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05-10-21 11:40 PM

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Posted on 09-07-13 12:39 PM Link | #32046
Hello guys im looking for some help. Im not Sure if "requests" are ok here. I couldn't find anything in the forum rules.

Now that we have the 3DS that comes with a circle pad controlling Mario is slightly easier, tho i still have a slight issue. i was wondering if someone would be able to make a hack that makes the d-pad(circle pad) run by default and walk when hitting the Y button? Even a "always run" option would help. Currently you have to hold the Y button to run while on the original N64 game you ran automatically. Having to hold down the run button is killing this game. Running and jumping/long jumping is awkward ( pressing Y, B and R with one hand ) esp doing this with some speed.

If thats not possible maybe someone could make a hack/patch/ARcode which swaps the Y button with L ( use L to run freeing up your right hand to jump/long jump and not having to hold a run button down ) would be a much better situation.

Im not sure how simple or hard this would be tho would make the game 100% more playable. I have asked a few forums now ( SMWcentral, Romhacking, GBATemp ) with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Posted on 09-08-13 06:36 AM Link | #32093
of course its possible that you can allways run without holding the y button, it only requires a little bit of asm hacking

Posted on 09-08-13 07:40 AM Link | #32094
Thanks for the reply jjesss064

Regarding ASM hacking, This is all i need. Although don't have the knowledge on how to do this. I have been reading up on ASM, its crazy confusing. I have looked everywhere for a fix, contacted many forums and attempted to use ActionReply codes which swapped the button assigns tho with no success.

I think the easiest fix would be a swap of the Y and L button. Turning out extremely difficult :)

Thanks again guys for your time.

Lite Dash
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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Mario 64DS Controls New reply

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