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06-14-24 06:29 PM

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Posted on 11-08-21 06:59 PM Link | #100690
I'm trying to setup Acmlm Board XD, but I get the following error after entering the database info and hitting next:

Setting utf8_unicode_ci collation to the database...
Installing database version 300...
badges… OK.
settings… creating…/board/lib/mysql.php:164 backTrace()
/board/lib/mysql.php:131 rawQuery('...')
/board/lib/mysqlfunctions.php:71 query('...')
/board/install/installer.php:72 Upgrade()
/board/install/doinstall.php:7 install()

BLOB, TEXT, GEOMETRY or JSON column 'value' can't have a default value

Query was: create table `settings` (
`plugin` varchar(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
`name` varchar(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
`value` text DEFAULT '',
unique key `mainkey` (`plugin`,`name`)

An error occured. Please go back and fix the settings and try again.

I'm not sure what is going on as I did not modify this version of ABXD 3.0, and even my custom software based off of ABXD, Moline (both 2.0 and 3.0) produce this same error as well. Not sure what else to do as I have it already setup and working on my main domain (molinesboard.epizy.com). Thanks in advanced for your help!

Posted on 11-08-21 07:20 PM Link | #100691

could prolly not have said it better

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Posted on 11-08-21 08:00 PM Link | #100692
Posted by Arisotura

could prolly not have said it better

Ah. Guess I'll try my hand with Acmlm Board 2. This thread can be closed now.

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Posted by Nik Kershaw
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Main - Computers and technology - Acmlm Board XD installation problems Hide post layouts | New reply

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