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07-21-24 12:33 AM

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Posted on 03-25-20 04:15 PM Link | #98940
How to change Wario door on the playroom and the texture of Wario?

homebrew lol
Posted on 04-13-22 11:45 PM Link | #100828
how do i make custom signs i want to make a sign in front of these 3 warps that i modified in the play room: tox box test room (originally first sunset isle tp (got the star from it)), normal test room (originally pss(also got the 2 stars there)), and chief chilly boss fight (originally goomboss painting didnt feel i needed it anymore even tho i didnt get the 8 red coins there also havent unlocked upstairs yet).

Posted on 04-28-22 11:47 PM Link | #100839
On import, my level appears in the editor but when I go to play it in the emulator it dissapears (save for a cube I put in the middle.)

Posted on 08-01-22 04:51 PM Link | #100873
Hi, so recently I decided to attempt making some custom levels; I used SketchUp to make a test model and imported the .obj into SM64DSe, but the thing is: several parts of the level (polygons) are completely missing. Any ideas?

Posted on 09-15-22 11:14 PM Link | #100892
Can somebody help me to install super mario 256 ??? If I use a us rom (on real ds), then it does step 1, step 2, wait... then says ''patch errcode=-4. If I use the wet'n wild european rom, then it says ''file successfully patched'' (like with the us) but the file has a white logo and no ds logo on it. Then I go in my ds and open the folder... my file is just not there. BTW I patched and played the new beggining with this rom and I haven't modified it afterward. I wanted to play this hack for more than a year now and I finally decided to ask it here. I would be so glad if I could play it.


Posted on 11-21-22 08:51 PM Link | #100926
So im very new to SM64DS modding. Currently trying to get a "walljump for all characters" patch working however whenever i click Run "make" and install, it pops up with...

"*** target pattern contains no '%'. Stop.
make: *** [Makefile:123: build] Error 2"

If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

Posted on 03-16-23 04:39 PM Link | #101069
So I wanted to see if you can make the other Yoshi colors from VS Mode playable in the Single Player mode and I cannot find the palletes of the Red, Blue, and Yellow Yoshis. Does anyone know where those are, or if someone already made this?
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Main - General SM64DS hacking - SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Hide post layouts | New reply

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