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04-25-24 10:19 AM

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Posted on 11-21-17 05:23 AM (rev. 3 of 12-05-17 12:14 AM) Link | #91245
hack name may be subject to change, as I don't have an official name and logo yet, lol

This is an NSMBW hack with smaller levels that must be completed in 120 seconds, while Tower and Castle levels will be completed in 240 seconds.

Some other things:
-no checkpoints in normal levels. Some castles/towers will have them.
-list of replaced levels in this hack:
all of world 1 (World 6 Cannon)
all of world 2 (World 6 Cannon)
3-Ghost (World 6 Cannon)
3-Tower is a placeholder.
all of world 6
7-1 and 6-Cannon are cannons to world 8.
all of world 8

have literally 1 leve close to done rn, no download now as I'm polishing the details

Things I need help with:
XML file - I know nothing about these
Logo - no artistic skill
Extra level designer/quality checker - Not entirely essential, but would really speed up things

stay tuned for changes to this thread. there'll be a lot.

Posted on 11-21-17 10:24 PM Link | #91285
Cool idea for a hack! Now some things I can help with:

XML File- I don't either but I found this youtube video and it helped me out alot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C656bGtqazA

Logo - I am "decent" at art but I like a nice challenge, so why not? Logo coming soon

I could test the levels on a Wii, but other than that I am just excited to see what comes out of this!

Posted on 11-21-17 11:04 PM (rev. 2 of 11-21-17 11:46 PM) Link | #91287
Posted by BeardedOranges
I could test the levels on a Wii

I forgot to ask about that, that would be pretty convenient. Thanks.

and if you want to make a logo, feel free to.

will check out the xml video, thanks for the post :)

edit: 1-1.. Still need to do a little decoration for the end of it, but overall, what do you guys think?

Posted on 11-22-17 08:41 PM Link | #91309
Want me to test on a PAL 4.3e Wii with Riivolution if you release any premade alphas/betas? :)

Posted on 11-22-17 08:44 PM Link | #91312
yeah, sure. I'd be fine with that.

also, I might as well quote this post from another board:
Posted by fiver
Posted by MayroSMM
Hearing the "hurry up" jingle 20 seconds in every time would surely get really tiresome unless it was removed. But I'm interested in how this'll look.
well, I'm actually not actually sure I'll keep the 120 second feature... I dunno if I'll be consistent enough with how long the levels last. Maybe 200 seconds for every single level, I dunno.

I'll see what I can do with the hurry up jingle.

Posted on 11-22-17 08:47 PM Link | #91316
cool, there's nothing more I can contribute to this because I am pretty shit at level design and anything creative tbh :(

but I could help improve by giving feedback I guess.

Posted on 11-22-17 08:49 PM Link | #91318
Posted by IceFairyAmy
but I could help improve by giving feedback I guess.

always appreciated, you can msg me on discord if you find stuff in levels I release that isn't great lol

Posted on 12-04-17 10:03 PM Link | #91683
The image links give a 404.

Posted on 12-05-17 12:14 AM Link | #91689
those screenshots have been fixed

Posted on 12-05-17 11:35 AM Link | #91704
If you still need help with testing I'd be happy to help. ?

Posted on 12-05-17 09:19 PM Link | #91721
I know how to do .XML files, if you still need that.



Posted on 12-13-17 10:58 PM (rev. 2 of 12-13-17 10:59 PM) Link | #92008
I completely forgot that I was making an image, so to not disappoint I just made a quick one in PowerPoint for you to use as a placeholder until an actual artist comes around. You don't have to use it.

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