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05-06-21 02:36 AM

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Bio hey. i'm heroic.

----- added after Mar. 9, 2019: -----

i'm really, really gonna miss this place. i met so many wonderful people here, it's incredible. i like to contribute this place to where i got my maturity. i entered kuribo64 as a derp, and i'm gonna leave as slightly-less of a derp.

i'm gonna use this space to tell how i found kuribo, in full detail. this site is just a huge nostalgia pool for me. i might not be the oldest user here, but i'm certainly not the youngest. i created my account on september 2017, yeah, but i've been around for much, much longer.

a long, long time ago, i was really into super mario galaxy (the first game). it was the first video game i've ever played, and to this day still holds a special place in my heart. though, it's done more than just be a good game. it's led me here, eventually.

you see, i was like, 8, or something. i uh, didn't really know how mods worked, but i knew they existed, and i knew i wanted them. so, being the little genius i was, i opened up my Wii's Opera browser, and typed in something along the lines of "super mario galaxy mod download free". i ended up here twice; the first time being around when the 2.5 team just merged with the board, and the second time i'm guessing being somewhere around mid- to end-2.5 era.

so, how exactly do i know this was kuribo64 and not some other site? well, simple. whenever i stumbled across the site on the living room TV, i always got worried my parents would walk in and see the my little pony gif (nwplayer123's pfp) or the blue-haired anime girl (squidempress's post layout) and think i was some sort of weeb. well, look at me now...

at the time, i had no idea about the site i was on, or about any of the wonderful history that was happening right before me. but as i would soon find out, this place would mean a whole lot more to me.

flash forward to around august of 2017. i'm searching google for mod tools on mario galaxy, and every time i find one, it leads me to the same place. then, at the beginning of september 2017, i decided to make an account. why not?

well, as i looked through the archive sections of the board, i slowly realize that this is that place. the place i saw when i discovered and re-discovered i could plug in the keyboard to my wii and it'll type. kuribo64.

i swear, i spent hours reading through the posts there. it was magical to me. years worth of mario talk, all talk that i witnessed and didn't participate in. there could have been a possibility that i made an account and said something, and that would have changed something. (to be fair, i'm glad i didn't, i would've almost immediately gotten banned for being an idiot)

and now... i'm here. i shared the past year and a bit here with k64. and i'm gonna miss this place. i am very glad i was able to participate before it closed, though. it would've been a hundred times sadder for me to finally realize what this place is to me and not even been able to share my story.

this one's for you, kuribo64. the site i never knew i lurked.

and hey, for anyone who had something similar to me, but came back just a little too late, i want you to know that this place won't ever really die. we'll all be here, in some way or another.


when reading through old forums, i always wondered how i could maybe get in contact with some of the people there. this is where you'll be able to contact me.
email: heyimheroic@gmail.com
twitter: @HEYimHeroic
discord: @HEYimHeroic#3565 - https://discord.gg/7SZDT9J
youtube: https://youtube.com/c/HEYimHeroic
instagram (though not used much): @heyimheroic
i leave DMs open for all my social media.


don't think i'll be needing this anymore, huh?
<div style="background:#db467e;padding:24px;"><div style="border:1px solid #87a921;background:#856898;padding:10px;max-width:1000px;">

Sample post
Posted on 05-06-21 02:36 AM
This is a sample post. It shows what your posts will look like on the board.

Posted by blarg
Posted by the Goomboss
Welcome to my kingdom, my minions!

Mario's main weakness is... zZzz...

Blarg, blarg and blarg. Have you blarged the blarg?

function blarg($lol)
global $forumname;
$rofl = htmlspecialchars($lol).' posted in '.htmlspecialchars($forumname);
return $rofl;

oshit you just found my secret

My main weakness is... pasta

have fun tearing me apart now

~ Mario ~

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

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Main - Profile for HEYimHeroic

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