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Welcome to the Object DB! Here you will find information on how to use any object in SMG.
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 2746 total (1000 only in SMG1, 1213 only in SMG2, 533 in both games; 481 unused)
1912 (70%)
783 (29%)
51 (2%)
959 (63%)
545 (36%)
29 (2%)
1189 (69%)
531 (31%)
26 (2%)

The above bars need more green.

2746 may be a big number, but don't be scared. Your contribution is always welcome, even if it's only about one object.

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44 objects found.
 ArrowSwitchTarget Arrow Switch Target
Observer: integer in Obj_arg0. Connects the Gravity Arrow to the gravity it will change. If used multiple times, this needs to be the same value for each point.
Hit #: list in Obj_arg1: Increasing Number. (0, 1, 2, 3, etc). Shows the hit #. If hit, it will go to the certain gravity, If hit again, it will go to the gravity assigned to the obj_arg1. (First hit 0, Second hit 1, etc)
SMG1 & SMG2shibboleet (rev. 2)
 AstroDome AstroDome
Dome: list in Obj_arg0: 1=Terrace, 2=Well, 3=Kitchen, 4=Bedroom, 5=Machine room, 6=Garden. Decides what dome to load.
SMG1shibboleet (rev. 3)
 AstroDomeDemoStarter AstroDomeDemoStarterSMG1Stygmax (rev. 1)
 AstroDomeGalaxySelector Galaxy Selection ManagerSMG1Hiccup (rev. 2)
 AstroOverlookObj Observatory OverlookSMG1Hiccup (rev. 2)
 BigBubbleGenerator Big Bubble Generator
Speed: integer in Obj_arg0. Lower numbers mean faster speed.
Average Bubble Size: integer in Obj_arg1. Has a loose effect on bubble size, bubbles tend to be slightly larger at least half the time. Also, Mario will still fit inside bubbles that are smaller than him. 200 (0xC8) is a reasonable size for the player.
Average Bubble Size: integer in Obj_arg2. Seems to be the same as Obj_arg1.
Unknown 3: integer in Obj_arg3. Setting any value other than null causes the object not to appear.
Bubble Shape: list in Obj_arg4: 0=Square, 1=Octahedral, *=Round
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 17)
 BlueChipGroup Pull Star Chip Group Manager
Group ID: integer in Obj_arg0. Has to be the same for all 5 star chips and the corresponding BlueChipGroup
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 9)
 ButlerMap Polari's Map
Unknown: boolean in Obj_arg0. Most likely loads the map with the galaxies open first for the domes whereas the outside one just loads the main part with no galaxies open
SMG1shibboleet (rev. 3)
 ClipFieldSwitch Clip Field SwitchSMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 CollectTico Silver Star Manager
Unknown 0: integer in Obj_arg0
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 4)
 ExterminationCheckerKuribo Goomba Extermination CheckerSMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 ExterminationKuriboKeySwitch Goomba Extermination Key SwitchSMG1Hiccup (rev. 3)
 ExterminationMeramera Extermination Switch (Lil' Cinder)SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 1)
 ExterminationSkeletalFishBaby Extermination Skull FishSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 FileSelector File Select ControllerSMG1 & SMG2shibboleet (rev. 2)
 FlipPanelObserver Flipswitch Panel Observer
Unknown 0: integer in Obj_arg0
Unknown 7: integer in Obj_arg7
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 3)
 GroupSwitchWatcher Group Switch Watcher
Number of events: integer in Obj_arg0. How many input events are connected to the combiner.
Combination function: list in Obj_arg1: *=AND, 0=OR. Defines whether the output will be triggered if one of the inputs are triggered (OR) or if all of them are triggered (AND).
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 5)
 HipDropSwitch Poundable Switch
Unknown 0: integer in Obj_arg0
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 7)
 HipDropTimerSwitch Poundable Timer Switch
Timer: integer in Obj_arg0. How many milliseconds(?) the timer lasts.
Unknown1: integer in Obj_arg1
Trigger slow motion: integer in Obj_arg2. Set to 2 to make the switch trigger slow motion.
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 8)
 KeySwitch Key Switch
Unknown 0: integer in Obj_arg0
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 5)
 KoopaBattleMapStairTurnAppear KoopaBattleMapStairTurnAppearSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 KoopaPowerUpSwitch KoopaPowerUpSwitchSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 KoopaRestarterVs3 KoopaRestarterVs3SMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 1)
 KoopaSwitchKeeper KoopaSwitchKeeperSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 KoopaViewSwitchKeeper KoopaViewSwitchKeeperSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 PowerStarAppearPoint Power Star Appear PointSMG1 & SMG2shibboleet (rev. 1)
 PrologueDirector Prologue ControllerSMG1SunakazeKun (rev. 2)
 PurpleCoinStarter Purple Coin GeneratorSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 RaceRail Race Rail
Unknown 7: integer in Obj_arg7
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 3)
 RunawayRabbitCollect Runaway Rabbit CollectorSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 ScenarioStarter Galaxy Fly-In
Travel time: integer in Obj_arg0. Time it takes for Mario to complete the path.
Path Points?: integer in Obj_arg3
Player Rotation?: integer in Obj_arg5. Can be negative
SMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 7)
 ScrewSwitch Screw SwitchSMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 3)
 ScrewSwitchReverse Big Screw
Unknown 0: integer in Obj_arg0
Unknown 7: integer in Obj_arg7
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 3)
 SnowplowSwitch Snow Plow SwitchSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 SphereSelectorHandle SphereSelectorHandleSMG1 & SMG2shibboleet (rev. 1)
 SpinLeverSwitch Spin Lever Switch
Unknown 1: integer in Obj_arg1
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 3)
 SwitchSynchronizerReverse Invisible Switch (NOT)
Unknown: integer in Obj_arg0. Seems to have no effect.
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 8)
 TamakoroTutorial Star Ball TutorialSMG1shibboleet (rev. 2)
 TamakoroWithTutorial Star Ball With Sign BoardSMG1shibboleet (rev. 3)
 TicoDomeLecture Luma Dome LectureSMG1shibboleet (rev. 1)
 TimerSwitch [Invisible] Switch (Timer Delay)
Frames (30/60FPS?): integer in Obj_arg0. Number of frames inbetween the delay.
SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 4)
 TrickRabbitFreeRunCollect Star Bunny (Free Running, Collect Manager)SMG1 & SMG2Hiccup (rev. 3)
 ValveSwitch Valve SwitchSMG1 & SMG2shibboleet (rev. 1)
 YellowChipGroup Star Chip Controller
Group ID: integer in Obj_arg0. Has to be the same for all 5 YellowChip's and the corresponding YellowChipGroup
SMG1 & SMG2SunakazeKun (rev. 9)

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