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08-17-22 11:28 AM

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Posted on 07-27-14 08:17 PM (rev. 10 of 04-18-15 12:05 AM) Link | #44932
Galaxy Hacking Tools Megalist

So, I finally decided to archive and mirror all the program backups I have, so that I know exactly where to find them and I'll never lose them again. This is just going to be a giant download list, with dependencies and everything. Also note: The EXEs linked in this thread are untested and I have no idea if they work.

Anarchy in the Galaxy v1.2 by Phantom Wings

The very first tool we ever had, Anarchy in the Galaxy is a relatively plain but powerful level editor. It can edit most of the stuff you'd need when editing a level, and it's reliability is unsurpassed.
Anarchy in the Galaxy v1.2 (Mirror)

ArcExtract by Lunaboy and ArcPack by ???

A very useful set of tools, included in ArcExtract is my custom batch file that if you associate to automatically open arc files in, it will extract it into a new folder (2 folders in so you can easily repack with ArcPack), and included in ArcPack is a RARC Creator and a yaz0 encoder.
ArcExtract v0.1 (Mirror)
ArcPack v0.1 (Mirror)
yaz0enc with source code (Mirror)

ArcTools by Anthe

GUI for editing .arc files, to make it easier to import.

astConverter v2.0 by Anthe

Custom made GUI to make it easier to import music.
astConverter v2.0 Binary
astConverter v2.0 Source
astConverter v1.0 Binary
astConverter v1.0 Source

BCSV Editor (BCSVe) by Marionumber1

The first real BCSV Editor we had, this has been immensely helpful in getting to where we are today. It's a little unstable(mainly saving Shift-JIS in v0.7), but 0.6 works well enough.
BCSVe v0.6 (Mirror)
BCSVe v0.7 (Mirror)
BCSVe Source Code (Mirror)

BDL to BMD v0.1 by blank

While not as useful as some other tools, it allows you to convert the newer BDL files (used in SMG1/2 and Wind Waker), to the older BMD files(used in games like Sunshine). It's not perfect but it works rather well.
Requires Python 3.
BDL2BMD v0.1 (Mirror)

OBJ2BDL (BDLCreate) by blank

Arguably one of the most useful programs we have, this allows us to import and create our own models. Note: v0.4 will not render in Whitehole, you have to use v0.3 if you want to use Whitehole. That said, v0.4 allows vertex colors with a custom plugin for Blender.
Requires PyQt4 and Python 3.
OBJ2BDL v0.2 (Mirror)
OBJ2BDL v0.3 (Mirror)
OBJ2BDL v0.4 (Mirror)

BMD to BDL v0.2 by blank

The very first importer we ever had, and what led up to the first custom model importer we had (3DS2BDL). Allows you to import models from games like Super Mario Sunshine into the Galaxy games.
Requires Python 2.
BMD2BDL v0.2 (Mirror)

KCLCreate (Collision Tools) by blank

The second most important thing besides custom models is the ability to walk on them. Allows you to both export collision to OBJ (even col files found in SMS) or import to KCL files.
v0.6 requires Python 2 and v0.7 requires PyQt4 and Python 3.
KCLCreate v0.6 (Mirror)
KCLCreate v0.6 EXE
KCLCreate v0.7 (Mirror)
KCLCreate v0.7 EXE
KCLCreate v0.7 EXE (32-bit)

msbconv (MSBTCreate) v0.2 by blank

Our sole text editor, which works surprisingly well and gives us the ability to add new stars and port galaxies. Only works with SMG2 considering SMG1 uses BMG files.
Requires Python 3.
msbconv v0.2 (Mirror)
msbconv v0.2 EXE

msbtEditor by Anthe

A somewhat useful MSBT Editor GUI Anthe made that allows you to edit MSBT files more easily then by hand.

+ Easy to use
+ Ability to add tags
+ Two viewing modes
+ RGF support (useless, actually)

- Does NOT support Japanese Character Sets
- Does NOT support custom msbt's (makes the game crash)
- Cannot add new dialog entries
- Slow as f***
msbtEditor v1.2.2 (Mirror)
msbtEditor v1.2.2 Source (Mirror)

Nuntius Novus by Anthe

A more intuitive and cleaner version of a MSBT Editor GUI by Anthe, syntax highlighting is a nice touch.

+ Supports Japanese Character Sets
+ Able to add new dialog entries
+ Supports custom msbt's
+ Metro Lay-out

- Maybe a little hard for beginners
Nuntius Novus v2.0.0.2 (Mirror)
Nuntius Novus v2.0.0.2 Source (Mirror)

pyBCK v0.1 by Marionumber1

A VERY basic animation editor. You have to manually edit coordinates and frames by editing plain text.
Requires Python 3.
pyBCK v0.1 (Mirror)
pyBCK v0.1 EXE

pyTEX1 v0.2 by Marionumber1

A texture editor. Allows you to import BTI files into models to create new textures.
Currently only works with chadderz' CTools SZS Explorer. Requires Python 2.
pyTEX1 v0.2 (Mirror)
pyTEX1 v0.2 EXE

PyTools v0.2.2 by NWPlayer123

Yep, I've started making my contribution. Currently has hash.py which hashes any name via command line, and a mostly-finished BCSV Editor(lets you edit a hash to port between galaxies and add a field to add new stars), and I have plans to add more.
Requires Python 2.
PyTools v0.1 (Mirror)
PyTools v0.2 (Mirror)
PyTools v0.2.1 (Mirror)
PyTools v0.2.2 (Mirror)

RARCTools by Lunaboy

This is Lunaboy's ArcPack that isn't nearly as useful as whoever's individual yaz0 encoder and RARC Packer, but I thought I'd include it anyways.
RARCTools v1.1 (Mirror)

SZSTools by thakis

These are the tools that started it all, it's what allows us to see the contents of all the arc files in the game. Not quite as good as ArcExtract but still very useful nonetheless.
SZSTools v1.0 (Mirror)

Whitehole v1.1 by Arisotura Patches by NWPlayer123, blank

The first and so far only 3D level editor we have, it's very useful for finding exact coordinates to place objects because you can see how it will look in-game. My patch (IIRC) fixes a few stuff, including something with paths, and it's by far the most stable version.
Whitehole v1.1.1 (Mirror)
Whitehole v1.1.1 Source (Mirror)
Whitehole v1.1.2 (Mirror)
Whitehole v1.1.2 Source (Mirror)

WiiExplorer v0.1 by Arisotura

Here's another option for if you want to edit arc files. There were plans to have it also edit ISO/WBFS files but that never happened.
WiiExplorer v0.1 (Mirror)

WiiNARC v1.2 by Phantom Wings

One of the first arc editing tools, it has issues with compression, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you know what you're doing, but....here it is.
WiiNARC v1.2 (Mirror)

Wiiscrubber by ???

One of the most despised pieces of software because it's so bloated and closed source, it's the reason why WiiExplorer was started, but it does it's job.
Wiiscrubber (Mirror)

World Map Editor by shibboleet and Phantom Wings

A somewhat useful visual editor for world maps. Not much to say other then that.
World Map Editor v0.3 (Mirror)
World Map Editor v0.4 (Mirror)
World Map Editor v0.4 Source (Mirror)

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Posted on 07-27-14 08:27 PM Link | #44933
You forgot the World Map Editor.


Posted on 07-27-14 08:28 PM Link | #44934
I don't have that backed up because I've never needed to use it, but I'll add it in a bit once I get all these mirrored on Kuribo

"I hate playing musical chats" ~ Quote of the month

Posted on 07-27-14 08:29 PM Link | #44935
No need for mirrors if the program is already uploaded to the site.


Posted on 07-28-14 06:54 AM Link | #44946
This is pretty useful, nice job!


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Posted on 07-28-14 11:27 AM Link | #44947
The absence of my GUI's makes me a very sad Anthe.


Posted on 07-28-14 12:20 PM Link | #44949
Posted by Anthe
The absence of my GUI's makes me a very sad Anthe.

This probably doesn't make any sense, but...
I know that feeling.

Posted on 07-28-14 02:00 PM Link | #44958
I wasn't sure how to include your GUIs, whether as a seperate section or just another download, but I think I've figured out a way. Gimme a bit.

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Posted on 09-21-14 01:15 PM Link | #48485
What is the difference between BCSVe 0.6 and 0.7 without 0.7 is bugged? What is the update with 0.7?

Posted on 09-21-14 03:44 PM Link | #48500
0.7 shits itself when you try to save Shift-JIS (Japanese characters.)

0.6 doesn't have this issue.


Posted on 09-22-14 05:01 AM (rev. 2 of 09-22-14 05:03 AM) Link | #48556
But why was the point to do 0.7? Would it be better but it become bad and buggy then? If so, what was planned to be better?

Posted on 09-22-14 09:29 AM Link | #48559
The source code is all there if you want to learn how to fix it, no it wasn't intentional, if you want to edit Japanese files use Whitehole.

"I hate playing musical chats" ~ Quote of the month

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