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05-18-21 07:36 PM

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Posted on 04-22-15 03:15 PM (rev. 3 of 04-22-15 03:19 PM) Link | #59157
So I just got into this, and so far, it's been great, the only concern I have is that I can only open the files that end with this "-", for example:
Can't open "c_mario"
Can open "c_mario-"
I don't know what it is keeping me from accessing the first one; I just want to create a mod with Luigi and his partners, instead of Mario and his partners. I did manage to do this though.

Posted on 04-22-15 03:38 PM Link | #59159
I've been looking into ttyd recently for fun and as a learning exercise for working with model formats (something i've wanted to learn), and ive already found out a few things. The c_mario- is textures and the file without the - is the model itself. I've actually managed to inject textures manually via hex during one of my little tests http://puu.sh/hiFBB/0a173bbc91.jpg its hard to make out, (mostly because the models use imbedded tga's that might be compressed but I cant exactly be sure yet) but the image I inserted was this one http://puu.sh/gxYFl/728d4495e3.png don't ask why, I just happened to have it :P Anyway, im not even close to finishing any type of documentation or anything about the ttyd model format (I just started working on this about 3 days ago, and even then school work has held me up a bit) so it'll take a while before anything major is found out. hope this was at least interesting to read or something. I still suck at ending posts.

Hacking LM and trying to not suck. Weeeeeeee.

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Paper Mario TTYD Modding New reply

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