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Posted on 07-05-17 07:43 PM Link | #84349
SM64DSe R104 v2.3.5 2017/07/05

- Fix issue whereby saving a level caused it to become corrupt for non-European ROM's
- Fix issue whereby adding a new collision type within the KCL editor would cause an index-out-of-bounds exception

Download in SM64DSe Git repo and last download thread.

Posted on 07-20-17 04:20 AM Link | #84848
Might want to fix the mouse wheel glitch... Using the mouse wheel on an object will not work properly.

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Posted on 08-01-17 03:54 AM (rev. 2 of 08-01-17 03:55 AM) Link | #85434
A cool feature would be placing coin lines. Since coins are usually .15 apart, would it be possible to generate a coin line from a coin object? It's a pain to place them.

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Posted on 08-13-17 03:39 PM (rev. 8 of 08-20-17 04:27 PM) Link | #86174
I've found two bugs:
* Using the scroll wheel to move objects closer/farther doesn't work [affects r100 up to the current version (r104)]
* clicking on blank space in the search window causes a non-fatal error (e.g. while searching for "1-Up") [affects many versions (I don't remember a version when it didn't happen)]

Also, two requests
* Support for the Korean and Chinese ROMs.

Posted on 08-15-17 03:38 PM Link | #86467
Having the Entrances Parameter 4 be simpler. The user can input the ViewID, the AreaID, and the Mode and have it create the hex automatically. Adding mibs' type 14 object in the game (star cameras). IDK what the sound editor is, or whatever, but it seems like something useful to be added.

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Posted on 03-24-18 09:38 PM Link | #93785
Q: how do you run SM64DSe?
The latest version isn't an exe, so it's just a bunch of files.
Some people know how to run it. I don't. So, how is it run?



Posted on 03-24-18 09:55 PM Link | #93786
The exe appears to be in SM64DSe\bin\Release as always

Posted on 04-05-18 04:05 AM Link | #93960
Is it just me, or does SM64DSe cause it to freeze on trying to load the "Dire Dire Docks" level?

Using EUR ROM and latest SM64DSe off github (R104). Completely clean ROM - no changes other than opening with SM64DSe. Tried with both an old save and new game. Freezes whether entering via map select or through the castle normally...


- ASM resource for customising behaviour of player/objects/levels
- NSMBe with direct overwrite feature

Posted on 04-28-18 03:42 PM (rev. 2 of 04-28-18 03:43 PM) Link | #94200
SM64DSe R105 v2.4.0 2017/08/28

- Merge many level editor improvements by juhape64
- Fix bug whereby texture animation material names were not 4 byte aligned causing some levels to crash when loaded by SM64DS

Download in SM64DSe Git repo and last download thread.

Posted on 05-17-18 09:55 PM Link | #94350
SM64DSe R106 v2.4.1 2018/05/17

- Fix bug where the raw parameter editor was updating the wrong object parameters

Download in SM64DSe Git repo and last download thread.

hack mario 64
Posted on 05-30-18 10:43 AM Link | #94486
(jap) error
An error occured while patching your ROM.
No changes have been made to your ROM.
Try using a different ROM. If the error persists, report it to Mega-Mario, with the details below:

場所 SM64DSe.NitroROM.Patch() 場所 C:\Users\Fiachra\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\SM64DSe Mono\SM64DSe\NitroROM_patch.cs:行 710
場所 SM64DSe.MainForm.LoadROM(String filename) 場所 C:\Users\Fiachra\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\SM64DSe Mono\SM64DSe\MainForm.cs:行 103

Posted on 06-08-18 12:35 PM (rev. 2 of 06-09-18 10:35 AM) Link | #94582

Posted on 07-16-18 01:59 PM Link | #95104
Wasn't there once an option to move all objects in a level? I can't find it.

Posted on 06-23-20 05:31 PM Link | #99241
I found some errors. Whenever I try to create a texture animation, I either get an error or it crashes.

Also, Importing an xml also gives an error.
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