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12-02-20 01:24 AM

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Posted on 09-08-14 02:53 PM, in NewerSMBWii: Return to the Galaxy (SMG Edition) Link | #47932
I'd be happy to help you. As long as you help me...

Posted on 08-30-16 07:15 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #76676
Nooby Mayro came along a while ago I seem to recall, but I'm planning on being active here.
I hack things very badly, so I apologize in advance for any idiocy when it comes to knowledge of modding :P

Posted on 08-30-16 07:36 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #76683
Thank you, kind sir :)

Posted on 08-30-16 07:44 PM, in Nintendo is an adjective Link | #76685
As an act of rebellion, I personally like to refer to other consoles as a "Sony" or a "Microsoft". The reactions are always most amusing.

Posted on 08-31-16 06:33 AM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #76698
Much appreciated, MusiMasta :)

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 08-31-16 08:02 AM, in Nintendo is an adjective Link | #76701
I also like how people shout in my face:


No, I do not own the company responsible for the classic game, Mario's Time Machine, however I happen to have access to a black box that plays video games just like you, sir.

Posted by TheSaturnyoshi
But what REALLY annoys me is people referring to the Wii U gamepad as the actual Wii U itself.

My parents refer to Wii Remotes as "chargers" and it drives me insane.

Posted on 08-31-16 09:57 AM, in Mario Maker Level Thread - Welcoming Kaizo and Fun Stages alike! Link | #76706
Some of these levels look good. Others...not so much, no offense. Mario Maker might not exactly be the most complex thing in the world compared to ROM Hacking, but that should probably result in better levels imo.

Anyway, here's my most popular level. It was #1 in the star rankings for a little while, which was rather pleasant. The full thing took about 3-4 hours, which was a surprisingly short amount of time compared to my other levels.

Posted on 08-31-16 03:27 PM, in Oh and more modern web trends that should just die Link | #76716
Posted by StapleButter

Sounds like skype whenever I complain about someone's internet connection.

Posted on 08-31-16 03:31 PM, in Post Your Cheesy Editor Names! Link | #76717
Miinono would be an interesting Miitomo editor.

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Posted on 09-01-16 06:43 AM, in Post your desktop! Link | #76755

Look at this wonderful Miiverse comment. It is my desktop now.

Posted on 09-02-16 08:01 AM, in Post Your Cheesy Editor Names! Link | #76805
Textures, clothes, questions, and pretending to have friends.

Posted on 09-02-16 03:17 PM, in Post Your Cheesy Editor Names! Link | #76825
Facebook is my favourite place to drop my friends through a pinball machine.

Posted on 09-03-16 06:16 AM, in Nintendo is an adjective Link | #76837
Posted by StapleButter
'charger' sounds like it'd come from someone who is a complete bumbling idiot with technology

And you'd be correct. Although, my dad used to be good. I don't know what happened there.

Posted on 09-04-16 04:33 AM, in Nintendo Direct 1/9/2016 Link | #76867
Posted by GamesWithIsaac
I think alot of us predicted MM being on the 3ds, maybe we will be able to hack it and then make custom power-ups or custom costumes, who knows.

I wouldn't mind sending a hacked level around streetpass for my own entertainment.

Posted on 09-04-16 04:40 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #76868
When I was bored, I used to make new save files and beat every single level with the cheat block in 3D Land.

The P-Wing in 3D Land though...

Let's you skip the ultimate final level rather easily and you can get them in mystery boxes.

Posted on 12-30-16 06:52 PM, in Death to New Super Mario Bros! Link | #80641
I personally love the NSMB series. Although it disappoints me that it isn't the most innovative, I love having new levels to play (plus I'm Mario Maker'd out).

I wouldn't die if there was another SM3Dx title, either. The levels are very fun to play and master, plus there are cool shortcuts to enjoy when you really get to know the game.

I also love the retro games like SM64 and SMB3. SMW not so much. Don't like the level design or the physics of that one. Feels stiff and too random.

Posted on 12-30-16 06:53 PM, in Paper Mario Color Splash Link | #80642
I loved the structure of Color Splash. Everything flowed nicely and it was fun from start to finish. I feel like most people are going in with the intent to hate everything and do as a result.

Posted on 04-24-17 02:51 PM, in How does one come up with ideas for hacks? Link | #82713
If there's a mechanic I like, I'll try to learn how to use it then make a level around it. Generally, more inspiration comes to me by playing Mario Maker but I wouldn't recommend trying to recreate your SMM levels as levels within other games.
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Main - Posts by Mayro

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