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10-26-20 05:44 AM

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Posted on 03-28-14 02:57 AM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here (rev. 3 of 03-28-14 02:57 AM) Link | #39661
Ok, I'm trying to get into SM64DS modding, but being the complete novice I am, I can't even figure out how to start the editor. It keeps giving an error saying "Access to the path '' is denied."

I know it's probably a stupid mistake, but I have no idea what to do. What am I doing wrong?

Posted on 03-28-14 06:38 PM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here (rev. 2 of 03-28-14 06:48 PM) Link | #39673
Yeah, I figured it out, or rather, I didn't, I just redownloaded the rom and it worked. Same rom, from the same site, not played yet, not touched yet, and yet it worked the second time.

EDIT: Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but how would one go about creating a new picture for the castle? As in, new everything. I plan to take one of the paintings on the second floor (the not usable ones), make it a warp, and retexture it to a new texture of my choice, and have it lead to a replacement for one of the unused maps.

Posted on 03-28-14 09:28 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #39674
Granted, you now are playing for 4 hours instead.

I wish that I knew what I was doing most of the time.

Posted on 03-30-14 03:09 AM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #39707
...you are a person right?

As in "Granted, but you are one of those people."

I wish that my friends wouldn't drink all my beverages.

Posted on 03-30-14 04:47 AM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #39709
So, I figured out the texture stuff easily enough for my new painting, now how would one go about creating new warps. Looking at the other paintings, it's obvious that I need an entrance and an exit, and I have them positioned and all, but what do I need to make them work?

Posted on 03-30-14 10:40 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #39740
Granted, but you have to pay for them.

I wish I didn't have a headache.

Posted on 04-09-14 01:34 AM, in What are we currently able to do? Link | #40012
Hello, I'm new around here, but I'm one of those people who likes to have everything planned before they begin something, and there's nothing I hate more than starting something and then learning that what I sought to do was impossible. Therefore, I'd like to confirm a few things.

Things I know we can do:
Add models
Use existing models
Code pathing
Texture edit
Code script (to an extent, if there's something major we can't do, I'd like to know)

Things I'm not sure if we can do:
Animate objects and platforms
Scale existing objects/enemies with animations
Replace the meshes for animated objects/enemies
Replace the textures for animated objects/enemies

If I could get a clear grasp of what we can and can't do (more emphasis on can't do), that would be very helpful.

Posted on 04-09-14 01:35 PM, in What are we currently able to do? (rev. 2 of 04-09-14 01:39 PM) Link | #40017
Thank you, and just to clarify: You cannot both scale and retexture animated objects like enemies?

EDIT: Also, I assume any texture changes would have to apply to all enemies of that type?

Posted on 04-09-14 09:12 PM, in What are we currently able to do? (rev. 3 of 04-09-14 09:14 PM) Link | #40033
Ah, on the scaling, I simply misunderstood what you were referring to "has to be the same size though". I now realize that you were referring to the texture's dimensions. Which makes a lot more sense. But thank you for answering anyways.

Posted on 04-11-14 01:06 AM, in What are we currently able to do? Link | #40052
Meh, if we can make things move (albeit with one bone animation), I have four ideas already on how to make bosses: You just take old bosses and make them work in new ways.

EX: I don't know if this would work, but if you can crush people with moving platforms, just turn Peewee pirahna on his butt (assuming that traps him), trapped in the sand pit from Fluzzard, and retexture him to look like he's a sand Pirahna plant, then you just have vines come out of the ground (they'd be 1 bone, but they'd crush you under the leaves on the end). Have some enemies spawn to make it more difficult. When you get close, you smash the egg part, which barely emerges from the ground. As usual, he'll die after a few hits.

The problem is, how to get mario away from that. If you have invisible walls, you might be able to just blast mario out with some cleverly placed ones, but that would require a way of triggering events when the boss is at certain health (can we do that?), and has a possibility of dislodging peewee.

Another problem is that it is too easy to get to the egg, just float into the center and wham. So, if it is possible, you could close 2-5 leafy "blast doors" made out of portions of a dome cover the underside, and be synced with his attacks. If it is possible to make them damage you on touch, that would also be good.

Course, the event coding would be difficult, and this is just assumptions based on what NW said was possible.

Posted on 04-11-14 06:00 PM, in What are we currently able to do? Link | #40071
@Speedy: Yeah, Squizzard is what I meant.

Darn SMG and their confusing naming conventions.

@Styg: I could tell it would be a lot of work, but it would probably be easier than figuring out how to ASM your own boss.

There's never a perfect solution, just easier and harder ones. Which reminds me, can you move bosses around on objects like moving platforms?

Posted on 04-12-14 03:50 AM, in What are we currently able to do? (rev. 2 of 04-12-14 03:58 AM) Link | #40089
So, event IDs: What are they (specifically, the concept is obvious), and how do you use them?

Ok, understand "appear" and "dead", but what is "a" "b", "awake", etc

Posted on 04-12-14 02:55 PM, in What are we currently able to do? Link | #40104
Ok, then what do bosses use SW_A for?

Posted on 04-14-14 02:31 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #40162
Posted by planetaryplayer
Posted by Rydia
I don't own Super Mario Galaxy 2..does it really have 242 Stars? That's quite a few.. actually seems like a worth while adventure. I have the first one with all 121...

Maybe next one of these they make, they will include around 300 stars? Maybe even 400! The more the merrier.

Yes. You don't want to know what #241 is, and you really don't want to know what #242 is.

Honestly, 241 was easy. 242, tho, that was not even funny.

Posted on 04-14-14 02:38 AM, in The Super Smash Bros Thread! Link | #40163
I disagree with laziness as a concept, though. If they were lazy in the graphics, what else were they lazy in?

Posted on 04-14-14 04:03 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #40185
Posted by Mario64
Personally, I thought the green star hunt was fun.

It was fun, but I felt like it was padding. If you replace "green star" with any other collectable, the game would be just as fun. I just feel like it should have kept 5 stars per galaxy.

Posted on 04-15-14 12:07 AM, in What are we currently able to do? Link | #40215
So can we do water? If so, how does it work, since it looks like part of the model.

Posted on 04-15-14 04:15 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #40224
No, he's talking about Challenging Trials galaxy. It's a custom level, and it looks... pretty difficult. Though honestly, remove the time limit, and it's easier than Grandmaster.

Posted on 04-15-14 04:19 AM, in What are we currently able to do? Link | #40225
Ew. You think they could have come up with some simpler way to deal with water, but, whatever. I'll try to figure it out.

Posted on 04-17-14 07:55 PM, in Flower Galaxy (beta name) Link | #40359
Posted by NWPlayer123
It's not a Wii limit, it's a model limit. It's the way the file works, you can only have 65535 vertices divided by 3 is 21845 polygons. You could easily split it up into 2 models, IE the inner planet and those white pillars, and then a model for the flowers.

Wait what? Does it count each intersection of lines as multiple vertices? Because otherwise two polys can be only 4 vertices..?
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Main - Posts by Krazyguy75

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