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05-11-21 12:45 AM

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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Wario Land DS New reply

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Posted on 04-27-13 09:04 PM Link | #21664
Good stuff. Some of the warp-to levels don't have a list of star objectives, like the slides and whatnot. Does that mean I could make a quasi-overworld by using connecting warps? Muhahahaha!

Unfortunately, the AnkhSVN and other plugins do not work for the Express Edition of Visual Studio. I scoured the interwebs and that seemed to be the general consensus.

Posted on 04-28-13 03:39 AM Link | #21691
Yes, you could.

Try TortoiseSVN instead then. It's not a plugin for VS and should work fine.

Posted on 04-28-13 01:33 PM Link | #21726
You are brilliant! I got it to run and I'm testing stuff out.

I've been able to replace Toad and Bob-Omb Buddies, but I was wondering if the object options could include making a replaced object unique. If I replace Toad, all the Toads become the new model. Say I want to replace only one Toad, but keep the others. Would it mess up the object bank? If it's not possible, that's okay.

Posted on 04-28-13 01:38 PM Link | #21729
It's definitely not possible, unfortunately.

Posted on 04-28-13 02:03 PM Link | #21735
I think I'll just make the NPCs a part of the level and just place a Signpost in them or next to them to give the illusion of being active objects.
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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Wario Land DS New reply

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