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12-07-21 01:43 PM

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Posted on 06-04-15 03:07 AM (rev. 2 of 06-04-15 03:08 AM) Link | #60590
I'm on summer break. Since I have some free time and need to practice my 3D modeling for school anyway, how about we revive that One World SMG2.5 hack? That is, if anyone's still here.

Edit: Or alternatively simply making a Super Mario 64 remake in SMG2. Sounds like a ton of fun to me, I'd love to reimagine the SM64 worlds with better graphics, and I'm sure people would get a kick out of it.

Posted on 06-04-15 03:10 AM Link | #60591
I haven't been part of SMG2.5 since the first iteration died in late 2013. Never did join the One World hack because I wasn't too interested anyway. You see, SMG hacking is pretty much dead right now, as depressing as that sounds. :/

Meanwhile, there's Super Mario Sunshine hacking slowly on the rise and a potential Super Mario 3D World hacking scene potentially brewing up.

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Posted on 06-04-15 03:13 AM Link | #60592
Trust me, it was even more dead before I started SMG2.5 ;)

Posted on 06-04-15 05:19 AM Link | #60594
Sure, Im for it I haven't done much for a while and Im ready to start getting back into it.

Remember, every user has to start out somewhere,- Every time I look back at my old posts, I cringe.

Posted on 06-04-15 05:33 AM Link | #60595
Your wood block galaxy should be in it if we make the one world SMG2.5. It's already textured and designed, all it needs is vertex shading and object placement in anarchy.

Posted on 06-04-15 07:18 AM Link | #60598
Hmm, maybe I can help if I find some time.

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Posted on 06-04-15 08:48 AM Link | #60606
Dammit again
> its death
> thus we cannot work on it

anyway, I could help with modelling but I need designs. Otherwise I cannot do much, however I invented a way to design better models with blender. but still a drawing wouldn't be luxery. (I also got that one flower planet which is eating dust right now)

Posted on 06-04-15 09:36 AM (rev. 2 of 06-04-15 12:47 PM) Link | #60607
I am in support of reviving it.

I seem to have spontaneously become interested in music. Maybe I'll try that...

Can you burn a Luigi board?

Posted on 06-04-15 10:21 AM (rev. 2 of 06-04-15 10:38 AM) Link | #60609
I'll do it, sure.
I guess it's time to shake the dust off of my disc...but one thing. Can this hack please go on the 2.5 channel to be more popular

Oh, and have fun with water if that happens. Water is the biggest bitch anybody would imagine.


Posted on 06-04-15 11:39 AM Link | #60614
There needs to be posted more to that channel indeed. I'll see what I can do when my vacations start.


Posted on 06-04-15 12:20 PM Link | #60618
I haven't done anything with SMG the last 2 months, but I think I should go back to SMG hacking. I hope I haven't forgot anything about SMG hacking while being inactive. Anyway what can I help with if I'm not good with making music, modelling and cameras? I mean, is there anything I can do?

Posted on 06-04-15 12:28 PM Link | #60619
I'll do it as well. One problem though, I've been doing a lot of high poly renders and projects in Blender recently so it will be a bit difficult to go back to hacking SMG.

I'd much rather return to the One World hack than do a SM64 remake, just because originality is fun. I'll try to evaluate everything that went wrong with the last One World Hack attempt so we can fix it. Assuming we've got you the whole way through Glem, I think we'd be able to get more of it done.

Although this might just kill us instead of helping us, we definitely should get water working, just assigning one person to do that while the rest of us model/texture should allow us to get that feature.

Also reiterating what others have said, we need this to go on the original 2.5 channel. More publicity is always good.

Right now, assuming we get everyone. I think everyone could work on their own galaxy for this hack. For modelers we've got me, Stomatol, PaperplateismGuy, Glem3, and Jesse. Given that Sky High is already done??? that leaves a galaxy for each of us to do. Also responding to Jesse I can whip up a quick design for you to model if we decide to go through with this.

Long live the new Kuribo64

Posted on 06-04-15 12:44 PM Link | #60620
Uhm... I... would help too. It's sad that there isn't any finished SMG hack in this world and I think, before other hacks like NMG or SMGPM could be finished, a good acces like this may be a nice motivation for other people to hack this game. The community would become bigger and bigger... so why not?

Posted on 06-04-15 12:58 PM Link | #60621
Sky High star 2 was never finished -- the 1st and 3rd were.

Also I'm all for originality.


Posted on 06-04-15 02:01 PM Link | #60625
What happened to your Blender tutorials cosmological? They would help people like me a lot. And more people would know how to use Blender and SMG2.5 can hopefully get new modellers.

Posted on 06-04-15 03:02 PM Link | #60630
I think it's better if we define a timeline in which 2.5 has to be finished.

Posted on 06-04-15 04:03 PM Link | #60633
It's fine to have goals but having deadlines have never really worked for us. What I want right now is a list of what we have completed and what we still need to do, and then a list of who will do what.

Posted on 06-04-15 04:04 PM Link | #60635
The only real thing almost done is Sky High. I have to do the 2nd star and all that, but it's probably getting a redesign.


Posted on 06-04-15 05:45 PM (rev. 2 of 06-04-15 05:46 PM) Link | #60646
We've still got that google doc with all the files and the progress chart. Her'e's how it looks now:

Green is finished, yellow is in progress (or it was..) and red is no progress


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Posted on 06-04-15 06:04 PM Link | #60649
For that chart, I'm not sure if we should keep everything we did on that. I know some of those levels ended up discouraging me which led to the demise of the One World Galaxy Hack.

Personally Coastline isn't all that special and could be replaced with the really cool desert level that Stomatol has some old progress on.

Also Solar Coaster seems really short to me and way too complex gravity wise. I think I'd like to replace it with a new Yoshi based galaxy, castle themed.

Sky High Star 2 will be redesigned, by myself, to have a 2D rocket interior which Jesse will model and texture for us. This will allow for camera angles that work and still have the rocket interior.

Whitehot can stay or it can go. I personally like it and it is so close to being done that I say we just keep it.

Toxic Terror is sort of on the fence for me. It has the really nice model that Stomatol made, but that's about it. Also we can decide whether it stays or goes.

This is just my opinion. Nothing is final of course. This all depends on who wants to model what and what they think will allow them to be most excited, which usually translates to faster progress.

Long live the new Kuribo64
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