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07-22-24 11:35 PM

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Posted on 12-23-20 10:38 PM (rev. 3 of 12-23-20 11:15 PM) Link | #99932
It appears that after 8 years of service, our server blargcity is running low on disk space. I deleted some crap to bring it back up, but it will soon go down again without further action.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the uploader is responsible for most of the disk space usage, so I will have to act upon this.

Edit- the uploader crisis is going to be solved pretty quickly. Appears a certain non-poster has been clogging up our uploader with about 11 gigabytes of random crap, to be used wherever else. This is going byebye.

Also, we now have tools that will detect uploader abuse, so... don't even try.

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Posted on 12-24-20 08:53 PM Link | #99933
If it ain't 11 gigabytes of tiles with Mario's face all over them, then it ain't space worth wasting over.

Posted on 12-25-20 11:28 PM Link | #99941
dang, glad that got solved. i would be very worried otherwise


Posted on 01-04-21 05:18 PM Link | #99953
that's funny asf tbh

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Main - Announcements - The uploader crisis Hide post layouts | New reply

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