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07-25-24 01:09 PM

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Posted on 04-16-20 09:48 PM Link | #99000
Hello, I am kind of never really active in this site (I think I have used it once before) but seeing that one dude not really having inspiration for the extra areas, I am wondering if I could step in and attempt to try and make some possibly, I know you have made a custom stage yourself but I would like to attempt to make more. I have been a massive fan of mario sunshine for as long as I can remember and I have always wanted to try my hand at anything related to game development. I have some skills with blender and ms paint so I could attempt to produce some level designs. I would just love to have some new areas to explore in sunshine and I would like to help you out with making some

Posted on 07-29-20 06:49 PM Link | #99349
If you mean Fiachra, I don't think he works on the project anymore, seeing as he hasn't been online for 2 years or something. If you meant me, I'd be happy to discuss your ideas, I'm in a position right now where little secret levels are very welcome. I prefer to use Discord as a means of communication though, since I rarely check Kuribo64. Hailbot is also making a separate version, but I doubt he wants any more levels. He's also in this Discord server.https://discord.gg/GkPruBS

Posted on 03-23-23 03:33 PM (rev. 2 of 03-23-23 03:39 PM) Link | #101070
Maybe add yoshi with the main nozzle(the one you can’t change), it’ll be a good way of giving him some use! Other than that, it’s a great game!

EDIT: I was playing the demo when I realized, if you are running then quickly use flood as Mario, then jump immediately when you land, you will do the last stage of the triple jump, not a normal one. That is game breaking when you realize it can be used to do a triple jump virtually anywhere. Please fix. Thanks!
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Main - SM64DS hacks - Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Hide post layouts | New reply

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