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05-25-22 07:47 PM

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Posted on 08-03-17 06:02 PM Link | #85622

I have been typing on an crappy apple keyboard since the end of 2015. Typing on it has been bad since I got it. The keeys feel very mushy and give no real feedback at all. As for the two USB slots in the stands: While the idea is nice and it looks very slick, the area for them is far too small wich causes any non slim devices to fail connecting. Adding to that the current that can go through the keyboard is far too samll. It isn't even able to power 2 of my 3 sd card readers.

So I want to get a new, mechanical one. I have absolutly no experience with mechanical keyboards I'd rather ask you about what kind of keyboard fit's me best. Today I have been trying out different keyboards in a tech store to see which switches I like. My favourites were the Cherry MX Blue ones followed by the Razer Green ones (I guess they are clones of them anyways?). These especially felt great for regual typing, which would be the main use for the keyboard. Well I am fine with any switches simmilar to these in other words I want them to be tactile and clicky.
Background lighting would be cool but not totally needed. Additionally an USB port would be nice for fast inserting of random devices, again not absolutely needed but cool.
As for the layot I am fine with full and tenkeyless keyboards. I don't get along with even compacter keyboards. Also I'd probably go with an amarican layout because they are far better for coding, mainly because of the placement of the semicolon and braces keys and the special german chars are easily reproducable on these ones anyways.

I am totally unsure what keaboard to buy tho. They range from 30€ all up to 300€.
It would be great if you could explain me why some of them are far more expansive and why I should or should not simply go with one of the cheaper ones.

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Posted on 08-03-17 09:19 PM Link | #85635
Mac keyboard suck. I feel the pain of typing in those gunky things.

My brother uses a Razer 2013 Black Widow ultimate and I really like the tactile feel of the keyboard. It's a gaming keyboard though. My only issue is that I often mistype Q instead of W especially while playing games but the noise sounds so good. It also glows green in the dark, which is cool. This is probably the most tactile and clicky keyboard I've used. It doesn't seem to have extra USB slots on the side, though, but it does have mic and headphone slots, which is nice.

My computer also uses that keyboard with the split thing in the middle. It's a Microsoft Natural Multimedia keyboard. It's a little old, but it works and the tactile quality is similar to standard keyboards. IDK it's an interesting look to me.

Posted on 08-03-17 09:45 PM Link | #85641

Another thing bad about the apple keyboard is how it behaves under linux and windows. You only get it working properly with some hacks. ArchWiki has a very good entry for it (like for anything else) but it still sucks.

And yeah, I tested a Black Widow in the store today. Typing felt pretty nice. Tho there are no official drivers for Razer products for Linux. Configuring my Razer mouse in Linux was quite a pain.

And still I don't quite get what causes these hefty price differences.

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Posted on 08-03-17 09:49 PM (rev. 2 of 08-03-17 09:50 PM) Link | #85642
I think it's the design that went into it. I'm sure the keyboard's engineered to have the best kind of feedback and even noise design to make the sound as it is. It's one of those keyboards where I type for the sake of typing because it sounds nice to type. I think a bit of care went into the product, and the plastic quality feels nice to me. I also think the light-up keyboard accounted for a bit of that price too.

Posted on 08-03-17 10:25 PM Link | #85645

I don't think that you pay that much for a Razer keyboard because of development costs. It may be true that these costs are not too small but considering how many keyboards Razer sells these cannot be a that high factor.

For Razer I rather have the feeling that you pay for the brand instead of an ultimate product kinda like how things go with Apple.

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Posted on 08-04-17 05:10 AM Link | #85680
Even despite being a programmer and typing a lot, I'm not really picky when it comes to keyboards. I'm using a pretty simple USB wired keyboard, I've had no problems with it (Plus there's really no drivers or anything to deal with.).

My mouse, on the other hand, is an actual Logitech gaming mouse. Although the software for configuring it doesn't work on Linux, I noticed that the configurations I made on Windows are persisting on Linux, which is nice.

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Posted on 08-04-17 07:50 AM Link | #85683
I've been using a razr blackwidow ultimate on linux with little to no issues for the past year or so, the open source drivers for it work really well. Even without official drivers I'd reccomend a black window ultimate since the it's is just a really nice and formidable keyboard.

Though honestly I wouldn't put razr on the same level as apple in terms of paying for the brand over paying for a device. While they do cost a tad bit more than some other mechanical keyboards, which will be expensive in general regardless of what you get, they do feel and work fairly well as well as not really damaging easily (I have a slightly broken keyboard rack on my desk that falls off from time to time and my keyboard is still in good shape). Contrast this to apple where you get keyboards, mouses, phones, you name it, that are pretty fragile and frail. Overall, while razr's keyboards cost a bit more, I think its worth it seeing as they are pretty good quality.

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Posted on 08-04-17 08:47 AM Link | #85686
Make sure you don't annoy anyone with your Cherry MX Blues. They're loud and very annoying to other people. Never use them in a working environment unless you want everyone to hate you.

If you want to keep other people's sanity, get Browns.


Posted on 08-04-17 12:20 PM Link | #85687
Cherry MX Blues are the best. Yes, they can be annoying to people, but they're just so satisfying to type on. I've used a K70 Lux for a year now, and it's probably my favorite keyboard I've ever used.

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Posted on 08-04-17 05:19 PM Link | #85695

Best mechanical keyboard of all time (IBM Model M) :>
Of course, if it's for personal use, since mechanical keyboards are really loud, but the keys on one of unicomps models are the best I've ever felt typing.

[image] [image]

Posted on 08-04-17 06:08 PM Link | #85697
Wow, I never understood how people preferred mechanical keyboards. To me they feel wonky and I do typos every two words. I prefer ultra-flat keyboards like laptop/Mac ones :P

Posted on 08-05-17 04:34 PM (rev. 2 of 08-05-17 04:34 PM) Link | #85750
I never had the occasion to try a mechanical keyboard. But, to give you an idea:

* regular desktop keyboard: :UP:
I type well and all, and given the French keyboard layout, the numpad is handy

* laptop-style, flat keyboard: :DOWN:
I keep missing keypresses. argl. probably not enough key height or feedback or whatever.

* Sun keyboard w/ oversized space bar: :DOWN:
That one occured at engschool and kept tripping me whenever I wanted to use Alt-Gr.

* Touchscreen keyboard: :DOWN: :DOWN: :DOWN: :DOWN: :DOWN: :DOWN:
Tried typing on my tablet as if it was a keyboard. The lack of physical feedback or limit between keys is unsettling.

So, basically: physical buttons are good. Get your keys as physical as possible.

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Posted on 08-05-17 11:28 PM (rev. 2 of 08-06-17 07:14 PM) Link | #85764
Mechanical Normal keyboards are nice, but they can make a lot of noise if you don't buy the right ones. Only a problem if you're awake when everyone else is sleeping and need to keep quiet.

Laptop-like keyboards wouldn't be that bad for me honestly, well, as long as the keys are not incredibly compressed together, which unfortunately is almost always the case.

EDIT: Excuse me, I apparently don't know keyboards very well.
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Posted on 08-29-17 12:40 AM Link | #87356
You could get a typewriter if you want to take "physical" to the extreme.

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Posted on 08-29-17 01:28 AM Link | #87360
I just got a Cherry MX Brown switch keyboard. It is easy to use, but it makes quite a bit of noise...

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