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Posted on 03-05-14 02:21 AM (rev. 8 of 03-05-14 07:55 PM) Link | #39214
So, as some of you know, Smash is my passion, and I've gone to quite a few Brawl tournaments (both online and offline). Well, I never got around to sharing them here, since the experiences are quite long and I didn't know where exactly I could post them... But now, I decided to post them here, in Relaxland, since I don't think it would fit anywhere else as I will be posting huge posts about my experience and I'll be posting each experience in a separate post.

I apologize in advance for the consecutive posting and huge posts. But feel free to comment (as long as it's nothing negative) and enjoy reading!

Edit: Ok I didn't know I have to wait another day before double posting... This is awkward then. xD
Table of Contents
- Tourney #1! (Offline)
- Tourney #2! (Offline)

- Jab = A Button
- F-Tilt = Forward Tilt
- U-Tilt = Up Tilt
- D-Tilt = Down Tilt

- Nair = Neutral Air
- Fair = Forward Air
- Bair = Back Air
- Uair = Up Air
- Dair = Down Ait

- F-Smash = Forward Smash
- D-Smash = Down Smash
- U-Smash = Up Smash

- PKT = PK Thunder
- PKT2 = PK Thunder (Which is launching Ness/Lucas with PK Thunder)
- PKF = PK Fire
(PSI Magnet and PK Flash are self-explanatory lol)

- D-Throw = Down Throw
- B-Throw = Back Throw
- U-Throw = Up Throw
- F-Throw = Forward Throw
- Pummel = Attacking someone when you grab them with the Attack Button

(So basically the letter in front indicates direction, then there's air/smash/throw/tilt to indicate what type of attack it is. I use the actual names of the specials and tend to avoid saying Side-B and stuff like that lol)

- MU: Match-Up
- DI: Directional Influence
- SDI: Smash Directional Influence
- SD: Self-Destruct

- Directional Influence: Changing the trajectory you are launched by an attack so that your character can survive longer. It is best to try to aim for the corners, as it will take you longer to die.

- Smash DI: A technique to escape multi-hitting moves, such as Pikachu's D-Smash, Wolf's F-Smash/U-Smash, Snake's Nair, etc.

- Momentum Cancelling: Using your character's quickest aerial to escape hitstun, then DI'ing for the longest possible survival.

- Stale: Making a move weaker. When you use a move, and the hitbox makes contact with something (it doesn't necessarily have to be just the opponent, it can be things like the Balloon on Smashville, King DDD's Waddle Dees/Doos, etc.), that move gets weaker in both knockback and damage. For example, if I did a U-Air on an opponent but it didn't kill, then it's now stale. The game has a stale chart of the last 9 moves you used. The first hit of a multi-hit move counts once for a stale, and it stales the WHOLE move.

- Refresh: Intentionally making other moves stale so that your important moves are no longer stale. For example, using Ness' D-Tilt repeatedly would stale D-Tilt, but keep his other moves at its max.

Yo-YO, let's GO! The PSI Prodigy! (SSB4 Ness Combo Video!)

Posted on 03-05-14 02:23 AM Link | #39215
This'll be interesting. I look forward to the first one :)

I'm definitely not posting this so Timmy can post more

Can you burn a Luigi board?

Posted on 03-05-14 03:50 AM Link | #39216
^You deserve an e-cookie for allowing me to post here again.
Date: June 2nd, 2012
1st Tourney: Smash 'Til You Crash 3
Results: 17th/22... (Hey, it's my first tourney. No one does well at their 1st one. xD)
There was also a free Doubles side-event but that didn't really count for anything... lol
Results Thread!
Bracket Image!
(If you're wondering what a bye means, it means that there's no one to play for that set. There's no one named bye. xD)
Characters I used: Mostly Ness, but I used Toon Link for a match or 2.
Notes: Meta Knight was banned. My brother was with me this tourney (in fact he was the reason I could go to this tourney). =P
This marks my debut as a competitive Smasher, and my welcome into the Quebec Smash scene!! I already felt very welcome after this tourney. :)
So, my dad drops off my brother (named Tommy) and I at the tourney... We had to go up several flights of stairs and it was also POURING that day (like 3-4 cm rain...). We met up with this TALL guy named Emmanuel who was also lost and was trying to get to the tourney. It was his 1st tourney as well!

So me, Tommy, and Emmanuel are walking up this huge escalator ramp thing... And we gotta keep on walking up several flights of stairs. Then we gotta go outside the building and keep walking to another one... We were following the other smashers we met up with to the place. After walking for so long and going up several flights of stairs... We finally get there, and we see some people playing Project M (I think it was like Project M 2.1 or something, this was over a year ago. XD). Then we see people setting up Brawl... Which is what the 3 of us came for. We help setup, and Emmanuel and these 3 other guys do 2vs2 friendlies. I was very shy and my brother had asked me if I wanted to play... I said yes, and so he asks for Emmanuel to give up his spot for me to play. Now, it turns out that I was with this guy named SwordGard... Who has a very good Snake and Ice Climbers (and mains other characters, like Fox, Sheik, etc.). Our first friendly is on Pokemon Stadium... and I actually did better than I expected! Although I did die first, but I wasn't sure if I should've taken SwordGard's extra life... He was at like over 200% and still had all 3 lives as Snake. and he seemed to handle a 2vs1 situation well. But then he told me to take it, so I did, and we get the other team down to 1 person (I can't remember our opponents, unfortunately), but I did get up getting the winning kill with Ness' B-Throw. Then the guys around me say, "wow, this guy's got a good Ness!". I'm thinking in my head, "really?"... I felt welcome already. :)
So more people come in... Now, Emmanuel had challenged me, and we go on Castle Siege. He went Falco, and I was still Ness. I don't know why I was struggling though, because I lost against him. But I wasn't upset or anything. I gladly shook his hand after our game. I then have a friendly with this guy named Doil, and I beat his Snake on Delfino Plaza. Then after, my brother sees this guy using Ness (his nametag was Horo). In my color (the white and orange shirt one). My brother tells me... Then after Horo's friendly is done, Horo tells me "I saw your Ness, want to Ness ditto"? I'm like sure! So we both choose Ness, and we get into like this small, trivial argument about him using Ness' color... I'm like ok, whatever. I'll just go the original Ness. We go on Battlefield, and DAMN. His Ness is AWESOME. I couldn't keep up with him. At one point though, when I was recovering, he got caught in my PK Thunder 2 (when Ness launches himself). Then on my last stock, he gets me up to 150%... And he does a Back Throw on me (which is the strongest KO throw in Brawl). He threw me to the other side of Battlefield... And I don't how, but I LIVED. I know that it was to the other side, but I'm sure that even if it were on a stage like Final Destination and I was back thrown at that percent to the other side, I would've died. I guess my endurance is stronger than I thought... But surviving that was for naught. As I recover (I had to use up my Double Jump to survive the B-Throw lol), Horo hits me with a Nair, and I die. Oh well, it was a great Ness ditto! :)

Now, it turns out SwordGard was the host of this tournament, and he mentioned that there would be a free Doubles side event. My brother and I were like "eh, why not"? My brother wanted me to go with Horo though, since he mains Ness, but it turned out Horo had a partner already. So my brother decided for us to team... But then he found another Marth main and decided to team with him instead (named TourneyPro, or TPO for short lol). Then SwordGard found a partner for me, named Pappy. I was glad to meet him though! So it turns out Pappy and I are up first... Against this guy named IKCT (a Wolf main) and Rene (I don't remember who he used though). We were on Lylat Cruise Game 1. Now, I haven't played Doubles, like at ALL before. Although I did know there was team attack on. But by accident, I kill Pappy (he uses Lucario and Pit) with Ness' Up Air on his last stock. I was like "oops"... though I don't think he minded that much. I'm in a 2vs1 situation though, and I actually prevailed! Then Game 2, we're on Halberd (Pappy switched from Lucario to Pit, I stay Ness and our opponents stay the same). Now, at the end of that match, IKCT is left and he's at a high percent, and he's left in a 2vs1 situation. Pappy tells me to go for a Back Throw to kill him. But I accidentally throw Pappy (he was at a low percent though so it didn't matter), and I stale a KO move. But then I get the winning kill with Ness' Back Air... Pappy was happy that I did that, and other people were proud of me too. :)

I don't remember the details of the other 2vs2s, but we lost our 2nd and 3rd set, so we were out. But after we were out, this guy named Guard (I didn't get his name at the time though, in fact I didn't even know who he mained), comes up to me and says "good shit in doubles!". Being the timid person I am though... I was like "um, thanks!". He told me I had a great Ness as well. I felt welcome, once again! :)
So we continue playing more 1vs1 friendlies, until we are told Pools start. Pools are a group of people and you have to play against everyone in your Pool. It determines who faces who in the bracket (sometimes though, if there's too many people, there's scenarios where Top 2 make it out of pools...). I'm like "aw man, I'm worried we won't make it to the bracket though"... But then SwordGard tells me, "don't worry, everyone will get to be in bracket". It was a huge relief for my brother and I to hear that though.

So in my Pool, I have Tarex (a guy I heard of before, but never actually knew), Horo, Doil and TPO. Horo goes up against Tarex first, and Horo actually went Ice Climbers. He KNOWS how to chaingrab, and I'm like O__O. Worried about that, when it was my turn to go up against Horo, I went Toon Link (so I could have a Bomb in case he tries to chaingrab me). But he went Sheik instead... I lost both games (I don't remember Game 1 but Game 2 I counterpicked Halberd lol). Then I'm against Tarex... Oh my god I developed a hatred for Brawling Yoshi after this tourney. He got me focused on shielding his Eggs, that I forgot he could go in and grab me with his Egg Lay. I wasn't doing too well at adapting to the situation though... And also I can get grabbed and then U-Smashed/U-Air'd. Game 2, I counterpick Delfino (he banned Brinstar, but at the time I didn't know Brinstar was a good stage for Ness). I did a bit better this time, but I still lost. Against Doil, he actually went Samus this time, and we go on Pokemon Stadium Game 1. Now, we were both on last stock and I got a 50% lead. I get him offstage, and try to edgehog, but he uses the tether to grab the ledge, so I keep falling. I try to recover, but fail and I lost. Then Game 2, I counterpick Brinstar (hoping he would ban Delfino lol). Unfortunately on my last stock I was at a high percent (like 180%) and get hit by the acid and die. Oh well. Feeling a bit discouraged, I go against TPO... At least I won against him. I'm like "I was doing awesome in friendlies, and now things are going downhill... Why?"
Now, the bracket starts, and I'm against this guys named Wakka, who mains Toon Link. Game 1 was on Smashville, where I won with a PK Flash kill, and people SCREAMED when I got that PK Flash kill. Then Game 2, he wins (he counterpicked Halberd, I banned Castle Siege for some reason). Then Game 3, he bans Castle Siege too, and I go on Delfino, but I still lose (our set was still very close though).

So I'm sent to Loser's Bracket, and I'm against IKCT (the Wolf main). I wasn't feeling too confident in my Ness though, so Game 1, I go Toon Link, and I lose. Then Game 2... I switch to Ness, and counterpick Brinstar. But, he switches to Marth (and Ness vs. Marth is so one-sided in Marth's favor mainly because of this and that he outranges Ness like completely). But thanks to Brinstar, he was barely able to chaingrab me (only got like 15% on me but the acid and the fact Brinstar isn't perfectly flat helped lol). My B-Throw even killed at 90% there... Damn that throw is scary. But anyways, I won Game 2. Then after, he switches to Wolf, I ban Smashville. He counterpicks Battlefield. It was fairly close, but he ended up baiting me (and it was a smart one too). He was charging a Forward Smash, and my shield took some decent damage earlier and I was on the right ledge. I rolled backwards though... and the F-Smash hits me and I die. Oh well. My brother didn't do so well either... So we get going and our sister comes to pick us up.
I was a bit sad that things started going downhill after friendlies, but I was glad I got to play in my 1st Brawl tourney. After, they got me into the "ssbb quebec friends" group on Facebook... I was welcomed once again, and talked about how I enjoyed my tourney experience. Many people there commented (even IKCT) "At first I was like "lol Ness? so free. But you were actually tougher than I expected and I underestimated you... Well done Timmy!". They were even surprised to hear that I was 14 (at the time). XD
I got quite a few Facebook friend requests the day after the tourney from fellow Smashers. :)

I even got to talk with Tarex, IKCT and a few other people for a bit... And this guy named Morks introduced himself, and said "I couldn't make it to the tourney that day, but I'm glad we have another challenger like you interested". Was welcomed, once again! :)
Well, that wraps up my first tourney experience!! Hope you enjoyed it! :)

Yo-YO, let's GO! The PSI Prodigy! (SSB4 Ness Combo Video!)

Posted on 03-05-14 11:35 AM Link | #39218
Interesting! You have an amazing memory…

I've always wanted to enter a Project M tournament, or something of the like.
Status: It was really, really fun, guys - thanks for the ride!

Posted on 03-05-14 07:20 PM Link | #39219
^Well, when it comes to Nintendo and my experiences, I tend to have an amazing memory... xD
Date: October 20th, 2012 (yeah my experiences with offline tourneys have quite a huge gap)
2nd Tourney: Show me the Poutine #2 (or just SMTP for short lol)
Results: 25th/41 (Yay for improvement~)
Results Thread!
Bracket Image (you may have to click to zoom in)
Characters Used: Ness all the way this time. :)
Notes: So, there was a debate if Meta Knight should've been banned... And everyone there had to vote if he would be banned. I said no, have him legal. But in the end... He was banned. BY 1 VOTE. XD (At the time I didn't really mind Meta Knight, but I find matches so much more fun when you don't see the generic Meta Knight matches LOL)
So I saw many of the same friendly faces from my first tourney, and I met some new people there as well. It was an awesome night though! :)
Now, this tourney started MUCH later... It was from 6 PM to 11 PM. It was kind of a good thing that it started later though, cause my sister was working early that day... I didn't have to be there with someone this time, but someone had to bring me and pick me up. I also borrowed my mom's cell phone that day. My sister drops me off at the venue, and I'm waiting in line to pay for the fee for Brawl and the venue fee. I see many familiar faces from the 1st tourney, like Emmanuel (who goes by ~Desu now), Horo, Guard, Tarex, Swordgard, etc. I also meet up with Morks there (who was the Brawl host), and we finally met. We gladly shook each others hand. So I pay the Brawl fee... But I almost forgot to pay the venue fee... Luckily, Morks was there to give me a friendly reminder and said "Timmy, aren't you forgetting something"? I'm like "OH WAIT A SECOND". XD
So I go into the venue (even though it was small and very cramped cause there were a lot of people), and Guard was the 1st one to greet me!! So we're talking a bit about how I got here and stuff, then he asked me if I wanted to team with him for some 2vs2 friendlies... I was a bit hesitant at first since I don't play Doubles, but I still decided to team with him! So Guard asks these guys if we could play next. and we were against these people named Jess and Kels (they're actually cousins). Jess mains Kirby (she was also like the newcomer lol), while Kels mains Sonic and Kirby, and Guard mains Fox (and seconds Marth, but only uses Marth for Fox's bad match-ups). So Guard and I play against them... And WHAT THE FUCK. We did VERY well together! The girls went Double Kirby and we went on Smashville first. They were like "GET RID OF NESS FIRST". But I didn't let that happen. I kept getting kills with Ness' F-Tilt (that simple kick xD). Also... I learned how powerful Fox U-Smash was. At one point though, I'm on my last stock and I have Jess in a grab. Then Guard runs up to U-Smash us... and we both died. But I wasn't sure if I should've taken it... Guard still had 3 lives though, and he said I could take it, so I did. So he gets Kels to a high percent... Then I just go for another Forward Tilt. Guard and I were both like, "Forward Tilt really kills that badly"?! xD

After that match though, I check my mom's phone and it turns out my sister was texting my mom's phone during that match and then she called me, so I'm like "WAIT GUYS HOLD ON". They didn't mind waiting though. :)

So me, Guard, Kels and Jess play another round. Kels switched to Sonic though. At one point, Jess gets me offstage with Kirby's Back Air, and I have to recover. But I use the PSI Magnet to stall Ness in mid-air for a bit. Now, she also F-Smashes Guard, and he was gonna die. But, I unintentionally saved him. You know the windbox that is produced upon releasing the PSI Magnet? If someone else is flying, and they're hit by a windbox, it negates their knockback. So Guard was flying (he had like 150%), and thanks to my mid-air stalling, I released the Magnet and Guard stopped flying. Guard was like "thanks Timmy!" and he nods his head. I'm like, "OH SNAP I JUST SAVED HIM"!
This video (about 0:30 onwards) explains how the Magnet can stop knockback.
Anyways, thanks to me, Guard did not die until 236% on his first stock. We still had a huge lead though; after his 1st death, we each still had 2 stocks and Kels had 2. But Guard gets a U-Smash kill seconds after he respawns. Now, I put up my Magnet, for Guard to shoot lasers at me to heal me. I go from 70% to 20% now. I'm like WE GOT THIS. So we're racking up damage on Kels, and she's off stage, but neither of us were feeling risky to edgeguard her, so I put up my Magnet once again. Unfortunately Guard wasn't getting the idea and barely healed me. I'm "oh sorry Guard, I didn't make it clear", but Guard was like "oh no it's ok, you had the right idea, I was just slow". So we continue getting damage on her, I try to PK Flash her as she recovers again, but miss. Then I just go for the F-Tilt again... And I'm like ok "THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE MOVE". Guard and I give a high five to each other! XD

So the girls left, and this random guy (who didn't even have his own controller) and a Diddy main come in. I felt bad for the other guy though since he said "I barely play Brawl, I just played 64"... I'm thinking "uh... ok then". So Guard and I just destroy them.

Then we're told the bracket is about to start (there wasn't time for pools or even a doubles event so we just went straight to bracket) so we had to stop friendlies. There wasn't much time for friendlies this time around. However, thanks to Guard, I've felt much more confident in my abilities as a Doubles partner. I need to do teams with him again... :)
Now, the bracket starts, and it turns out that I'm called up first. But guess who my opponent is?
...It's IKCT (the Wolf main). AGAIN. I'm like "I'M AGAINST YOU AGAIN"?!?!?!. XD
Then he's like "you can get your revenge on me, Timmy"...
It turns out we were on stream though. The match is STILL there if you want to see it: Go to like 1:36:00 onwards for setting up, 1:38:45 for the actual match.
I feel like I played like trash... I was like dodging too much and I didn't know much on Wolf. =P
2nd match I get a lead but I lose it. -__-
(Yeah there's some lag on the stream with the 2nd match for some reason).
I REALLY wish I was more patient and went for more grabs. Also I wish I shielded the Wolf Flash at the end of Game 2... xD
Although, this shows that I'm not that easy to kill. You saw me living them Smashes at high percents LOL
I will say (not trying to make excuses)... The tournament thread didn't have Brinstar on the legal list. But then after I saw people on Brinstar, and I'm like really?! I would've went there Game 2 instead! xD

Anyways... So I'm in Loser's Bracket now, and I go up against this guy named Blah. He uses Lucas, and Ness vs. Lucas matches are my favorite. Game 1, we're on Battlefield, which I won with a 2-stock. Then Game 2, he counterpicks Final Destination. I was using F-Tilt so much those matches... Though it was getting very stale in Game 2, so I just went for a B-Throw and won.

Now, I gotta go up against Dai, a ROB main. I unfortunately lose Game 1 and I was 2-stocked (I hate ROB and his stupid Nair/Bair lol). Game 2, I counterpick Delfino and he goes Luigi. I unfortunately lose again, so I'm out of the tournament.

There's like this 1 TV for free-for-alls, so I was just playing a few of those until my sister comes to pick me up.
I get home though, and the stream is STILL going on. Just in time to see Guard's matches... And DAMN. HIS FOX IS AWESOME.
Go to 4:58:00 onwards to see his Fox... 5:43:35 onwards for his Marth. HIS MARTH MADE AN AMAZING COMEBACK GAME 3. (Go to like 5:45:35 for Game 3) By the way, does the stream freeze after about 6:00:07 for you guys? It doesn't want to load after that for me so I can't see the rest of Guard's set versus Swordgard. :/

Apparently they got kicked out of the venue though; in fact we exceeded the max amount of people. There was supposed to be 32 people max... and we got 41. It was supposed to end at 11 PM, but it went on until like midnight or something and the last sets were to continue at Ally/Holy's house the next day. xD

Ever since I teamed with Guard and saw how amazing he did on stream... I looked up to him and I KNOW I would love to play with him again. He got 3rd place, and I'm very proud of him. :)
HOLD ON, THERE WERE PHOTOS. Lemme show you photos of myself and also the cast of people I played against or got along with. :)

I'm telling you the venue was crowded. Also, we weren't aware this would be taken. xD
Me and Pidge, a Ness main who came from Toronto!
(I swear in the pics of me my glasses look off-center LOL)
Well, that was a great night! I was very glad that I improved from last time, and that I got to see some great Fox action... The day after the tourney, Jess posted a status saying "last night, best night ever." This is a short convo me, Kels, Jess and Guard had.

Me: "I was watching the stream too, you did amazing Guard!! :D
Also the 2vs2 friendlies we did before the tourney started was so fun, Ness F-Tilt is so good. xD"

Guard: "Oh and for sure Timmy, it was so fun and thanks to you too. I knew from the beginning that your Ness is really good, that's why I asked you to team with me a bit. ;D"

Me: "Well I do need more MU experience, hence why I didn't do so well in the tourney lol
But that's alright, I'll do better next time! :D"

Jess: "I need a lot of practice too.. We'll all be better next time. It's going to be awesome!"

Kels: "One of the best nights EVER. <3 I'll never forget... NEXT MONTH ANYONE?! <3"
I love my Smash community!! ^__^

Though the next one I attended did not happen for a while...

I also wish I got to know Guard and Kels earlier... I didn't get to know them until Summer 2013. Since then... They've been my best friends. :D

Yo-YO, let's GO! The PSI Prodigy! (SSB4 Ness Combo Video!)

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