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05-09-21 06:32 PM

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Posted on 07-12-14 09:35 AM (rev. 2 of 07-12-14 09:35 AM) Link | #44010
This is a very small demo I made to show off SM64DSe for SMWCentral C3 2014. It's made up of the opening level of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and lets you play as 'Deku Link', replacing the Goombas with Deku Scrubs.

Note: I don't plan on doing any more work on this, it was just a small demo to show off the editor's features.

Credit for the Deku Link model goes to Zerox from Spriters' Resource.



You can view the C3 entry here.

Posted on 07-12-14 09:37 AM Link | #44011
This is pretty awesome, it would've been interesting to see Clock Town in SM64DS, though :(.


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Posted on 07-12-14 09:57 AM Link | #44012
Looks promising.....I might try it out later when I'm not so lazy.

Posted on 07-12-14 10:05 AM (rev. 2 of 07-12-14 10:15 AM) Link | #44013
Please with Clock Town. And this small hack look good.


May I expand your small project? Also more Loz:MM maps for this hack?

Posted on 07-12-14 12:19 PM Link | #44019
I think it's great to have members of SMWCentral see how far SM64ds editing has come (thanks to Staplebutter and yourself!), perhaps Kuribo64 will gain more attention. I thought the demo looked great and showed alot of the editor's capabilities, I must commend the course's collisions and especially the minimap. Majora's Mask is also my favorite Zelda.

Posted on 07-12-14 12:47 PM Link | #44021
looks good im going to download it

Posted on 07-12-14 02:02 PM Link | #44025
Will not patch. What version of the ROM did you use? I tried v1 of the (U) rom, and the(E) rom, but I keep getting an invalid input error.

Posted on 07-12-14 03:01 PM Link | #44027
It's for the European ROM, "Super Mario 64 DS (E)(Wet 'N' Wild)".

(post deleted) #44028

Posted on 07-12-14 04:06 PM Link | #44031
The rom doesn't work. (Super Mario 64 DS (E)(Wet 'N' Wild))

Posted on 07-12-14 04:09 PM Link | #44032
Posted by StarLand
The rom doesn't work. (Super Mario 64 DS (E)(Wet 'N' Wild))

I have the exact same problem.

Posted on 07-12-14 04:18 PM Link | #44034
Looks very cool! Didn't know you could do that kind of model replacement with the Goombas.

You can tell I'm testing new avatars.

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Posted on 07-13-14 12:42 AM Link | #44064

It looks so cute <3


Posted on 07-13-14 04:46 AM Link | #44070
Updated Download link.

Posted on 07-13-14 09:57 AM Link | #44076
Posted by Fiachra
Updated Download link.

See, I told you it was broken. Your welcome. Also, thanks for fixing it. Now it patched on my first try.

Posted on 07-29-14 01:52 AM Link | #44993
Fiachra do you need the Hyrule field for your Demo?

Posted on 07-29-14 02:06 AM Link | #44994
No thanks, I'm not adding anything more to it, it was just a demo to show the type of hacks possible using the editor.

Posted on 07-29-14 03:58 PM (rev. 2 of 07-29-14 04:47 PM) Link | #45011
PQC IS THAT CREEPY LINK?!?! why you didn't tried to hack the kiosk demo of sm64ds for doing this hack?

Posted on 07-29-14 05:03 PM Link | #45014
It's not compatible with the editor and even if it was, what would be the point?

Posted on 07-29-14 05:07 PM Link | #45015
Posted by Fiachra
It's not compatible with the editor and even if it was, what would be the point?

Exactly. Why not just hack the full rom?
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Main - SM64DS hacks - SM64DSe Deku Link Demo [Demo Only] New reply

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