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05-19-24 02:14 PM

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Posted on 12-29-23 02:09 AM (rev. 2 of 04-08-24 02:14 AM) Link | #101328
Mario and friends have come together this holiday season to celebrate the holidays with a Christmas party! However, Bowser has shown up and stolen all of the Christmas decorations and everyone's holiday spirit! Can you help the Mario crew stop Bowser and save this Christmas from falling apart?


The Koopa Who Stole Christmas is a MAJOR community hack led by me that was built off of a handful of levels made by a number of users in the SM64DS Hacking community! There are over 10 full levels in this hack, and they feature everything including custom cutscenes, custom music, custom movement, custom enemies, custom objects, custom bosses, new features, and so much more! This is a full hack that takes roughly 8 hours to beat. Expect almost a full 3D Mario game worth of content.

Every part of this project was crafted with care and I hope you all are pleasantly surprised by all the new things that await you on this holiday themed journey!

Download is in the description of this release video. Be sure to check back on it frequently as we have been doing post release updates every few days!

Update 4/7/24: Version 1.1.1 is now released!

Hailbot: Project lead, contest manager, hub areas, level before final boss, title screen graphics, secret level, polishing other courses, missions, main story, credits cutscene

pants64: Final boss, ending cutscene, engine optimization, Launch Star and Star Chip models, custom secret number colors, various ASM patches, debugging, bugfixing

Splatty: Frozen Frostbite Land, different Yoshi colors, custom objects, cutscenes, Snow Pokey texture

ShaneMGD: Frostbite Summit, release trailer

HayashiSTL: Dynamic library loader, Launch Star and Star Chip code, Magikoopa, Shy Guy, Colored Goomba, other custom objects

Gota7: Note Block, Shrinking Platform, other custom objects

Floralz: Winter at Mount Bob-omb, Chain Chomp’s Den, up-down lift platform texture, door wreath texture

KingYoshi a.k.a. Eugene: Winter at Mount Bob-omb music

0reo: Frosty Town

chico88959: Santa's Backup

Confidan: Shifting Snow Land

McBiggie: Koopa Mall

siba1208: Snowy Town

RMY: The Lost Valley

SawyerR13 Mt. Shiver

Rafa4k: Frosty Town music

Main - SM64DS hacks - The Koopa Who Stole Christmas [RELEASED] Hide post layouts | New reply

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