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10-29-20 06:21 AM

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Posted on 01-13-15 03:43 AM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #54257
Hello, I'm Kinnay. I'm a global moderator at RVLution. Currently I'm learning a lot about NSMBW and sprite creation. You can find some of my asm hacks and custom sprites, along with some other nice videos, on my Youtube channel. I dunno if I'll be active here, we'll see. I don't hack SMG/SMG2, but maybe I will in the future.

Posted on 01-13-15 06:43 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #54258
What's the difference between Relaxland and General Chat?

Posted on 01-22-15 12:08 PM, in [NSMBWii] StapleButter's crapo level, the return Link | #54996
Posted by saltypepper
We should go to Nintendo as a group and ask for the source code! :D

Nah, they'll never give it. Make a Reggie Bot and steal it!

Posted by StapleButter
I don't trust Kinnay's depot software security wise.

It hasn't been hacked yet :P
You're right though. Everything's done pretty shitty. A good hacker could probably find a way to mess up everything :(

Posted on 01-22-15 01:52 PM, in [NSMBWii] StapleButter's crapo level, the return Link | #54999
He was an imposter who became a mod and deleted and banned everything. I don't think he got any passwords. They're hashed now by the way.

Posted on 01-27-15 02:14 AM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation (rev. 2 of 01-27-15 10:21 AM) Link | #55317
I posted this on rvlution yesterday, but I decided to post it here too, since there's a thread about SM3DW here as well.
So, I tried to make some kind of FMDL parser. I ran into some issues first, but it works better now.

Here's an image of the SM3DW bird model: http://i.imgur.com/LorJmXj.png
And here with faces separated by lines: http://i.imgur.com/T4m9x1x.png
And the start of Double Cherry Pass in Google Sketchup: http://i.imgur.com/pLXJ2U6.png
And without lines: http://i.imgur.com/7AqkTEs.png

Next thing might be textures if I figure out how they work. My 3D programming experience is next to nothing.

Posted on 01-27-15 03:38 AM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation Link | #55319
Not yet, but I probably will.

Posted on 01-27-15 09:14 AM, in Need help converting triangle formats! Link | #55328
Hmm, not sure if that's what you meant, but you can find angles in a triangle if you know the length of the sides with the cosine rule. You can easily calculate the lengths of the sides if you know the coordinates.

Posted on 01-27-15 12:48 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation Link | #55343
I said:
Posted by Kinnay
Not yet, but I probably will.

So yes, it is possible.

Posted on 01-29-15 01:57 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation Link | #55499
I uploaded the FMDL parser. You can download it here.

Posted on 01-29-15 02:12 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation (rev. 2 of 01-29-15 02:13 PM) Link | #55503
It is the source code, but you don't have to compile it. Use Python to run it.

Posted on 01-29-15 02:31 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation Link | #55508
The szs files are yaz0 compressed sarc archives. There should be a decompressor/unpacker somewhere on the internet.

Posted on 01-29-15 04:06 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation Link | #55517
I know, that's not the reason that it's not capable of extracting textures. The reason is that there's (almost) no information about the FTEX format available. FMDL does have a decent documentation.

The szs files contain bfres files. The bfres files contain fmdl files. The script that I posted searches for the first fmdl in the bfres. The bird thing is a remain from when I personally used that. Open the script in a text editor and change the input and output filenames to your own bfres files.

Posted on 02-02-15 12:45 PM, in Whitehole v1.1.3 Release! [All New!] Link | #55741

Posted on 02-03-15 03:50 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation (rev. 2 of 02-03-15 03:51 PM) Link | #55819
I made a level editor for this game. It can't do much more than moving and rotating objects currently. It is basically this, but with a few more options and the capability of saving edits to levels. If only I could test/play an edited level...
The long loading time per level is mainly because of the szs decompressing.

Posted on 02-03-15 03:54 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation Link | #55821
Yeah, that's why I want to test the levels.

Posted on 02-04-15 02:03 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation Link | #55872
In case anyone is interested, I uploaded it to GitHub here: https://github.com/Kinnay/SM3DW-Level-Editor

Posted on 02-16-15 10:45 AM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #56307
Do you have a job?

Posted on 02-21-15 10:31 AM, in Funny computer-related shit you can pull at school/univ/work Link | #56518
I used to be the only one with a different desktop wallpaper. I was able to change it through the Windows API, but that stopped working when they upgraded the computers from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Posted on 02-27-15 01:41 AM, in What color is this goddamn thing?? Link | #56967
How is that even possible? It's just white and gold for me.

Posted on 02-27-15 02:04 PM, in What color is this goddamn thing?? Link | #56987
Posted by gridatttack
Just tilt your screen on the gold white one, it becomes black and blue :>

Doesn't work for me. It stays white and gold no matter what I do.
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Main - Posts by Kinnay

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