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07-21-24 02:21 AM

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Posted on 08-15-15 10:38 AM (rev. 7 of 02-20-16 10:51 AM) Link | #63213

Importing a Custom Level Model:



Modify Character Models:

Images, icons, fonts etc.:


ASM Hacking:


Posted on 08-15-15 11:26 AM Link | #63218
Thanks for putting everything together.

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Posted on 08-15-15 01:41 PM Link | #63219
Thank you so much for this! Exactly the right timing!


Posted on 08-15-15 05:14 PM Link | #63229
This is going to be great for newcomers, well done mate!

Posted on 08-16-15 09:36 AM Link | #63252
This is gonna come in handy, thanks Fiachra!


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Posted on 11-06-15 02:02 AM Link | #65469
Is the download virus scanned? cause hell no im not resetting my PC again and i dont got time 2 backup files

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Posted on 11-06-15 02:04 AM Link | #65470
what download

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Posted on 11-06-15 02:20 AM Link | #65477
Posted by MarioPro517
Is the download virus scanned?

If you're referring to SM64DSe, then no, it is not a virus.

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Posted on 11-06-15 02:34 AM Link | #65478
k thx

New Hacker, barely know anything about how i do hack.

Posted on 07-08-17 08:28 AM Link | #84406
Some useful tips from Skelux on his forum regarding darkened material colors (specular colors?):

Posted by Skelux
Posted by Sparsite
Does anyone know why my stage looks a lot darker when imported?

That's because Sketchup exports screwy specular colors to the mtl, you can use this regular expression to fix them: ^Kd.*$
And replace with "Kd 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000".

Although, you're better off just importing it into Blender and then exporting to dae from there.

I couldn't find anything on how to do adjust the colors in the Sketchup GUI.

Posted on 07-08-17 09:42 AM Link | #84408
"Kd" is the diffuse colour though, setting it to "0 0 0" will make the material black. "Ks" is the specular colour.

Material colours is something you can now change in the model importer/editor but obviously this won't be practical for models with lots of materials.

Main - General SM64DS hacking - [Tutorial] Getting Started Hide post layouts | New reply

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