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Welcome to the Object DB! Here you will find information on how to use any object in SMG.
You can also have this database in Whitehole if you're using the latest version!

All the registered users can also contribute to the Object DB by sharing their findings about SMG's objects. Click any object below to edit it.

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 2746 total (1000 only in SMG1, 1213 only in SMG2, 533 in both games; 481 unused)
1912 (70%)
783 (29%)
51 (2%)
959 (63%)
545 (36%)
29 (2%)
1189 (69%)
531 (31%)
26 (2%)

The above bars need more green.

2746 may be a big number, but don't be scared. Your contribution is always welcome, even if it's only about one object.

  Internal name Name Games Last edited by
29 objects found.
 AstroOverlookObj Observatory OverlookSMG1Hiccup (rev. 2)
 BeeWallShortDistAreaCube BeeWallShortDist Area (Cube)SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 BloomCube Bloom Area (Cube)SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 BloomSphere Bloom Area (Sphere)SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 CelestrialSphere Celestrial Area (Sphere)SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 DepthOfFieldCube Depth Of Field Area (Cube)SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 DodoryuClosedCylinder Major Burrows Area (Cylinder)SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 ExtraWallCheckArea Extra Wall Check Area
Unknown: integer in Obj_arg0
SMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 ExtraWallCheckCylinder Extra Wall Check Area (Cylinder)
Unknown: integer in Obj_arg0
SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 FallOutFieldDraw FallOutFieldDrawSMG1-
 ForbidWaterSearchCube ForbidWaterSearchCubeSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 KoopaBattleMapStairTurnAppear KoopaBattleMapStairTurnAppearSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 KoopaPowerUpSwitch KoopaPowerUpSwitchSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 KoopaRestarterVs3 KoopaRestarterVs3SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 1)
 KoopaSwitchKeeper KoopaSwitchKeeperSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 KoopaViewSwitchKeeper KoopaViewSwitchKeeperSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 MercatorCube Mercator Area (Cube)SMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 NPCSupportRail NPCSupport RailSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 PlaneCircularModeCube "PlaneCircularMode" Area (Cube)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 2)
 PlayerSeCube Player Sound Effect Area (Cube)
Unkown: integer in Obj_arg0
SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 PlayerSeCylinder Player Sound Effect Area (Cylinder)
Unknown: integer in Obj_arg0
SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 RasterScrollCube RasterScroll Area (Cube)SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 SimpleBloomCube Simple Bloom Area (Cube)SMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 SphereSelectorHandle SphereSelectorHandleSMG1 & SMG2shibboleet (rev. 1)
 StatusFloor StatusFloor
Unknown 4: integer in Obj_arg4
SMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 StoryDemoSimpleBloomArea StoryDemoSimpleBloomAreaSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 1)
 TicoDomeLecture Luma Dome LectureSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 TowerModeCylinder TowerModeCylinderSMG1 & SMG2shibboleet (rev. 1)
 TripodBossStepPoint TripodBossStepPoint
Unknown 0: integer in Obj_arg0
Unknown 1: integer in Obj_arg1
Unknown 2: integer in Obj_arg2
Unknown 3: integer in Obj_arg3
SMG1Hiccup (rev. 2)

Last changes | Download database Object databases - SMG

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