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08-17-22 10:31 PM

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Posted on 03-15-14 10:59 PM Link | #39441
Posted by BlackYoshi485
i already had that idea of a 3d mario named Super Mario DS Land(my name, don't use it!!)

No offense buddy, but you don't exactly own that name. Anyone can use it.

On topic though, this looks amazing! This has actually inspired me to try to make my own maps from scratch instead of just importing maps form other games. Seriously, keep up the amazing work man!

Posted on 03-15-14 11:20 PM Link | #39442
Thanks, man. I appreciate the kind words.

Anyhow, probably gonna start the Luigi rescue level tommorow. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to post them, I may include some. Has to be ghost-themed, of course, due to the boss.

Posted on 03-16-14 02:04 AM Link | #39448
Reference Dark Moon? That's all I can think of for a good concept.

Posted on 03-16-14 03:05 PM Link | #39465
I hope that it's not a standard mansion level. If it's going to be indoors though, something resembling Dark Palace from ALBW would be interesting.


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Posted on 03-16-14 03:52 PM Link | #39467
I was thinking of a graveyard-like level, actually.

Posted on 03-16-14 04:43 PM Link | #39468
Posted by skawo
I was thinking of a graveyard-like level, actually.

It would be kinda cool if you like jump into a grave to come to the boss fight or something.

Posted on 03-18-14 07:55 AM Link | #39494
Anything Luigi's Mansion or Paper Mario -ish :P

Posted on 03-18-14 09:25 PM (rev. 2 of 03-18-14 09:25 PM) Link | #39502
Well, I've modelled the stage itself, but, unfortunately, can't figure out how to import it into area 0 of the Luigi level. It gets split up by SM64DSe into small pieces for no real reason.

Posted on 03-19-14 08:32 PM Link | #39509
Maybe a reference to the Bogmire fight in the first Luigi's Mansion, as that took place in a graveyard also.

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Posted on 03-19-14 08:36 PM Link | #39510
Posted by skawo
It gets split up by SM64DSe into areas for no real reason :/

Models get split up into different bones (which the game uses for areas) based on the "o" command for OBJ and "" tags for DAE. If you don't want it split up, make sure there's only one "o" command in your OBJ model or only one "" tag for DAE.

Posted on 03-19-14 08:45 PM (rev. 3 of 03-19-14 08:50 PM) Link | #39511
There are NO os in the obj, and it still gets split up. I did add an "o r0" after, and it didn't do anything.


(This is a clean, no 'o' one)

(Also, I probably won't use this model anyway, due to an issue, but would be nice to know how to get the next one working)

Posted on 03-20-14 08:35 PM Link | #39530
I'm not sure why it's not working. I tried splitting it up into five bones, naming them the same as the originals and using the same .bones file but the model wouldn't appear. I know the areas were being set up right as going through doors didn't crash and displayed the area-specific objects.

Posted on 03-20-14 09:20 PM Link | #39534
Well, mm, would it be possible to add an option to disable this splitting thing completely and just attach everything to the first bone?

Posted on 03-20-14 10:34 PM Link | #39536
You can just replace all "o" commands with "#o" to comment then out or remove them to have it treated as one bone.

What happens if you import an XML from another level over Big Boo Battle Map (not on computer so can't check)?

Posted on 03-20-14 11:02 PM (rev. 2 of 03-20-14 11:04 PM) Link | #39538
But...that obj has no "o"s. How can I comment them out if they don't exist?

And... It appears to work, albeit with screwed up minimap and views (which always get broken in the importing process and you can't fix them).

Posted on 03-21-14 07:03 AM Link | #39542
Posted by skawo
But...that obj has no "o"s. How can I comment them out if they don't exist?

Then it'll be imported as one big bone.

One thing I forgot, you could try changing the number of areas set for that level within the overlay at 0x74 - try changing that byte to 1. You may then have to remove objects that reference other areas.

Posted on 03-21-14 01:25 PM Link | #39545
...but it's not being imported as one big bone. It gets split for no reason.

Posted on 03-21-14 05:38 PM Link | #39552
If you export it or debug it you'll see the model only has one bone.

Posted on 03-21-14 05:53 PM Link | #39554
Okay, then, how is the game deciding what to do here? That's me importing that model and then going through virtual area doors.

Posted on 03-21-14 07:23 PM Link | #39556
Can you export that model from the ROM in the video and post the contents of the .bones file?
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