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02-26-24 08:35 AM

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Posted on 07-06-20 07:25 PM (rev. 3 of 09-04-20 10:02 PM) Link | #99292
I've worked on this hack for a month now, but I thought I should make a thread on it, going over some details.


Mario was going to go to some more galaxies because he was bored. He thought he went through a world portal when he really went through a dimension portal. He faints because he went at top speeds so Lubba has to take over. All the fuel was drained going through the portal and Princess Peach was kidnapped by Dowser, this dimension's Bowser. When Mario wakes up, he has no memory of what happened. Rosalina explains to him what happened. He has to go rescue peach and return to his own universe.
I don't have a video of the story right now, but I will make a video on it when it's done.

How large is the hack?

I plan on making it 242 stars(counting green stars), but that's not a guarantee. Most of the stars are going to be old galaxies with more missions. Some of them will be brand new galaxies.

Any idea on the release date?

It will release when it's ready.
"A delayed hack is eventually good, but a rushed hack is forever bad."
- A modified quote by Shigeru Miyamoto
I will be releasing a demo at around 50 stars.

Do you have any previews?

As of 9/4/2020,
Here are some of my ideas for the hack:
Dessert Desert Galaxy(mix of treat and desert levels)
Black Hole Galaxy(jump on platforms that are being sucked into a black hole)
Some sort of technology galaxy
A galaxy which has a forest

Posted on 10-09-22 04:25 AM Link | #100906
(No this hack is not dead I just forgot that k64 exists)

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - SMG2: More Missions: A Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hack Hide post layouts | New reply

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