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12-03-22 11:23 AM

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Posted on 10-23-17 11:01 PM (rev. 2 of 10-23-17 11:11 PM) Link | #90792

Code patcher for 3ds games


Magikoopa is a tool that compiles custom code for 3ds games and inserts it into code.bin files and also allows to insert hooks into the original code to the inserted code allowing for example replacing functions.

Because of memory segmentation it is not easy to add as much code to code.bin files as we want. To allow that we insert a small loader into the padding between the executable and data section that reprotects memory to our needs to mark perviously read-write only memory as executable.

Magikoopa features a nice UI that displays anthing that can go wrong during the compiling and inserting steps. It even allows you to jump directly to issues in code/hooks my clicking on the issues displayed in the UI.

Source Code: https://github.com/RicBent/Magikoopa

I will add better explaination how to use the tool and add builds when I make a bit more progress on it.

You can also find examples working with NSMB2 here: https://github.com/RicBent/Magikoopa-NSMB2-Examples
(The memory offsets in the example are based on the US Gold Edition)

GitHub - YouTube - NSMBHD

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Main - NSMB2 hacking - Magikoopa -- Code patcher for 3ds games Hide post layouts | New reply

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