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06-24-24 02:11 PM

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Posted on 06-17-20 03:19 AM (rev. 3 of 06-17-20 03:30 AM) Link | #99210
Anyone here still use Windows 7? I have an HP with it installed, but I stopped using it as the laptop is very poor. The mouse is very jumpy, the battery is toast, and internet only works with Ethernet, so I may as well transplant its components into a desktop case since I have to treat it like that. The laptop actually is a tri-boot of Windows Vista, 7, and 8.1. I've mentioned this laptop before, but am not sure if I mentioned the year I got it, which was 2015. I could not use USB to install Vista, so I had to use DVD (lucky that I had a 64bit Vista disk).

I did however, find a used Dell Windows 7 laptop on ebay for very cheap (around $65), which will replace the HP. I am going to use this Dell for my Nintendo Homebrew excursions and everything else that is not related to my school work. I am currently doing my homebrew stuff on my new laptop, but that should change later this week when the "new" laptop is dropped off from USPS.

More than likely after getting it, I will be ripping the bad boy open to see what components are inside of it, namely Hard Drive type as I have a spare 500GB, and want to see if that would fit in. This would be temp as I may invest in an SSD around Christmas (Your suggestions on cheap SSD's are greatly appreciated), battery type, and to see if it needs any cleaning (I.E. Dust). The laptop comes with Windows 7, but I am going to wipe it and replace it with... Windows 7, BUT, the Ultimate edition since I have an ISO, and a way to activate it, plus, it's the highest SKU of 7 available that comes with the home premium stuff as well as the educational and professional stuff. This is what I used on the HP, plus it helped me with a whole week of school work dedicated to Windows 7 (I'm not kidding. Week 4 focused on Windows 7, 5 on Windows 8.1, and 6 on Linux, namely Ubuntu) since I did not need to use the school-provided ISO in an insanely slow virtual machine.

Well, that sums that up. As I asked at the beginning, anyone still using Windows 7, whether it be on actual hardware or a virtual machine? Do you like it? What do you use it for?

P.S. If you are installing Windows 7 directly to a USB a la Windows ToGo with Hasleo WinToUSB on a computer that officially supports 7 as well as USB 3.0, do not install the 3.0 drivers after installing Windows 7. Upon reboot, the external HDD will not be "detected", and you'll have to reinstall due to a Blue Screen of Death 0x07b error.

Posted on 02-03-21 07:22 PM (rev. 2 of 02-03-21 07:23 PM) Link | #100014
I use windows xp as my main vm lol

Posted on 11-05-21 03:39 AM Link | #100682
I now use Windows Vista as my daily driver OS, although there is a copy of 7 installed alongside it if I need to do something Vista can't.

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