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Welcome to the Object DB! Here you will find information on how to use any object in SMG.
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 2746 total (1000 only in SMG1, 1213 only in SMG2, 533 in both games; 481 unused)
1912 (70%)
783 (29%)
51 (2%)
959 (63%)
545 (36%)
29 (2%)
1189 (69%)
531 (31%)
26 (2%)

The above bars need more green.

2746 may be a big number, but don't be scared. Your contribution is always welcome, even if it's only about one object.

  Internal name Name Games Last edited by
212 objects found.
 AssemblyBlock AssemblyBlockSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 AsteroidA Asteroid Cluster A [Unused]SMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 9)
 AstroDomeMirrorReflection AstroDomeMirrorReflectionSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 AstroTorchLightBlue Observatory Blue TorchSMG1Crashdance22 (rev. 1)
 BalloonDumbbellSphere BalloonDumbbellSphereSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 BaoBaboo Baobab [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 7)
 BathtubPlanet Bathtub PlanetSMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 BegomanRoomPlanet BegomanRoomPlanet [Early Version]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 BgmProhibitArea BGM Cancel AreaSMG1 & SMG2shibboleet (rev. 4)
 BigBubbleCameraSphere Big Bubble Camera (Sphere)
Camera ID: integer in Obj_arg0
Unknown 2: integer in Obj_arg2
SMG1Hiccup (rev. 8)
 BigBubbleGoalAreaBox Destroy Big Bubble Area (Box)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 BigBubbleGoalAreaCylinder Destroy Big Bubble Area (Cylinder)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 BigBubbleGoalAreaSphere Destroy Big Bubble Area (Sphere)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 BigBubbleGuidanceCube Big Bubble Tutorial Area (Cube)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 BigBubbleSwitchBox Switch Area (Big Bubble, Box)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 BigBubbleSwitchCylinder Switch Area (Big Bubble, Cylinder)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 BigBubbleSwitchSphere Switch Area (Big Bubble, Sphere)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 BigObstructBubbleGenerator Bubble Generator [Non-moving]
Speed: integer in Obj_arg0. Lower numbers mean faster speed.
Average Bubble Size: integer in Obj_arg1. Has a loose effect on bubble size, bubbles tend to be slightly larger at least half the time. Also, Mario will still fit inside bubbles that are smaller than him. 200 (0xC8) is a reasonable size for the player.
Average Bubble Size: integer in Obj_arg2. Seems to be the same as Obj_arg1.
Unknown 3: integer in Obj_arg3. Setting any value other than null causes the object not to appear.
Bubble Shape: list in Obj_arg4: 0=Square, 1=Octahedral, *=Round
SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 BigRelayPlanetB Temporary High Model (BigRelayPlanetB)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 BindEndCube BindEnd Area (Cube)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 BloomCylinder Bloom Area (Cylinder)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 BlueStar BlueStarSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 14)
 Bomb BombSMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 17)
 BossKameck2Barrier Kamella Battle Barrier (Deep Dark) [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 9)
 BossKameck2BattlePattarn BossKameck2BattlePattarnSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 BossKameckBattlePattarn BossKameckBattlePattarnSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 BrightObj Lens FlareSMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 BroadBeanPlanetA Bean Shaped Planet 1 [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 CameraDemoObj CameraDemoObjectSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 CameraEventObj CameraEventObjSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 CameraRepulsiveCylinder CameraRepulsiveCylinderSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 CaretakerGarbage Gearmo's Garbage Cart [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 7)
 ChangeSceneCube ChangeSceneCubeSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 ChildMeramera Lil' Cinder (Child) [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 10)
 ClipAreaBottomCone ClipAreaBottomConeSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 ClipAreaCenterBox ClipAreaCenterBoxSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 ClipAreaTopCone ClipAreaTopConeSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 ClipFieldFillDraw ClipFieldFillDrawSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 ClipFieldMapParts ClipFieldMapPartsSMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 CloudStepA CloudStepASMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 CoinBlue Blue Coin [Unused, Useless]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 7)
 CubeBubbleExPlanetA CubeBubbleExPlanetASMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 CubeBubbleExPlanetB CubeBubbleExPlanetBSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 CubeBubbleExRotateWallS Bubble Blast Wall [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 7)
 DamageBomb Bob-Omb [Early Version, No Code]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 8)
 DashChargeCylinder Dash Charge Area (Cylinder) [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 DepthOfFieldCylinder Depth Of Field Area (Cylinder)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 DepthOfFieldSphere Depth Of Field Area (Sphere)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 DiskFlowerPlanet Good Egg Disk Garden Planet [Early Version]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 ExterminateMerameraPlanet Lil' Cinder Planet [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 7)
 ExterminationMeramera Extermination Switch (Lil' Cinder)SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 1)
 FlagDiscPlanetC Gusty Garden Flag Disk Planet C [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 FlagSaveSwitch SMG1 Checkpoint [Unused, No Code]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 9)
 FlagSurfing Surfing Race Flag [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 FlameGun Flame [Pig Statue] [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 8)
 FlexibleSphere Flexible Sphere PlanetSMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 FloaterLandPartsA Buoy Base Unused Parts [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 6)
 FloaterLandPartsFrame Buoy Based Early Frame [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 6)
 FloatingCommonParts FloatingCommonPartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 FloatingHotSpringPlanet FloatingHotSpringPlanet [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 FloatingOceanParts FloatingOceanPartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 FruitBallDPD FruitBallDPDSMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 GalaxyMapCube GalaxyMapCube [Unused?]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 GraveStoneD Space Junk Grave Path D [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 GraveStoneE Space Junk Grave Path E [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 GravityDust GravityDust [Effect] [Unused, Useless]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 7)
 GreenCaterpillarBig Gusty Garden CaterpillarSMG1NWPlayer123 (rev. 2)
 HiTowerGoalPlanet Temporary High Model (HiTowerGoalPlanet)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 HomePlanet Home PlanetSMG1Hiccup (rev. 9)
 InvalidLodAreaCylinder InvalidLodAreaCylinderSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 InvisibleWallBattleShipA Invisible Wall (Battlerock) [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 InvisibleWallGCapture10x10 10 x 10 Invisible Blue Star WallSMG1Hiccup (rev. 2)
 InvisibleWallJump10x10 10 x 10 Invisible Wall Jump WallSMG1Hiccup (rev. 2)
 ItemBlockSwitch ? Block (Switch) [Unused, Incomplete]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 16)
 Jiraira Bowser Landmine [Unused]SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 11)
 JumpGuarderRoomPlanet Jump Guardian Room PlanetSMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 KameckBarrier KameckBarrierSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 KoopaBall Bowser Ball [Unused, No Code]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 KoopaBattleMapCoinPlate Bowser Battle Coin PlateSMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 KoopaBattleMapPlate Bowser Battle PlateSMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 KoopaBattleMapPole KoopaBattleMapPoleSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 KoopaBattleMapWall KoopaBattleMapWallSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 KoopaBattleShipPlanetA KoopaBattleShipPlanetASMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 KoopaJr Bowser Jr. [Unused?]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 KoopaVS2PartsBattleStage KoopaVS2PartsBattleStageSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 KoopaVS2PartsDarkMatterE Dark Matter Block E [Unused?]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 KoopaVS2PartsRestStepB Dark Matter Reactor Platform BSMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 KoopaVS3LavaPlanet Galaxy Reactor Lava PlanetSMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 LabyrinthPlanetLod LabyrinthPlanetLodSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 LavaStrangeRockTable Melty Molten Rock TableSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 6)
 LaveGlobalParts LaveGlobalPartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MaekerGCaptureTarget MaekerGCaptureTargetSMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MakerSpinDriver MakerSpinDriver [Unused, Useless]SMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 9)
 MarkerEarthenPipe MarkerEarthenPipeSMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MarkerHeavenlyBeachWaterFall MarkerHeavenlyBeachWaterFallSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MarkerPosition MarkerPositionSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MarkerReverseGravityTower MarkerReverseGravityTowerSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MarkerSuperSpinDriver MarkerSuperSpinDriverSMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 5)
 MarkerWormEatenPlanetGide MarkerWormEatenPlanetGideSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MechaKoopaPartsWreckA Mecha-Bowser WreckSMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 MercatorFixParts MercatorFixPartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MercatorRailMoveParts MercatorRailMovePartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MercatorRotateParts MercatorRotatePartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 Messenger MessengerSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 MiniBeltConveyerExGalaxy Mini Sweet Sweet Galaxy [Unused, Useless]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 MiniCubeBubbleExLv2Galaxy Mini Bubble Blast Galaxy [Unused, Useless]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 MiniKoopaJrDriverGalaxy Mini Unknown Bowser Jr. Galaxy [Unused, Useless]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 MiniTamakoroExLv2Galaxy Mini Rolling Gizmo Galaxy [Unused, Useless]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 MiniTearDropGalaxy Mini Drip Drop Galaxy [Unused, Useless]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 MiniTriLegLv2Galaxy Mini Megaleg 2 Galaxy [Unused, Useless]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 MirrorReflectionPeachCastle Peach's Castle Reflection Effect [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 1)
 MorphItemObjBee Bee Mushroom [Early Version, Useless]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 11)
 MorphItemObjFoo Red Star [Early Version, Useless]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 10)
 MorphItemObjInvincible Rainbow Star [Early Version, Useless]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 10)
 MorphItemObjTeresa Boo Mushroom [Early Version, Useless]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 9)
 Narrator NarratorSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 OceanChurchPlanet OceanChurchPlanetSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 OceanFloaterTowerRotateStepC Buoy Base Rotating Platforms CSMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 6)
 OceanHexagonSeesaw OceanHexagonSeesawSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 OceanJShapePlanet OceanJShapePlanetSMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 OceanLogBridge OceanLogBridgeSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 OceanPhantomShipAir Deep Dark Sky [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 OctopusTrapPlanet Temporary High Model (OctopusTrapPlanet)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 OnimasuCube Tox Box Area (Cube)SMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 OtaKingBath Good Egg King Kaliente Planet [Unused Copy]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 PeanutPlanet Peanut Planet [Unused, Early]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 PieFortress Good Egg Disk Fort Planet [Unused, Early]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 PipeModeCube "PipeMode" Area (Cube)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 PlanetDisk Disk Planet [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 PlayerSeSphere Player Sound Area (Sphere)
Unknown: integer in Obj_arg0
SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 PoleNoModel Climbable Pole (Invisible) [Unused]SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 11)
 QuestionFlowerGardenDot QuestionFlowerGardenDot [Unused]SMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 9)
 Quicksand2DPlanetPartsWall Quicksand2DPlanetPartsWallSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 RelayPlanetC Relay Planet C [Unused]SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 5)
 RelayPlanetH Relay Planet H [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 SampleMapPartsObject SampleMapPartsObjectSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SandRiverGlaringLightA Sand Spiral Lamp LightSMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 SandUpDownTowerBreakableWallA Dusty Dune Breakable Box A [Unused]
Drops a coin: boolean in Obj_arg3
SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 ScreenBlurCube ScreenBlur Area (Cube)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 ScreenBlurCylinder ScreenBlur Area (Cylinder)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 ScreenBlurSphere ScreenBlur Area (Sphere)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 SeaBottomBigDoorC Deep Dark Gate C [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 SeaStormPlanet Temporary High Model (SeaStormPlanet)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 SeesawEringi SeesawEringiSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SeesawHosonoParts SeesawHosonoPartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SeesawHotSpringPlanet SeesawHotSpringPlanet [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 SeesawMoveNutA Nut Platform A [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 SeesawMoveNutC Nut Platform C [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 SeesawOceanParts SeesawOceanPartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SeesawPuchiPlanetVolcano SeesawPuchiPlanetVolcanoSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SeesawSaturn SeesawSaturnSMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SeesawVolcanoParts SeesawVolcanoPartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SimpleBloomCylinder Simple Bloom Area (Cylinder) [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 7)
 SimpleBloomSphere Simple Bloom Area (Sphere) [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 8)
 SimpleNormalMapObj SimpleNormalMapObjSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SkeletalFishBabyHaunt SkeletalFishBabyHauntSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SpiderItemShell SpiderItemShellSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SpotLightVolumeDraw SpotLightVolumeDrawSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 StarDustBridgeA StarDustBridgeASMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 StardustHillPlanet Tub Shaped Planet [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 StarDustStar Question Mark Planet [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 StarManFort Starman Fortress [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 7)
 StarrySky Starry SkySMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 9)
 StoryDemoBloomAreaCube StoryDemoBloomAreaCubeSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 StoryDemoDOFAreaCube StoryDemoDOFAreaCubeSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 StoryDemoEndingA StoryDemoEndingASMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 StoryDemoEndingB StoryDemoEndingBSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 StoryDemoEpilogueA StoryDemoEpilogueASMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 StoryDemoEpilogueB StoryDemoEpilogueBSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 StoryDemoFinalBattle StoryDemoFinalBattleSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 StoryDemoLibraryA StoryDemoLibraryASMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 StoryDemoPrologueA StoryDemoPrologueASMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 StoryDemoPrologueB StoryDemoPrologueBSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SubmarineVolcanoSmallColumn Bonefin Spiral Column [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 SunLightAreaBox SunLight Area (Box)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 SunshadeMapParts SunshadeMapPartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 SwitchBox Switch Block [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 13)
 TakoBarrelB Octopus Barrel [Unused?]SMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 6)
 TakoHeiRelayPlanet Octoguy Relay Planet [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 TeresaBeamKameck Boo Magikoopa [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 9)
 TeresaMansionGlaringLightA Ghostly Galaxy Mansion Light A [Unused?]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 4)
 TeresaMansionGlaringLightB Ghostly Galaxy Mansion Light B [Unused?]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 ThrowCoin ThrowCoinSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 TmakoroPlanetA TmakoroPlanetA [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 TmakoroPlanetB TmakoroPlanetB [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 TmpItemObj TmpItemObjSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 TreasureBoxCrackedBlueChip Treasure Chest (Cracked, Pull Star Chip) [Unused]
Group ID: integer in Obj_arg0. Has to be the same for all blue chips and the corresponding BlueChipGroup
SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 TreasureBoxCrackedCoin Treasure Chest (Cracked, Coin)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 TreasureBoxCrackedPowerStar Treasure Chest (Cracked, Power Star)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 6)
 TreasureBoxCrackedYellowChip Treasure Chest (Cracked, Star Chip)
Group ID: integer in Obj_arg0. Has to be the same for all yellow chips and the corresponding YellowChipGroup
SMG1Hiccup (rev. 7)
 TreeCube TreeCube [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 Tripod2Boss Megaleg ("2") [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 12)
 TripodBossCoin Megaleg CoinSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 TripodBossFixParts TripodBossFixPartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 TriPodBossHeadLight Megaleg Head Light [Unused]SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 5)
 TripodBossRailMoveParts TripodBossRailMovePartsSMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 TripodBossRotateParts TripodBossRotatePartsSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 TripodBossSparkLine TripodBossSparkLineSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 TripodBossStarSpike TripodBossStarSpikeSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 TripodBossSwitch TripodBossSwitchSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 6)
 TurtleBeamKameck Magikoopa (Koopa Shell) [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 8)
 TwinPeanutsPlanetB Peanut Shaped Planet [Unused]SMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)
 TwistKinoko TwistKinokoSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 4)
 WallClimbPartsStick WallClimbPartsStickSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 WallClimbPlanetA WallClimbPlanetASMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 WallClimbPlanetB WallClimbPlanetBSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 WallClimbPlanetC WallClimbPlanetCSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 WarmEatenPlanetParts01 WarmEatenPlanetParts01SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 WarpCube Warp [Area] (Cube)SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 4)
 WaterTransparentPlanet Temporary High Model (WaterTransparentPlanet)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 7)
 WhirlPool WhirlpoolSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 ZoneHalo Bright Shine Of LightSMG1Hiccup (rev. 5)

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