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10-31-20 09:07 AM

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Posted on 03-13-15 11:55 AM, in Welcome to the 'new' Kuribo64! Link | #57571
I'm not familiar with this stuff. What's the use of the RPG status? How does it work?

Posted on 03-14-15 05:45 PM, in New Super Mario Bros U Wii Link | #57664
Are you making new models or do you convert them from NSMBU?

Posted on 03-21-15 03:39 PM, in Funny computer-related shit you can pull at school/univ/work Link | #58269
We had listening exercises in English class, but our teacher didn't know how to play wav files...

Posted on 03-25-15 05:08 PM, in The CTRL+V Game Link | #58454
I was going to post here earlier today, but my clipboard contained something I don't think I'm allowed to share. This is what's in my clipboard now:


Posted on 03-26-15 05:28 PM, in Out-of-Context IRC Quotes (rev. 2 of 03-26-15 05:29 PM) Link | #58484
[20:53:28] <StapleButter> tits in your soup
[20:54:37] <StapleButter> soup in your tits

Posted on 03-29-15 07:17 AM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #58574
Granted, but you accidentally delete it and it's lost forever.

I wish I could print money with my Wii U.

Posted on 04-01-15 01:28 PM, in Big modernization! Link | #58649
How's this going to work with new posts? Do I have to use the "Last posts" page for unread posts now? The most recebt threads are also often the most interesting threads. How will we find them between old stuff? What about bumping an old thread, does it still matter?

Posted on 04-01-15 07:15 PM, in Big modernization! Link | #58669
He did, but thankfully rewinded the changes later.

Posted on 05-13-15 07:24 AM, in Dividing by ZERO Link | #59769
You could as well say that something divided by zero is infinity:

10/1 = 10
10/0.1 = 100
10/0.01 = 1000
10/0.001 = 10000
10/0 = infinity

Posted on 05-22-15 01:17 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #60061
You know what would be fun? Once every month/year a user is promoted to admin and he can do whatever he wants. Maybe he would ban everyone, or promote everyone to admin. The day after, everything will be rewinded and the board goes on normally.

Posted on 05-22-15 11:48 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #60072
Holy cow, there was a board dedicated to that? :LOL:

Posted on 05-23-15 08:15 AM, in Super Mario 64 / Sunshine / Galaxy (2) Appreciation Thread Link | #60112
Posted by GreenThunder1337
Super Mario 3D World however, really does suck in all definitions. : /

It looks bad, the story's REALLY bad, and cat suits.

How dare you say that? Super Mario 3D World is a great game. It looks better than SM3DLand and the story has got an interesting touch. It still is a Mario game, even if you don't save Peach. You don't save anyone in Mario Kart, that doesn't mean it's not a Mario game, does it? While I would have preferred another powerup, the cat suit doesn't make the game suck in all definitions.

Posted on 05-25-15 06:48 AM, in Super Mario 64 / Sunshine / Galaxy (2) Appreciation Thread Link | #60175
99% of the people posting comments on YouTube are idiots. Don't listen to them.

Posted on 05-27-15 02:06 PM, in Super Mario 3D Land E3 2011 Demo! Link | #60281
You've got more than 30.000 subscribers, a video with more than 10 million views and your complaining about a loss of views? If I had close to 100 subscribers I would already be very happy.

Posted on 05-28-15 02:36 PM, in A “special” message that makes an iPhone crash! (rev. 2 of 05-28-15 02:36 PM) Link | #60339
Posted by GalaxyHacker
Does it just crash and reboots, or does it happens everytime the person see the message?

It reboots once, but the message app will crash when you try to open it until someone sends you another message. At least, that's what happened on friends' iphones.

I don't know why, but it doesn't work with my iPhone, maybe because I'm still on ios 7.1?

Posted on 05-30-15 01:38 AM, in A “special” message that makes an iPhone crash! Link | #60414
Posted by Lunarius
Wut? o_O

There is no iPhone 8, or an iPhone 7. The most latest iPhone is the iPhone 6 Plus.

I think he means ios 7 and 8.

Posted on 05-31-15 12:25 PM, in The comeback threads [ORIGINAL COMEBACKS) Link | #60472
Posted by Tierage
Racism is fine if you have reasons, right guys? Guys?

I don't think any good reasons exists to say "You suck because you're...".

Posted on 06-17-15 11:17 AM, in Nintendo E3 2015! The Year of...Nothing Link | #61099
Posted by MarioFanatic64
Super Mario Maker- it's just a level editor. We've had those for decades.

"Just a level editor". It's not 'just' a level editor, it is a level editor you can do anything and everything with. You can do more than you could even imagine. There sure have been level editors for most games, but have you ever seen something like this for a Mario game? I haben't, and I doubt anyone has. It would be way too much to make the modifications to the game, you wouldn't even get close to half of the stuff Mario Maker does. Watch the e3 world championships and trailers. They're a really good example.

Posted on 06-19-15 03:09 PM, in New Super Mario Brothers U Full Custom Level - Grassland Hills Link | #61174
Posted by gridatttack
I have to wonder.

Any unused stuff in NSMBU? Like levels, sprites?

There are lots and lots of unused sprites and settings. I found out what some of them do by looking at the assembly code, but there's still a lot more to explore when we can test custom levels.

Posted on 06-21-15 04:44 PM, in Nintendo E3 2015! The Year of...Nothing Link | #61266
I am actually interested in that book, to be honest. I'm curious to see what they put into it.
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