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06-21-18 06:36 AM

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Posted on 12-07-14 06:46 AM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #52377
Posted by StapleButter
Posted by BlackYoshi485
Did you know what MKGirlism and Gericom are working on the MK7 hacking and what later they will start working on some SM3DL hacking?

* No, I didn't know. My God, are those scenes gonna get copypasta code too?

I smell obvious jealousy in this Answer.
I mean, come on, 2010 is long over, times change all the time!

Posted on 12-07-14 11:11 AM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #52411
Posted by StapleButter
To be honest, it seems that by now Gericom has learnt how to code and do things by himself, and that's great. I hope I'm not wrong.

I still don't regret what I did to his board, though. He deserved it.

Oh and for the record, I don't have the desire to get into ROM hacking scenes anymore for now. I was jealous over the fact that back then I worked hard to make SM64DSe and barely anyone cared about it, while everyone went crazy over that piece of shit he assembled by stealing code left and right. But oh well, that's over.

In that case, understandable.


How long ago did you change your mind?

Posted on 12-07-14 11:40 AM, in Kuribo64 photo album Link | #52413
Me, 4 years ago (back when I was 19 years old, because I never look better, on recent Photos):


Posted on 12-07-14 02:00 PM, in The Birthday Wishes Thread Link | #52425
Just in case, yes, it really is my Birthday, today, but joining today, means I have to set my Profile, today.

Posted on 12-07-14 04:41 PM, in NEW 3DS and 3DS XL Link | #52445
I have a New 3DS, so if there are any Questions, feel free to ask.

Posted on 12-08-14 04:49 AM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #52468
Ah, right, I joined in, to prove certain people wrong, but it turned out, I'm to late, so I'm now here for fun.
I'm currently the Owner of DSHack.org, and soon of Yamisoft (new Company).

Posted on 12-08-14 11:31 AM, in Kuribo64 photo album Link | #52476
As far as I know, I've never been Banned?

Posted on 12-12-14 02:31 AM, in Just stop trying, Google Link | #52611
It didn't fix for me, I still have Auto Play forced on, and I still see those added Buttons.

Posted on 12-12-14 09:22 AM, in Just stop trying, Google Link | #52616
Well, Google+ isn't really that bad, it's just yet another Social Network, in which popular Channels can Post random stuff on, and you'll get as many +1's on it, as you would get on Facebook, with Likes.

Posted on 12-12-14 10:50 AM, in Just stop trying, Google Link | #52620
Luckily, I already have a /user URL, because I created my Channel, far before Google+ even arrived.
But it's just a fact, that Google is murdering YouTube, in a Dictator-like manner, making its Users complain for a while, and the same people are all 'Back in Business', like the Changes never occurred.

I see it every single time, like that:
1. Google Applies a Change, nobody wants.
2. Everyone complains for a little while.
3. Everyone accepts it, and continue using their Services (again).

Only if people would massively leave YouTube, or at least, the big ones, I'm very sure, they'd change it all back.
However, as long as the big Channels get their money, this will never happen, because after all, YouTube relies on them, and they rely on YouTube.

Posted on 12-12-14 12:23 PM, in Just stop trying, Google Link | #52631
True, YouTube does have a Copyright System, but it's fully automated.
If I want, I can even take down a Video of somebody else, no matter if the Copyright Claim is legit, or not.
And if it won't work, you won't lose anything, which opposes what's written, on the Submission Form.

I've submitted so many DMCA Notices, Disputes, Appeals, and Counter Claims, I know where I'm talking about.

Posted on 12-12-14 02:38 PM, in Just stop trying, Google Link | #52641
Fortunately for me, I'm in a YouTube Network, so I can just ask something to SocialBlade, which will forward my Question to RPM, which will forward it to YouTube.
Yep, that's the only way for me, to Contact a human being, working at YouTube, and since I'm in Europe, and the rest is in America, it can take days, before I get an Answer.

Posted on 12-14-14 02:16 AM, in How well do you know SMG hacking? Link | #52685
20%, but that's because I'm not an SMG Hacker.

But also:
"C++ w/ headers" is wrong, but "C++/C, headers" is right? Seriously...?

Isn't "OSPanic()" supposed to come up, as soon as the Game Crashes?
I mean, I did work with similar stuff before, but anything with "Panic", or "Assert" was meant to output Crashes, and Errors.

Posted on 12-15-14 06:49 PM, in Just stop trying, Google (rev. 2 of 12-15-14 06:49 PM) Link | #52757
Yep, I can confirm that:
The Auto Play Button seems to be disabled, by default, but in fact, it's still enabled.

Right now:
Enabled = Enabled.
Disabled = Disabled.

Welcome to the next North-Korea, everyone!

Posted on 12-18-14 04:18 PM, in Just stop trying, Google Link | #52814
Okay, this is even more ridiculous.
I only wanted to change my Thumbnail, and I can't save it, because of a Setting, which I clearly never changed!
The Programmers at Google seriously need an Education, or some shit!

Posted on 12-23-14 01:41 PM, in Artwork Thread Link | #53039
I've been working, on a human-like Character.
Here's a Sneak Preview:


Posted on 12-26-14 05:58 PM, in DO WE TURN KURIBO64 INTO AN ACMLMBOARD Link | #53192
In my opinion, it can stay the way it is, if you're using a Wide Screen.
The Sidebar does limit some useful space, on one hand, but at the other hand, it's a much clearer Menu, than AcmlmBoards, plus it's more organised.

Also, who will ever Vote for Facebook, lol?

Posted on 12-26-14 06:51 PM, in Kuribo64 photo album Link | #53196
I'm 154cm, plus I'm an Adult, so I stopped growing, when I was 14 or 15, or something like that.

Posted on 12-27-14 05:39 AM, in Kuribo64 photo album Link | #53210
Posted by jjesss064
Posted by Lunarius
Damn, then I must be the tallest user in Kuribo64! :D My height is around 6'4" or 6'5".
Google says you are 154 cm actually when I do it from inches to cm.


Posted on 12-27-14 04:24 PM, in I'm going too damn fast. Link | #53245
Posted by StapleButter
Your image doesn't show up.

Weird uhm, if he/she uses a DropBox URL, with the entire shit after the ".png" part, and the URL itself even leads, to a 403 Page?
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