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10-31-20 09:39 PM

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Posted on 10-10-17 06:34 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 64 (rev. 2 of 12-29-17 11:58 AM) Link | #90257

Super Mario Galaxy 64 is a hack of Super Mario Galaxy 2 that remakes levels from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS using the Galaxy 2 engine. It isn't an exact remake, since Galaxy 2 does not have the same assets as Mario 64, of course. As such, many concepts have been altered to make the game more enjoyable and different than its N64 and DS counterparts.

The game is decently far into development. Several levels have been made, but not many are close to completely finished. I don't have any estimated release date yet. But I am working on a demo that will be released soon.

I'm currently working on everything, meaning the level design, 3D modelling, etc. I would like to thank SunakazeKun for so much advice and being the reason I could get into SMG hacking, and SY24 for the incredible logo.

Screenshots (I'll add more as I make more progress):

First Look Trailer:

Comparison of old and new versions of Bob-omb Galaxy:

Holiday Special:

Holiday Special Download:

Posted on 10-11-17 04:35 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 64 Link | #90309
Posted by Swingball
So will this be a highlight reel of worlds from SM64/DS?

Will there be any multiplayer/minigames?

Nah. Every single level that you could play in SM64DS will be in it. :)
Though, not every star. I'll be mixing together the stars from the retail game and adding my own flare to them to increase their length.

As for multiplayer, probably not because I have no idea how to implement that.

And minigames, if you're referring to the ones in the Rec Room from SM64DS, then no. But some stars act like minigames you'd find in SMG2, such as the rolling Star Ball.

Posted on 10-18-17 11:46 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 64 Link | #90651
Posted by PotatoMaster123
Nice! If you can, you should try to make it where Mario can punch and tackle like in SM64. Maybe by replacing B or shaking with a tackle command rather than launching starbits/spinning. Also, is it possible to edit things like how much health Mario starts with or button commands?

Posted by pacmainia&luigi
I would suggest changing mario's running speed because otherwise in galaxy it is SO SLOW!

This would take away from the point of the hack. It's meant to be Mario 64 levels using Mario Galaxy mechanics. Meaning the running speed and spin attack will be utilized. I am changing the levels to fit these conditions, you know.
Posted by pacmainia&luigi
There are also the flying star codes aand the red coins from galaxy 2.5

...Yes, I know. I'm using the flying star but not the red coins.

Posted on 11-05-17 04:00 PM, in Crazy Impossible Unreasonable Incredible Idea [SMG2] Link | #90980
If you're not going to be able to use ASM, you might as well get this idea out of your mind.

Your current method is illogical and would most definitely crash due to object overload.

Posted on 12-18-17 04:43 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 A New Universe ! NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEOS AND MORE ! Link | #92256
I'm guessing this is still very early in development, because those videos show some major errors. I think this is a neat concept for a project, but you haven't convinced me that it'll work well. You really should have waited until the levels looked a bit better before showcasing them. The models look like blender renders, and not very official, and I'm hoping the reason for the lack of objects is just that you haven't bothered adding any yet. Hopefully this project succeeds, and hopefully you fix these problems.

Posted on 12-19-17 03:58 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 A New Universe ! NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEOS AND MORE ! Link | #92290
I mean they just have many issues. There's lots of flickering and of course collision errors, and the textures, especially shown in the thumbnail of the Ant Trooper Hill level, don't look good. You probably had to downsize them for file size, but as a result it makes them look pretty bad quality.

But if it's a proof of concept then I'm guessing they'll be fixed.

Posted on 12-29-17 11:59 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 64 Link | #92575
I added the SMG64 Holiday Special trailer and left a download in the original post. It was released on December 25th but I forgot to update here.

Posted on 03-17-18 11:27 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 64 Link | #93721
Um, that shouldn't happen, so I'm assuming you're playing on Dolphin. In which case, the Ice Flower's not gonna work.

Surprised people are still playing this.
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Main - Posts by MeTheMarioMan

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