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06-27-22 03:43 PM

Main - Profile for Cypher123

General information
Groups Normal users
Total posts 199 (199 found, 0.09 per day)
Total threads 20 (20 found, 0.01 per day)
Registered on 07-13-16 01:13 AM (2175 days ago)
Last post 03-30-18 05:57 PM (1549 days ago)
in The "ask the person below you" thread (Relaxland)
Last view 05-03-18 08:49 PM (1515 days ago)
at /board/thread.php?id=3378&page=8

Contact information
Email address cypher123@mail.com
Homepage My (8th) Discord server! - https://discord.gg/KvZ57NP

User settings
Theme Nostalgia
Time offset -4:00 from server, -4:00 from you
(current time: 06-27-22 11:43 AM)
Items per page 20 posts, 50 threads
RPG status

Equipped items
Weapons Frying pan 
Armor Squid armor 
Shields Mirror Shield 
Helmets Darth Vader's helmet 
Boots Safety shoes 
Accessories Wii U 

Personal information
Real name Mason Gray
Location Your mind
Birthday March 30th, 2004 (18 years old)
Bio Hey there! I'm a chill 13 year old kid who wants to do YouTube in the far, far future.
Funny how barely anyone PMs anyone on here

I sense your presence.... Creep.

Stop reading my text.... Weirdo.

The new Cypher Bot is out! It has many features!
-Talks with a dictionary of -1000 sentences!
-Info is tr4sh is China, United Kingdom, Japanese places, and Iran.
-Never talks back! So this is parentproof
-Very great swimmer!
-NOT yet waterproof. So never put it in water.
-Has 2D graphics.
-Songs from 2040
-Expired yesterday
-Never grows mold. 3 ingredients away from sugar!
-Always has fire problems.
-Internet source from 3DS...
-Built-out GPS
-Has Facebook Messenger, Kik, Chatous, and Skype.
-Apps can only be ran with 4 bars.
-3 bar maximum.
-Great wifi
-Kuribo64 runs with 2 bars.
-Low end camera
-Cheap price! 100$
Buy now!

NEW! Cypher Bot!
-4th Dimensional Secret Gadget Pocket not included
-9D Graphics!
-Now with Pentium 4! Runs like a below average Windows XP
-Cartridges are not compatible with Cypher Bot.
-Not waterproof
-batter swimming skills!
-More fire problems! Explosion included!
-NEW! Cartridges.
-Bigger flames!
-Horrible cook
-600 more words missing from dictionary
-Feelings are now incompatible
-4 bar max. Now able to run apps.
-Only walks
-More apps. Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. These work on 5 bars.
-Improved internet browser. Browser source from a DSi.
-Able to run Sudomemo from browser. Not theatre.
-spasms has more impact
-weaker bolts of lightning.
-lower end camera.
-Higher shock damage.
-Now able to watch TV.
-Games included. Sonic Unleashed, Mario Party 9, Nintendo Land, Pokemon Pearl, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Sonic Colors, and Mario Kart 64.
-Games run at 2 FPS.
-Cheaper price! $200.38
Buy now!

Sample post
Posted on 06-27-22 03:43 PM
This is a sample post. It shows what your posts will look like on the board.

Posted by blarg
Posted by the Goomboss
Welcome to my kingdom, my minions!

Mario's main weakness is... zZzz...

Blarg, blarg and blarg. Have you blarged the blarg?

function blarg($lol)
global $forumname;
$rofl = htmlspecialchars($lol).' posted in '.htmlspecialchars($forumname);
return $rofl;

oshit you just found my secret

My main weakness is... pasta

have fun tearing me apart now

~ Mario ~

The Cypher Corporation called. They want their swag back... Along with their wigs.
Potatoes called. They want your computer back.

I'm on Discord a lot. (Cypher123#0589)

I stopped hacking SM64 because I'm lazy :D

Discord Server 1 - Discord Server 2 - Soundcloud - YouTube

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Main - Profile for Cypher123

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