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05-06-21 09:11 PM

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Posted on 07-22-16 10:01 PM (rev. 4 of 07-22-16 10:12 PM) Link | #74418
So I found some really interesting values that pertain to these specific HUD elements: the players head on the bottom screen, the camera buttons, the lives icon of the player, and the star. Here are some things I messed around with and found:

020219D4: mov r2, r14 (change to offset star icon, player head, camera buttons, and lives icon)
020219C0 mov r12,#0x0 (rotates hud with a nop, rotation)
020219BC: nop extends 1 pixel of the hud (like a projected texture in sketchup)
020219B0: scale, change this to set the scale of the HUD
020219A8: palette?

this is when I was messing around with the scaling value

rotated in this image

projected with a nop on 020219BC

palette edited

This was just some interesting information I though I would share. The HUD is loaded at 020219E4.

*quietly whispers*
move r0 r7
push r4 to r14
load register r4 into r0

Main - General SM64DS hacking - Specific HUD Settings New reply

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