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06-16-21 10:46 AM

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Posted on 08-04-14 04:39 PM Link | #45452
(Name of the hack is obviously not final, since it doesn't makes sense, but hey, im bad at naming hacks :P )

Figured id share it here too.

This is a hack of Super Mario Kart I have been working on the past month after picking up my past dead SMK hack of 2010.

New content include:
-Brand new themes: all themes (minus rainbow road) will be replaced.
-24 new tracks: All tracks will be changed, including the 4 battle tracks.
-New graphics: to suit with the new themes. BGs, some road tiles and palettes will be changed to accommodate the new themes. Im also planning to edit the menu, podium, title screen,icon etc. graphics.

Current Progress:
-All new themes have been decided.
3 new themes are complete.

5 themes have already their main road palette and extra road tiles changed; just missing the new BG.

-Completed tracks
Mushroom cup - 5/5
Flower cup - 3/5
Star cup - 3/5
Special cup 4/5
Battle tracks - 4/4

Total - 19/24

Sparkle Oasis 1
Raceway 1 (outdated, see pics for current version)
Jungle Ruins 1
Evening Isles 1


I will try to keep you updated with new videos and screens.

P.S.: Does anyone knows how to hunt specific GFX tiles that are loaded in the game? Theres this annoying tile when playing the game that blocks 3 pixels from the BG, which I was told it was a tile, and would be nice to know where it is. See this image, which disables BG2 in the emulator, and disables that line http://i.imgur.com/wqRBSbt.png

[image] [image]

Posted on 08-04-14 04:46 PM Link | #45454
Wow, you're pretty far into this already. It looks really good, I'll play the wheels out of this one when it's finished.

Aren't lemons just adorable?

Posted on 08-05-14 12:48 AM Link | #45477
I thought you scrapped Jungle Ruins :o

Anyway, like I said before, those screenshots look really good :D


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[04/15/2018]gridatttack: and they are 14yrs old

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Posted on 09-07-14 01:13 AM (rev. 2 of 09-07-14 01:19 AM) Link | #47894
Posted by Lemonjuice
Wow, you're pretty far into this already. It looks really good, I'll play the wheels out of this one when it's finished.

Thanks :) I'll try to finish it ASAP.

Anyway, Kuribo64 exclusive image (for now)

I made the 2nd desert track. Im now done with all 3.


Based on my first full fledged donut plains track.

I modded it so it actually becomes raceable. This might perhaps be the only track that seems s different in style with the others.

[image] [image]

Posted on 11-27-14 04:30 AM Link | #51852
Are you still working on this?? It's looking great so far, can't wait to try it out if there will be a download available some day. :)

Posted on 11-27-14 10:13 AM Link | #51858
Interesting. Screenshots look very good.

My unfinished forum:

Posted on 02-17-15 03:18 PM Link | #56334
Cool! Your SMK-Hack looks very good! When you need any help with SMK-Hacking, question me! I know all about Super Mario Kart!

Posted on 02-13-19 01:48 AM (rev. 2 of 02-13-19 01:54 AM) Link | #97215
Ok, so it's been far, far too long since I started this, but this time I'm determined to finish it. (Lol almost a 4 year bump)

To give you guys context, I actually lost inspiration because I had like 4 tracks left to do and 2 themes to finish properly: the ghost valley and choco island one.

So for an update, I got inspiration to finally finish and settle for the choco island replacement theme.

Here's a sneak peek with how the theme is shaping up:

Name of the theme is Sunrise Ridge. (Huge inspiration from Celeste's level 4 theme)
I'm finishing on the BG, and then I will add more road GFX and change the repeating tile to be a cloud graphics, as well as re tile the track with the new tiles and decoration.

Also, never posted the video here, but here's the theme that replaces Vanilla Lake:
New video of my SMK hack:

based the theme around Oriental stuff, specifically those mountainous regions where rice is grown on paddies.

The tileset is an import with some tweaks of the donut plains theme as it appears in super circuit.

[image] [image]

Posted on 02-13-19 02:44 AM Link | #97216
Looks really slick. I hope you find some time and interest to wrap up the project. I'm excited to try it.


Posted on 02-23-19 10:04 PM Link | #97273
Posted by Anthe
Looks really slick. I hope you find some time and interest to wrap up the project. I'm excited to try it.

Thanks! Always nice to hear feedback like this! Can't wait to finish the themes.

Speaking of themes, I'm close to finish Sunrise Ridge. I'm just missing the front BG pink and purple mountains GFX and then I'll be able to start laying it out with the clouds.


You can see the now outer tile is clouds, and the pink and purple tiles are more of a rock formation, so now there's more to see, instead of the purple offroad GFX.

I know the track might look weird with the colored blocks, but keep in mind this was an already existing track. However, the second choco island type track isn't made yet, so I'll be able to make it more interesting.

Also I'm thinking to ditch mario circuit 4 and replace it with either a vanilla lake (Rice Terrace) theme or this new choco island one.

[image] [image]

Posted on 03-12-19 12:16 AM Link | #97417
Ok, new theme is done:

Liked how it turned out!

Also, for more progress, I'm working on the second track (potential second to last track) which is on this same theme.

Let's have a K64 exclusive sneak peek, shall we?

This is how the first battle track which uses the theme turned out.

Fun fact, it's asymmetrical because this was the first custom battle track I ever made, which might look rough around the edges. It used to be more... empty? Used the new tileset and decorations to spruce it up.

[image] [image]

Posted on 03-12-19 07:13 AM Link | #97422
Looks incredibly good :)

If my dad decides to port forward me and Thierry may try netplaying your hack :D
Also does this would require a no-intro or GoodSNES ROM? just wondering (I know where to get them)

Posted on 03-01-20 08:38 PM Link | #98762
I made another video of another track I had completed:

It's the second track of the special cup.

Also I think I have settled on the name. While it may sound similar to an already existing "Deluxe" hack (which is nothing special BTW), I'll go with it. However I might actually change the name before making the title screen.

[image] [image]

Posted on 03-02-20 01:56 AM Link | #98765
oh hey, good to see you back with new content.

your project's been a work in progress for a while, it's nice to see you're keeping up the good work.

Posted on 04-20-20 02:38 AM Link | #99015
So, I wanna share some great news regarding the hack.

Due to the more free time from the Quarantine, I got more interest in finishing the hack, and just reachied a milestone today!

All 24 tracks have been finished! I had a bit of creativity block since I was focused on other things, but today I just finished laying out the last track.

Here's a new reveal, for the final theme (and the last track to be done):

I guess I kinda cheated tho, as I recycled 2 tracks from Sour Music Kart (the rice terrace 2 doesn't count because I made it first for this hack, but since there is no full snow theme I decided to repurposed it there)

The recycled tracks are this one you see and sunrise ridge 2. They are no entirely 100% copied, as I added some minor gameplay variations here and there.

Up next should be to finish this new theme BG, which I named Chilled Chasm, and make a new BG for the Raceway and Rainbow Road themes. After that, touch up the existing BGs and then move to the title screen and other misc graphics.

[image] [image]

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