlay (110). Make a note of the Object Bank settings for Test Map A and change WF ones to match it. Extract the contents of the /data/stage/ folder for Test Map A and replace all of the files in the WF /data/stage/ with the files from Test Map A. Remove any texture animations and it should work.

Main - General SM64DS hacking - Load different stars for Test Map 1? New reply

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