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06-25-21 03:31 AM

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Posted on 03-25-14 03:43 PM Link | #39621
"... So now I got one big collision mesh, but with a bit too many materials." - You could try editing the .mtl and removing all of the duplicate materials so it only has one and do a find-and-replace in the OBJ file to replace all "usemtl" commands for the duplicate materials to use the one material (you can do this very quickly with a regex search for example in Notepad++).

"Something tells me there's too many textures it's trying to load/running out of texture memory? I didn't see any vanishing polygons, so I know it's not the mesh it self causing it. Must be the textures." - Yeah, the DS is very limited with regards to the amount of textures you have.

"Is there a limit to how many materials there can be on a visible mesh?" - The maximum number of materials a BMD can have is 256, though a high number of materials wouldn't cause texture glitches.

"I'm guessing Blender/Google Sketchup might be better at merging stuff without creating too many new materials as I have not seen this be a problem for anyone else." - Blender also exports duplicate materials, I just manually rename them as above when that happens.

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Posted on 03-25-14 03:51 PM Link | #39623
Alright thanks for your input. I'll post something again if something else comes up. But for now that ends that current subject for me. :D

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Posted on 03-26-14 04:14 AM (rev. 2 of 03-26-14 04:16 AM) Link | #39632
When I import any custom music to any level, the Castle Inside music won't play. The thing is it plays good on emulators but on an actual DS it doesn't play at all.

Posted on 03-27-14 02:44 PM Link | #39652
How can i add Custom Backgrounds? (Skyboxes)

Posted on 03-27-14 02:56 PM Link | #39653
Posted by Stomatol
When I import any custom music to any level, the Castle Inside music won't play. The thing is it plays well on emulators but on an actual DS it doesn't play at all.

I know very little about hacking DS music, maybe Skelux has come across this?

Posted by smirkogm
How can I add Custom Backgrounds? (Skyboxes)

You can either edit the textures of the existing skyboxes or import your own model over them. They're located in /data/vrbox/

Posted on 03-28-14 02:57 AM (rev. 3 of 03-28-14 02:57 AM) Link | #39661
Ok, I'm trying to get into SM64DS modding, but being the complete novice I am, I can't even figure out how to start the editor. It keeps giving an error saying "Access to the path '' is denied."

I know it's probably a stupid mistake, but I have no idea what to do. What am I doing wrong?

Posted on 03-28-14 04:46 AM Link | #39663
Make sure you have the proper file and directory permissions.

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Posted on 03-28-14 04:38 PM Link | #39668
If you need to you could try running as Administrator.

Posted on 03-28-14 06:38 PM (rev. 2 of 03-28-14 06:48 PM) Link | #39673
Yeah, I figured it out, or rather, I didn't, I just redownloaded the rom and it worked. Same rom, from the same site, not played yet, not touched yet, and yet it worked the second time.

EDIT: Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but how would one go about creating a new picture for the castle? As in, new everything. I plan to take one of the paintings on the second floor (the not usable ones), make it a warp, and retexture it to a new texture of my choice, and have it lead to a replacement for one of the unused maps.

Posted on 03-29-14 03:27 AM Link | #39678
3D Model -> Import other model -> Go into /Picture -> Select the model -> Open it, find the "Edit existing textures" button -> Do your stuff -> Save.

Posted on 03-29-14 06:18 AM Link | #39680
How can I edit/replace the title picture?


Posted on 03-29-14 06:53 AM Link | #39681

It's literally on the same page as this topic.

Posted on 03-30-14 04:47 AM Link | #39709
So, I figured out the texture stuff easily enough for my new painting, now how would one go about creating new warps. Looking at the other paintings, it's obvious that I need an entrance and an exit, and I have them positioned and all, but what do I need to make them work?

Posted on 03-30-14 05:34 AM Link | #39710
You need to set the level and entrance ID that the exit'll warp to. The parameters have been mostly documented by skawo here.

Posted on 03-30-14 05:58 AM (rev. 2 of 03-30-14 05:58 AM) Link | #39711
Mm, those are unfortunately a bit outdated, and the new db doesn't have a place to put this info in:

Param 5

X - Mode
Y - View (0 - View 0, 8 - View 2, 9 - View 4) [not sure why this is like this, btw]
Z - ?
Y - Area

Param 1
Rotation/placement: lets you rotate the exit and also change whether it's a horizontal or vertical one.

Param 2
XX - Size
Z - ?
Y - Entrance in the level you're entering from to return to if you die. F doesn't override the entrance that's already in the memory (so you can have levels going to other levels and upon death you'll still be returned to the HUB)

Posted on 03-30-14 07:59 AM Link | #39715
How do I test the level to see if it works?

Posted on 03-30-14 08:01 AM Link | #39716
An emulator or a flash card. Plenty of wiki articles on what those are.

Posted on 03-30-14 10:12 AM Link | #39721
I'm just thinking, why does everybody use european m64ds roms? Aside from the compatibility with the patches that can be applied, and the font having more characters, is there any reason?

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Posted on 03-30-14 11:04 AM Link | #39722
the most people who do this are European I think, why would you use US roms??

Posted on 03-30-14 01:26 PM Link | #39725
The European ROM is always going to be better supported, it's the version I use when testing changes/new features in the editor and the version mine and most of the hacks are being made with at the minute, so there's a greater chance of issues being fixed if they're in the EUR ROM, issues in the US one might not be found and will be lower priority to fix. There'll also be more 'Additional Patches' for the EUR ROM. There only being one EUR version as opposed to two as with the US and JAP versions also makes things easier. The EUR version is the one I'd recommend you use.
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