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04-20-24 01:33 AM

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Weapons Replica Monado 
Armor Squid armor 
Shields Rose's shield 
Helmets Ancient Falmer Crown 
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Personal information
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Location Colorado
Birthday October 31st, 1996 (27 years old)
Bio Well hello there, I'm a Super Mario Galaxy 2.5, been with it since the beginning, and it's been a wild ride. Along with that, I've also worked on various other projects, even trying to impress Newer before ragequitting at one point (but we don't talk about that here :P).
Q) What's your favorite game series on each nintendo console?
NES: Gonna have to go with the original Legend of Zelda
SNES: Ooh, difficult one. Tie between Yoshi's Island, A Link to the Past and Kirby's Dream Land 3. I would add Super Mario RPG to this list, but I haven't actually played it.
N64: Beetle Adventure Racing (WICKED WOODS), Majora's Mask, Paper Mario
Gamecube: Chibi-Robo, Wind Waker, Luigi's Mansion <3, The Thousand Year Door, Pikmin 1 and 2, Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness
Wii: Oh ffs, so many good ones. Epic Mickey 1 and 2, Fortune Street <3, Kirby's Epic Yarn <3 and Return to Dreamland, the entire MySims series, Okami, Sonic Colors, Spectrobes Origins, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword <3
Wiiware: Pokemon Rumble
Wii U: Pikmin 3 hands down, though Mario Kart 8, Rayman Legends and Super Mario 3D World are really good too.
WiiUWare: Pokemon Rumble Blast

Sample post
Posted on 04-20-24 01:33 AM
This is a sample post. It shows what your posts will look like on the board.

Posted by blarg
Posted by the Goomboss
Welcome to my kingdom, my minions!

Mario's main weakness is... zZzz...

Blarg, blarg and blarg. Have you blarged the blarg?

function blarg($lol)
global $forumname;
$rofl = htmlspecialchars($lol).' posted in '.htmlspecialchars($forumname);
return $rofl;

oshit you just found my secret

My main weakness is... pasta

have fun tearing me apart now

~ Mario ~

"I hate playing musical chats" ~ Quote of the month

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Main - Profile for NWPlayer123

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