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Posted on 05-06-19 06:49 PM (rev. 10 of 08-05-22 10:52 AM) Link | #97674

Super Mario Gravity is a Super Mario Galaxy 2 mod featuring brand new galaxies. This mod will feature over 30 galaxies and will be playable legally on any homebrew-enabled Wii or Wii U console.


Planned Features:
- Over 30 brand new galaxies
- 7 worldmaps with 7 galaxies each
- A new story with a new spaceship
- New/edited Power-Ups
- New and remixed soundtracks
- Available in various languages

A brand new soundtrack composed by 3 talented musicians will be included in the mod.

Visit their YouTube channels for their work!
Trinkets' Toad Symphony
Linus Olsson Music

Demo Version:
The demo consist of a big galaxy with a lot of planets from various galaxies combined.
10 Stars can be collected!

Can be played legally on either Wii/Wii U with Riivolution or Dolphin (Iso Patcher included)
All information are in the ReadMe.

Check this video for more info about the Demo.

[thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail]

[thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail]
[thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail][thumbnail] [thumbnail] [thumbnail]

Posted on 05-07-19 05:17 AM Link | #97677
Wow this looks like it's going to be amazing! Sucks about the name but im sure you can think of something new.

Posted on 05-07-19 05:33 PM Link | #97678
Posted by TheGreatWaluigi
Wow this looks like it's going to be amazing! Sucks about the name but im sure you can think of something new.

Thanks you :), and i think i have the solution:

"Super Mario Gravity"

I think i'm really happy with this name ^^

(post deleted) #97679

Posted on 05-08-19 08:45 AM (rev. 2 of 05-09-19 09:38 AM) Link | #97684
This looks AMAZING keep it up!

Posted on 05-11-19 12:36 AM Link | #97699
Woah, the models are really cool, this hack looks very very epic, good job!!!

YouTube channel:


SMG2 Cosmic Clones Challenge:

SMG2 The New Green Stars:

Posted on 05-23-19 10:03 AM Link | #97745
Thanks for the feedback ^^

Here are some more pics:
[thumbnail] [thumbnail]

Posted on 05-23-19 04:43 PM (rev. 2 of 05-24-19 05:42 AM) Link | #97746
Juny doesn't exist. You mean ?

June (Juni)
July (Juli)

My passion are fan game and beta testing

Posted on 05-24-19 11:19 AM Link | #97748
Posted by TheCharizard31
Juny doesn't exist. You mean ?

June (Juni)
July (Juli)

Posted by Louiskovski
A trailer is coming soon in Juny ;D

Also sorry if my english isn't perfect :P, i'm german.

junio in german is June, so i think that's when.


Posted on 07-20-19 11:27 AM Link | #97936
Hey, sorry for my long absence! I wanted to upload a trailer last month, but i wasn't able to record anything on Dolphin without overheating my laptop :P

Anyway, the trailer is coming very soon!

Here are some more pics:
[thumbnail] [thumbnail]

Posted on 07-20-19 03:29 PM Link | #97937
Nice work, you should pin the to the OP. ;)

Netplay is a language we all speak.

Here’s my Discord. Kinda constructed now where we talk about whatever and lounge around on weekends.


Posted on 07-20-19 04:03 PM Link | #97939
These are really creative galaxy designs! Sieht ziemlich nice aus!

Posted on 07-20-19 05:06 PM Link | #97940
do you use blender or sketchup to model

Posted on 07-21-19 04:15 PM (rev. 2 of 07-21-19 04:15 PM) Link | #97943
Too. Your galaxies are très bien (means very good).

My passion are fan game and beta testing

Posted on 07-31-19 06:10 AM Link | #97966
This is looking insanely good !
I hope you will finish your hack one day and that it will become popular !

Posted on 08-16-19 03:45 PM Link | #98008
where is the trailer

Posted on 08-24-19 10:28 AM Link | #98032
Wow, these galaxies looks creative and impressive!

Posted on 09-06-19 12:30 PM Link | #98096
Alright, trailer is finished. I have just one question before i upload it:
I want to include a Disclaimer text like the Newer Team did with Newer Plus, so is this one ok?:

Start of video: "Disclaimer: I am not associated with Nintendo" (or is "affiliated" better?)
End of video: " I am not associated with Nintendo. Mario, Luigi, and other respective characters and franchises are property of Nintendo.
Super Mario Gravity is a hack created by fans with no profit in mind. Super Mario hacks (and mods) must neither be sold for profit nor obtained through any means of piracy whatsoever."

Also, how about that logo?:

Posted by mustafa
do you use blender or sketchup to model

I use usually Blender and sometimes for "blocky" models i use SketchUp. But in early days i used commonly SketchUp but i decided to learn Blender since it really has nice and time saving options.

Posted on 09-06-19 12:48 PM Link | #98097
affiliated sounds better, but yeah, otherwise, that text sounds good ^^


Posted on 09-06-19 05:13 PM Link | #98100
Alright! Then, here we go ;)
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