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05-06-21 01:08 PM

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Posted on 12-09-12 06:34 PM (rev. 2 of 12-09-12 06:34 PM) Link | #1685
Hello everyone,

I have been very busy with school and have not been able to work on designing as much as I would like. Now its thanksgiving break though so I have a lot of time to work on designs, and I have some progress on RHP for you all. (if you use the irc a lot you may have seen some of these pictures)


This is a target planet. On the previous planet Mario gets launched onto this from the small ramp.


After the target planet Mario lands on these ramps, he must travel down them to continue.


After the second ramp Mario then goes to a third twisty ramp and then to a curved platform.


After the curved ramp Mario goes into a fall (more to be added later, I just need to figure out how to do the model in blender) then to a ramp with a barrier at the bottom and then into the curved pipe.

Thanks as always for taking time to look at my design, leave any comments or ideas you have to improve it. Also if you come on the irc you can get a code to watch me live-stream making models (and making posts :P)

Although the pictures are removed, I will make sure cosmo reuploads them.


Posted on 01-06-13 04:02 PM Link | #4225
Hmm, IDK, is there any chance you could post any screenshots in-game or in anarchy for the first planet? It would give us some idea of it so far.c

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Main - SMG2.5 - World 7 - [Rolling Halfpipe Galaxy] Rolling Halfpipe Galaxy Concept Art New reply

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