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Posted on 10-28-14 05:19 PM (rev. 5 of 03-01-15 07:21 PM) Link | #50388

Galaxy Graphics
✱ GalaxyInfoTexture: Contains all galaxy banners seen in the top left corner on the World Map.
✱ ScenarioSelectSky: The sky seen at the Star Select.

Galaxy Object Information
✱ PlanetMapDataTable: Enhanced ProductMapObjDataTable with many flags like Low or Water.

NPC Files
✱ NPCData: Has all the information about items NPCs are holding. PenguinRacerItem & PenguinRacerItemLeader are unused.
✱ SystemDataTable: Contains information about World Map order, Heap stuff, Starship NPCs and more. I don't know if it is used.

Wii Data
✱ SaveIconBanner: Contains the two images that are used on the save game menu.
✱ MiiFaceDatabase: Contains a DAT file.

✱ AllCompleteImage: 100% Wii Message photo(?)
✱ AstroNamePlateData: Contains the coordinates and everything for the text boxes that appear if you step on the Name Plates on the Comet Observatory.
✱ LightData: Contains the light information for every zone in the game. This also has a lot of beta content.

Galaxy Object Information
✱ ProductMapObjDataTable: Simple PlanetMapDataTable with Model & Class name.

Wii Menu Files
✱ WiiMessageImage: Has the two images that will be posted on Wii Message board (BIN format).

Prologue Files
✱ PeachPrologueSky: The background used for the Prologue message.
✱ PeachShootingStar: The shooting start bits used for the Prologue message.

File Select Files
✱ FileSelectDataKinopio: Toad
✱ FileSelectDataLuigi: Luigi
✱ FileSelectDataMario: Mario
✱ FileSelectDataPeach: Peach
✱ FileSelectDataPlanet: Planet
✱ FileSelectDataRosetta: Rosalina
✱ FileSelectDataTico: Luma
✱ FileSelectDataYoshi: Yoshi

System Data
✱ SystemDataTable: Contains information about galaxies (heap size, grand stars, comet order, Starship objects, World Maps, ...)

World Map Data
✱ WorldMapCamera: Contains the information about the world map camera (ActorInfo/cameraparam.bcam).
✱ WorldMap0X: Starts at 1 and ends at 8. Contains everything about the corresponding World Map (Routes, Galaxies, Points, Objects, etc.)

World Map Models
✱ MiniatureGalaxySelect: The effect seen around the Mini Galaxy Icon.
✱ MiniComet: ?
✱ MiniGalaxyBackEffect01: ?
✱ MiniGalaxyShadow: The shadow beneath the Mini Galaxy Icon.
✱ MiniGreenComet: ?
✱ MiniPlayerRocket: Mini Starship Mario.
✱ MiniRouteLine: The route line.
✱ MiniRouteLineShadow: ⇑ Shadow.
✱ MiniRoutePoint: The route point.
✱ MiniRoutePointShadow: ⇑ Shadow.
✱ MiniStarCheckPoint: Star Gate.
✱ MiniStarCheckPointMark: Star Gate unlocked.
✱ MiniStarPieceMine: Starbit Cluster.
✱ MiniTicoMaster: Hungry Luma.
✱ MiniTicoMasterMark: ⇑ Fed.
✱ MiniWorldWarpPoint: Portal.

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Posted on 10-28-14 05:45 PM Link | #50389
You forgot ProductMapObjDataTable and PlanetMapDataTable.

Posted on 10-28-14 06:21 PM Link | #50394
Posted by Rainbow Mario
You forgot ProductMapObjDataTable and PlanetMapDataTable.

...or perhaps he implied them.

Posted on 10-28-14 06:37 PM Link | #50395

Posted on 10-28-14 06:52 PM Link | #50396
You could turn down the caps lock a bit https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/content_link/fy4ICRszUZWLZ185KBwu0G5GJS0Makq0EgMHll2Oe3D00S2G8NrDgAqtAmfVVy9J?dl=1

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Posted on 10-28-14 06:53 PM Link | #50397

Posted on 10-28-14 06:58 PM (rev. 2 of 10-28-14 06:59 PM) Link | #50398
first pic was https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrv45v8vujmvgl9/2014-10-28%2012.50.46.png?dl=0
and it's better now, thx https://www.dropbox.com/s/v13uxnneccz704k/2014-10-28%2012.57.35.png?dl=0
Gotta support mobile :P
Back on topic: looks good, not very useful on it's own but the more information out there the better.

"I hate playing musical chats" ~ Quote of the month

Posted on 10-28-14 07:47 PM Link | #50399
It's a nice list, but it fits a lot more to be on the Wiki, IMO.


Posted on 10-28-14 08:24 PM Link | #50401
It was going to be there first, but I wasn't sure.

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Posted on 01-05-15 08:02 PM Link | #53938

Posted on 01-05-15 10:17 PM Link | #53947
WorldMapCamera might be useful for creating vertical world maps. Can the camera editor edit that format?
Status: It was really, really fun, guys - thanks for the ride!

Posted on 01-05-15 10:53 PM Link | #53956
e: Event (Star checkpoint: not enough Star)
e: World News camera (World 1 first play)
e: close (Galaxy)
e: close (Home)
e: close (boss Lv1)
e: close (boss Lv2)
e: close (boss Lv3)
e: close (Rutochiko)
e: rush (Home)
e: withdrawal end (Home)
e: withdrawal end S (Home)
e: withdrawal start (home)
e: weight
e: area (-1) [right]
e: area (-1) [Left]
e: area (00)
e: area (00) [right]
e: area (00) [Left] (keeps going, no need to post all of them)
Also, some new camera fields:


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