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06-16-24 10:23 PM

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Lemmy R4 Player
Posted on 11-14-20 03:04 AM Link | #99842
Its ok , At least you knew too.

Lemmy Koopa number 1,Gaming number 1.;)

Posted on 10-22-22 07:29 PM Link | #100908
please actually finish this rom hack i really want to play super mario galaxy without having to get a dsi and put homebrew on it thank you from kejjywejjy

Posted on 05-26-23 06:40 AM Link | #101240
Posted by Resilixia

I know this is something like the 4th attempt at doing this dream game if I'll not get bodied like I have on orimagi64 it may end somewhere, well now about what I'm doing and what I've done so far :
Imported a test level of E3 EggHome Planet left in Mario Galaxy code and minimap, Retextured Bowser to fit more like he was in Galaxy (no flat texture more fancy), also textured manta to replace shell in the future as manta surf, imported custom anim (very recent) climb ; spin/spin jump ; slow walk, some skybox textures redone and reimported, failed title screen attempts as well as failed Observatory attempts... However not giving up yet.
I'm solo on this atm

[vidme]https://vid.me/Ut89[/vidme][vidme]https://vid.me/Fr4r[/vidme]credits goes to pacmainia&luigi[image]

Of course I have a "to do" list... I'll share some of it now, ordered by what I think I'm able to do and what not :
-Water texture
-Uv texture Lumas (I have low poly model and texture ready)
-Same for Rosalina (I'll post both when observatory is fully done) *note model finished
-Edit Bunny to become star bunnies
-Captain Toad
-repair Title screen
-HUD (life bar change)
-Start the game as Mario not via cap or boss key
-Yoshi head on title screen to Luigi's
-Feather power up = Red star (require ASM hack to be able to stop in mid-air and stop speed decrease)
-No fall damage
-MUSICS... (In progress)
→ PablosCorner ; lezg_g ; GamesWithIsaac* they're awesome 2 B honest
-And levels... pretty much all of them at this point

I've done my best so far yet I'm a bit stuck right now with the Obervatory please be patient with me, I've got ideas to make this possible someday soon, hopefully if I don't get blocked too long. (I don't mind giving the shitty build I came up with for you to have a try at avoiding falling throught the map, use Start+Select+L+R simultaneously to go back to level selection, this debug tool will not appear in final release OH and don't go to Castle G1 no need you'll see why : https://ufile.io/7d213

Also need R4 testers *(YtEge ; FireMario74 ; EpicMario50)
Check out Sparsite Cloud Mario ASM ! Looks dope : http://orimagi64.net/showthread.php?tid=446 I made the cloud hat for him

"vid.me" URLs are pegi18 websites. Why do you put these links ?
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Main - SM64DS hacks - Super Mario Galaxy DS Hide post layouts | New reply

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